One Piece Talent System Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Ghost Sword Yarrow

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Durlot was sure that he was not Ross opponent when Ross defeated his attack empty-handed. He did not hesitate to step back when he saw Ross rushing towards him.

Just as he pulled back, the sand under his feet rushed towards him, wrapping around his ankles.

Although he broke away from the entanglement of the sand, he was delayed for some time and Ross had already rushed up to him and pressed the sword energy ball down on him.


Durlots pupils contracted sharply as he could not avoid Ross attack. He could only bite his teeth and roar, laying his swords crosswise in front of him and cut hard at the sword energy ball.

Zi Zi Zi!

The sword chopped on the ball of sword energy that was crushed by the power of distortion, A sharp sizzling sound came from the sword like fire being mixed in the water. Durlots two swords trembled with his arms as they were under tremendous pressure.

About two seconds later, Ross pressed the sword energy ball, which Durlot did his best to resist, finally, the energy of the ball was exhausted its powers and broke into many light spots.

Durlot was relieved.


Nearly the next moment, Ross fingers were gently placed in the middle of Durlots two swords and he pinched those swords with his fingers.

With a buzz, a twisting force erupted and spread up along the blade and covering Durlot with it.

"Not good!"

Durlot was shocked and hurriedly released the handle of the sword, but he was still affected by the power of distortions. His bones and muscles twisted and his whole arms blew up and blood flew out.

"The Double Sword Durlot is defeated"

"There was absolutely no need to fight, He is weak compared to Ross."

Someone whispered and there was a bit of shock in his eyes.

From Ross fight with Durlot and to Durlots defeat, there were only a few attacks. Even looking at the crowd from afar, most of them are more optimistic about Ross victory, but this quick scene of the victory and defeat still made many people surprised.

Ross is stronger than Durlot!

"Cough! Cough!"

Blood spilled from Durlots mouth without stopping. Looking into Ross eyes, he finally showed fear as he struggled to get up.

Ross didnt intend to give the loser a chance to survive. With a gentle step under his feet, the sand and gravel on the shore surged like a wave, wrapping the struggling Durlot in it.

Immediately afterward.

Ross reached out his hand in Durlots direction and shook it violently in the air.

A frightening and palpitating voice sounded in the sand as if it had broken something, blood slowly overflowed from the twisted sand and there were no signs of life.

At the same time, Ross ear sounded a familiar system sound.

"Hanging bounty of 59 million Berries, Double-Sword Durlot has been defeated, received a reward of 70 Talent Proficiency Points and 1 Free Talent Point."

This is the first time Ross had killed a pirate whose bounty is between 50 million and 100 million Berries. There are a lot of Talent Proficiency points and even 1 Free Talent Point.
After killing Double-Sword Durlot, Ross ignored the horrified and fearful eyes in the distance and looked up at a ship on the shore, precisely to the top of the mast of the ship.


A man wearing a cloak and carrying a sword is sitting there quietly.

He is the behind-the-scenes controller of the Double Sword Pirates, With a bounty of 98 million Berries, Ghost Sword Yarrow!

Even when Durlot was defeated and erased by Ross, he did not make a move but sat there with looking at the fight with great interest, He was looking at Ross.
Very soon.

The crowd in the far field also turned their heads with Ross eyes, looking up at the top of the mast of a ship on the coast and they saw a figure clad in a cloak.

"Ghost SwordYarrow!"

Someone called out the name of the man clad in the cloak subconsciously. At the same time, he took a deep breath and showed awe on his face.

In this Great Age of Pirates, there is almost no one that doesnt know the existence of the Grand Line and for most of the people, the Grand Line is a place where legends and nightmares coexist.

West Blue is one of the origins of pirates. In the past decade, there have been countless pirates of all kinds, but it is only Red Hair Shanks that has become famous and more powerful on the Grand Line!

Even to the extent that.

More than 95% of the Pirates fell on the Grand Line and were buried there, becoming a signpost and warning signs for later generations.

Like the Ghost Sword Yarrow, He is one of the pirates who made a name for themselves on the Grand Line and then returned to the West Blue, Looking at the entire West Blue only a few have accomplished this feat.

"Very good, very good."

Ghost Sword Yarrow, clad in a cloak, sat at the top of the mast of the ship and looked at Ross. Suddenly, he smiled slightly and jumped down from the mast and landed on the shore.

Ghost Sword Yarrow, who fell to the shore, was less than 30 meters away from Ross. He walked up to Ross and stopped about ten meters away from him, without even looking at Durlots body buried in the sand.

"It seems that you dont care about your crew."

Ross looked at the calm expressions on Ghost Sword Yarrows face who was standing 10 meters away and said.

Ghost Sword shook his head and said: "No it should be said that no one has been removed from my list of crew."

At this point, he paused and looked at Ross with great interest and said, "If you can kill Durlot so easily, youre far more powerful than most of the waste from the West Blue, so Your goal must be the Grand Line?
Ross looked at the young man in the cloak and did not reply. Instead, he calmly opened his mouth and said, "If you come here just to say such nonsense then I dont think you need to waste more of your time."


Ghost Sword Yarrow snorted and said disapprovingly: "Why are you so anxious, we have plenty of time before entering the Grand Line."

"What I want to tell you is the horrors of the Grand Line are far more terrible then you can imagine. Even if a large fleet is formed, there is a danger that the whole army will disappear at any time. Now in the West Blue, the only worthwhile pirate in the new generation that I can see is you. Are you interested in a partnership?
"Not interested." Rosss tone was flat.

Ghost Sword Yarrow grabbed his hair and looked at Ross seriously. He said: "I am very serious. It is just a partnership. Our status will be equal. Dont you want to consider it?"

Speaking of this, he shrugged helplessly and said, "I really dont want to Kill a talented newcomer like you in West Blue.