One Piece Talent System Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Demon Sheriff Laffitte

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The heavy sand waves fell heavily and most of them plunged into the sea. A huge spray of water was set off on the sea that tumbled backward.

After that huge piece of sediment has fallen, it was faintly visible that some of the small shrimps and crabs were struggling and there was still a region of sand that was violently twitching as if something was trying to drill out.
Ross looked calmly at the squirming area, He pressed his hands together as the power of distortions surged from his body and whistled into the earth.

"SandstormGreat Burial!"


Everything that was originally crushed by the huge waves of sand, again started to madly twist and squeezed under the influence of the distortion force and collapsed toward the bottom and the beach area of a few tens of meters roared and directly Collapsed!

At last, all the sounds disappeared. The remnants of shrimps and crabs burst open one after another and a deadly silence fell on the entire beach.

At the same time.

Ross heard a familiar system sound in his ear. He straightened up and gave up on the idea of checking again for any life sign with his Observation Haki.

"Ghost Sword Yarrow with a bounty of 98 million Berries has been killed, Rewards gained are, 35 Talent Proficiency Points and 1 Free Talent Point."

1 point free talent point?

Rosss calm eyes finally flashed a slight fluctuation and he smiled, 35 Talent Proficiency points are not much but 1 Free Talent Point is a greater reward for him.

Counting the rewards of killing the Double Sword Durlot before, These two pirates have actually provided him with 2 free talent points. This trip is undoubtedly extremely satisfying for Ross.

"It looks like Captain won."

Robin stood far behind the crowd, looking in the direction of the beach, with a slight smile. Seeing the result of the battle, even though she knew Ross well, she was still surprised by the one-sided victory.

Ross did not have such strength when she first joined, but in just over half a year, Ross strength rose rapidly. From the first time she saw a Battleship flee, till now where he can destroy several Battleships.

Branch Rear Admiral, Headquarters Rear Admiral, Grand Line Pirate Every opponent was unconsciously defeated by Ross.

Looking at the distant coast, Robin could not help but think that the Marine generals who forced Ross to become a pirate should have some regret at this time.

"Is it over?"

"Theres no movement."

The people of the town looked at the shore from afar and after a moment they came back from their shock, but when they overcome their shock, their hearts became more agitated again.

There is no movement, that is to say Ghost Sword was killed!

Returning from Grand Line with a bounty as high as 98 million Berries, that big pirate failed to compete with the meteor-like rise of Ghost Hand Ross of the West Blue!

"It shouldnt be That this is the rise of another Red Hair Shanks level character.

Some people shudder at the thought of regularly publishing newspapers, defined by the government as one of the worlds most dangerous pirate. The captain of the fearful Red-Haired Pirate with a bounty so high that they cant help but shudder.
Little is known about The Grand Line in West Blue, but the existence of Red Hair Shanks, Whitebear Edward Newgate, is well known.


Someone came back from his shock and shook his head when he heard the words of the people next to him. "Its not that easy. Do you know what kind of pirate Shanks is?" There are many pirates in this sea, but there are only four people standing on top of everyone. He is one of them! "

West Blue has produced Red Hair Shanks, which some people feel ashamed, while others are proud of it, just like East Blues birth of The Pirate King Roger, which will not be forgotten.

The man nodded, took a deep breath and said, "But here in West Blue No one can challenge his position anymore, He is the strongest pirate of this generation of the West Blue"

While the people of the Town were arguing, Ross, who killed Ghost Sword Yarrow, came towards the three Double-Sword Pirates Ships docked on the shore.

Ross never feared anyones revenge, but he did everything in his power to avoid future troubles.

"That that guy is coming!"

"pull up the anchor"
The pirates on the three ships of Double Sword Pirates were still shocked seeing their Captain being killed by Ross. When they saw that Ross was walking towards them, their faces changed dramatically, showing fear.

Some people took firearms, some filled the cannons shells and some people tried to escape from the ships. The scene was extremely chaotic.

Boom! Boom!

Three Pirate Ships were destroyed one after another after several guns and cannons sounds rippled off the shore.

The Double Sword Pirates had a lot of pirates with a total bounty of 20 million. Although the proficiency acquired by killing them was very small as he only gained 5 Talent Proficiency Points, which is better than nothing.

After the destruction of the Double-Sword Pirates, he got a total of 110 Talent Proficiency Points and 2 Free Talent Points, which is a bumper harvest.


After destroying the last ship together with a large number of pirates, Ross jumped back to shore and did not rush to use up his Talents and Proficiency points, but stepped lightly and disappeared from the publics sight after a few flashes.

Behind the crowd, Ross appeared next to Robin and asked her, "Did you find any trace of him?"


Robin shook her head. The only mission given to her by Ross was to find Demon Sherrif Laffitte in the chaos.

The Demon Sherrif, however, doesnt seem to have come over or he is very skillful in hiding himself from her search using Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi).


Ross touched his chin and thought a little. Suddenly, his eyes flashed and he turned to look down into a dark street not far away.

"Hao Hao I was found."

A suppressed laugh came from the depths of the street.

Almost immediately after the sound came out, Ross stepped down and rushed straight into the dark street.

When Ross rushed in, a figure hiding deep in the street jumped up and turned over the roof.

Ross jumped up and chased him.
After several tosses and turns, Ross eventually caught up with the figure by using his Observation Haki, It was a white-skinned man with a tall ceremonial hat on his head and a crutch in his hand. He was the navigator and The Fifth Fleet Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates, Demon Sherrif Laffitte.