One Piece Talent System Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Recruiting

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About ten miles away from the island, a Battleship slowly stops there

The highest officer of the Battleship, A Rear Admiral of the West Blue branch, put his hands on the guardrails of the deck and looked far in the direction of the island where only one black spot could be seen. His expressions are extremely tense and grave.
"Do we have eyes on The Ghost Hand Pirates and Double Sword Pirates"

Headquarters ordered him to remain on standby here. Once there was a situation where both sides were wounded or one side died and one side was seriously injured, he would immediately appear and suppress both sides down so he could not help feeling nervous.

If he could finish the mission, He would acquire enough military credits to get him transferred to Headquarters as a Rear Admiral and it would not be a big problem to become a Vice-Admiral after a few years.

Although its shameful to watch Pirate kill each other and take advantage of their situation, history is always written by the winners. Once the mission is completed, it can be reported to the world that a Marine defeated the Ghost Hand Pirates and Double Sword Pirates.

On the West Bank of the island.

There arent many ships docked here, because there are three large ships at the dock that are comparable in size to Marine Battleship, all flying the flag of Pirates with two swords.

Unlike Ross elite route, the Double-Sword Pirates follows a fleet route, with a large enough number of people and large sailing ships to fight head-on with any general Battleship.


Although the number of pirates of the Double Sword Pirates is huge, not everyone can be recruited and at the very least they must have a certain level of strength to join.

At this moment, there are many pirates of Double Swords Pirates and many people trying to join them. In the middle of the field, a strong pirate with a long scar is standing.

"As long as you can take three punches from me and still stand, you can join us. Who else wants to try?!"

His hands were folded in front of him, his head held high as he stood there with imposing manners.

People gathered here looked at each other and soon someone came out of the crowd on their own initiative and put on a guarded stance, and said, "Will we really be able to join the crew by taking three punches?"

"Yes, my strength is generally average on board, so it will suffice if you can block my three punches It looks like you are ready."

The pirate grinned and suddenly showed a fierce expression. He stepped forward and punched the man who tried to join.


The man tried to block the blow by folding his arms in front of him, but the force of the punch was obviously beyond his expectation. Under the punch, the bones on his arms cracked and he flew backward, bleeding out of his mouth.

"What, so weak."

The fist-wielding pirate saw this scene and he was very disappointed by the results and then looked at the others with a grin and said, "Who else wants to try it?" Our Double-Sword Pirates are going to the Grand Line soon. This is your last chance to join us!

All the people gathered here looked at each other for a while, and many of their faces showed fear. After hesitation, they retreated and did not go up.

Some people are eager to join the Double Sword Pirates, but the rule of blocking three punches of the pirate in front of them left them discouraged.

"No one?!"

The pirate stood there with an expression of discontent on his face.

Yesterday another man stood here alone, but there have been many people who have come up to challenge him. Today, its his turn and no one has come up to fight.

"As soon as they come up, you break all of their bones with your strongest punch. Only someone who has muscles for a brain would dare to come up." Pirates were laughing and scolding at him behind his back.

"Ah? Is that true?"

The pirate grabbed his hair and showed a trace of embarrassment, but still forced his mouth to say: "The last punch was not my strongest, anyway I cant help but use all my strength and that guy is not qualified to join us."
Just as the group of Pirates laughed at each other, a sudden new crowd gathered behind the already existing crowd. A young man in a leather cap separated from the crowd and walked all the way forward.

Every persons eyes quickly looked at him.

"Oh? Someone is coming up."

Then the Pirate turned and looked at Ross, who was slightly thinner than he was, with his stout arms in front of him, he grinned: "This time I will not use my full strength."

At the moment his voice fell, a bloodthirsty look flashed through his eyes and he swung a fierce punch at Ross, saying that he wouldnt use his full strength, but the current punch is not any bit weaker than the previous punch.

Just when many people thought that Ross was going to fly out by blocking the punch like the previous one, the pirates punch was slammed and steadily accepted and Ross only slightly raised his hand to block it.



The crowd of onlookers showed surprise. It was surprising that Ross, who was not well-built, could block such a heavy punch with one hand. Obviously, it was somewhat incredible!

Many of the pirates leaning towards the shore were stunned and they were surprised. They didnt expect that anyone could block the punch of the big man so easily.


One of the many pirates stepped into the arena. He was a Double-Sword Pirates cadre in charge of receiving new members. Ross could block the big mans full punch with one hand so he will be able to block the remaining two punches easily. Obviously, he was fully qualified to join them.

"Hey! Whats your name?"

Ross responded plainly.

The cadres of Pirates slightly frowned, he thought that the name was somewhat familiar, but he grinned: "Ross? Congratulations, you can join our Double-Sword Pirates!"


As he said this, suddenly there was a silence in the field.

All the voices seemed to be pinched, and if a needle fell to the ground at this moment it could be heard clearly. In this silence, the atmosphere gradually became strange.

No one was shocked, no one was envious and countless pairs of eyes stared at Ross in the field. Their eyes were constantly changing. Most of them were stunned as if they had seen something incredible.
There was silence.

"Did you make a mistake?"

Ross calmly looked at the Pirates cadre in front of him and said: "When did I say I wanted to join you, or say Are you going to invite me as a Captain?"

In the past, if someone dared to say this many pirates will immediately kill him, but now with the strange atmosphere in the field, the cadre and the pirates of the Double Sword Pirates are also aware that something is wrong.
He looked at Ross face and his smile faded away. A drop of cold sweat gradually overflowed from his forehead and slowly flowed down to his cheek.

"You you are"