One Piece Talent System Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Double Sword Durlo
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"I have already said my name, but most people like to call me Ghost Hand. " Ross gentle said and as his voice fall, his five fingers slightly exerted themselves.

Kch! Kch!
A strange force spread along his fingertips.

The horrified eyes of the big pirate who was punched by Ross was instantly filled with pain. A scream was stiffly strangled in his throat but before he could call it out, His bones made a few twisting sounds as he turned into a pool of mud and fell to the ground.


The surrounding crowd took a cold breath in fear seeing this horrifying scene, All the people gathered here are involuntarily retreating. In a flash, a large open space opened up.

"Ghost Hand Ross"

The Double Sword Pirates cadres looked sweaty at the young man in front of him. If he could not recognize Ross at this time, he would not be a cadre of The Double Sword Pirate Group.

Looking at the tragic situation of the big man, he gritted his teeth and said, "There is no interactions between Double Swords Pirates and your Ghost Hand Pirates. Are you looking for war?"

"The person who punches me will naturally die."

Ross easily said and at the same time, he retracted his hand which was being stared at in horror by countless people. It looked plain, but it was the palm of the Ghost Hand. He looked calmly at the two Double Sword Pirates in front of him and said, "As for war" If you are willing to surrender, theres no need to go to war.

"Submission? What a joke"

The cadres of the Double Swords Pirates, gritted his teeth. He also had a bounty of 10 million berries on his head. But before the Ghost Hand, his body was still stiff and oppressed. It was difficult to pull out his weapon while facing Ross directly.

Ross slowly walked forward, extending a hand and pressing towards the head of the cadre of the Double Sword Pirates. His eyes were calmed as he said: "If you dont want to surrender, you can die."

The cadre and the other pirates of the Double Sword Pirates wanted to pull out their weapons to resist, but they were stiff and their instinct wanted them to run away. Their legs were filled with lead. They could not move at all. They watched as Ross hands press down.

At this moment, two swords made of energy suddenly came from the direction of the shore and shrouded Ross figure in the sword energy.


Ross stretched out his hand and slanted, accurately shooting at the point where the two sword energies intersected and the two longitudinal sword energies twisted and broke instantly.

A man with two slender swords in his hand and wearing white ceremonial cloths appeared on the shore and slowly walked towards them. "Its not good to bully my subordinates, Ghost Hands Ross!"

With his appearance, the atmosphere in the field suddenly changed.

"Captain of the Double Sword Pirates Double Sword Durlot!"

Some people whispered in fear.

Before Ross was born and the Ghost Sword appeared, Durlot was the first pirate to hold the highest bounty in the West Blue. Later, Ross swept the West Blue and Ghost Sword emerged from behind the scenes. His name was gradually obscured.

But there is no doubt that the Captain of the Double Sword Pirates was once the strongest pirate in West Blue and he still has that fearsome strength and reputation!

"Suspended bounty of 59 million Berries, Double Swords Durlot If I was still a Pirate Hunter, I might be interested in your head, as for now

Ross said in a gentle tone and as his voice fell, a strange force suddenly spread from his legs and poured into the earth.


On the ground just ahead of Ross, the soil suddenly twisted and surged, wrapping the cadre of the Double-Sword Pirates rescued by Durlot in it and squeezing him into the center in horror.


Looking at this scene, the expression of the Double-Sword Durlot instantly cooled down. He stopped and looked at Ross and coldly said: "All those who dare to provoke the Double Sword Pirates are dead."
"Thats a coincidence." Ross suddenly smiled and said: "What I want to do now is either destroy you or be destroyed by you."

"Very Good!"

Double Sword Durlot was angry and the image of Ross in his eyes has become that of a madman. He coldly said: "When you go to the Grand Line, you will probably have to fight with me. In that case, Its better to win or lose in West Blue!"

The moment his voice fell, he inserted the two swords back into their sheaths at his waist, then suddenly stepped forward and pulled them out at a nearly invisible speed.

"Two sword flow, Iaijutsu(Quick Draw)!"
!! !!

Two extremely fast sword energies flew towards Ross position intending to cut him directly into pieces.

"They are Fighting!"

"I dont know who will win."

Seeing the Double-Sword Durlot and Ghost Hand Ross finally started to fight, the large crowd that has long since withdrawn towards a long distance away as they looked at the fight between Ross and Durlot from afar, They can not help but reveal a bit of tension and attention.

Although Ross bounty has gone up to 92 million Berries and his name is feared in the West Blue, The Double-Sword Durlot is not an easy opponent and both of their strength and names are famous so no one knew who will be the winner.

On the field.

Two swords of energy surged in.
In terms of sword energy alone, the power behind the two swords is not far from that of Onigumos, but there is Armament Haki involved in Onigumos attack, which is far from Durlots. So for Ross, this type of sword energy is almost no threat.

Zi Zi!

Under the watchful eyes of countless people, Ross raised his hand and pointed it directly at the center of the intersection of the two sword energy, the two flying sword energies were forcibly contained and after a slight distortion, they turned into many small light spots.

This time, many people are shocked and their pupils shrank sharply, revealing an incredible look.

"My attack"

Looking at this scene, Durlots face also showed some surprise. His attack, no matter in terms of speed or power, was almost the fastest but Ross not only responded to it. He also easily resisted it.

Ghost Hand Ross strength is somewhat unfathomable!
"Sand coffins."

After blocking Durlots attack, Ross opened his palm and gave it a direct shake.

In addition to the Light Distortion, Distribution Fruits ability can only be extended by conduction of matter and in this beach environment, the power of distortion can naturally be spread far and wide with the help of sand!

The sand beneath Durlots feet suddenly twisted and surged, twisting and twisting toward him.

"Weird tricks."

As Ross had just killed his subordinate cadres with this trick, Durlot was on guard but he still felt troubled by the sudden entanglement of sand.

He rushed out of the scattered the sand without giving the sand a chance to wrap him up. He charged directly towards Ross.

"Two swords flow Fury Slash!"

He put the two swords horizontally and rushed toward Ross. The two sword energy were mixed together and turned into a powerful sword energy sweep.

"Is this your strongest attack?"

Rosss voice was calm when he faced the sword energy sweep. He reached out with both hands and grasped the energy forcibly between his hands, then squeezed it toward the center.


Under the influence of Distortion Fruit, the grand sword energy was expelled into a ball of glittering light consisting of sword filaments.

The next moment, Ross held the sword ball in one hand as he stepped out in one step directly transforming into a shadow as he charges towards Durlot.