One Piece Talent System Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Recruiting A Navigator

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Compared with the character in the original series, he has not changed much and he doesnt even look too young, but his hiding methods and tricks are dazzling. If Ross had not locked him firmly with his Observation Haki, he would not have been able to find any trace of him after several moves.

"I dont have any ill intends and I dont see anything I shouldnt have seen."
Seeing that he couldnt escape from Ross, Laffitte decisively gave up on fleeing, He stood on the roof of a house and looked at Ross, showing a very helpless expression and gently spread the cane in his hands.

Ross calmly looked at him and said: "You dont look like a Law abiding person So, are you interested in joining me and making the world turn upside down?"

Laffitte was slightly surprised and various thoughts flashed through his eyes. Then he put one hand on his chest and made a gentlemans bow. He smiled and said:

"I will be honored to join The Ghost Hand Pirates, Captain."

He has been constantly learning about the world and the situation of the West Blue and he has even gotten a lot of details about Pirates, the Ghost Hand Pirates has gotten famous recently and now they are on the top of West Blue.

As a restless person, he naturally did not plan to live in peace and security. He always wanted to find a chance to join someone strong and roam around in this world. Although he didnt plan to join someone so early, Ross went out of his way to invite him. Rejection may not be a good thing.

Smart people will always make the smartest choices.

Ross slightly smiled.


"Laffitte, I am good at hiding and sailing."

Laffitte put his hand on the corner of his hat, with his head slightly beneath his side and his fingers gently lifted the corner. He looked like an orthodox gentleman, totally out of line with the name Demon Sherrif.

It was easier then Ross imagined to recruit Laffitte. Laffitte has nothing to pack up or he seems to hide everything in his body, but Ross doesnt know where he hides it.

The trip to Goldwater sea ended with Laffittes joining their crew. Ross crossed two streets with his new Navigator and found Robin.

"Nico Robin, Responsible for Intelligence" Ross introduced Robin and nodded to Robin: "Laffitte, Our new navigator."

Both of them are highly intelligent and in some ways, Laffitte is better than Nico Robin. After all, Robin puts her wisdom on her subjects of learning.

"Speaking of it, Marines has been watching you in the dark."

After a brief greeting, Laffitte rotated the red cane in his hand and smiled at Ross.

Ross shook his head said: "There are naturally Marines on this island because of the two strongest pirates, dont bother. Before entering the Grand Line, I dont think Marines will come to find any trouble with us."

"Thats true."

Laffitte put down his cane. He intended to say that if he did not mind then he could pull Marines Eyes out and torture them and even send some false intelligence to the Marines, but It didnt look like he needs to mention it.

"If there is nothing else, you can go to the ship and consider the next stage The Grand Line!"

"Grand Line, thats a very challenging place, huh, huh."
Laffitte smiled and his laughter and expressions were filled with a strange style.

"Then, you will be responsible for the next drawing of sea maps and the choice of sea route. When the ship arrives, I will give you the sea maps and compass."

Ross said as he walked away, while Laffitte and Robin followed him from left and right.

Walking on the street, all the way unimpeded, even if someone noticed Ross, they were all shocked and they hid on both sides of the street, carefully watching Ross walk away.

Ross returned to his ship with Laffitte and Robin and did not encounter any trouble on the way. Marines did not dare to do anything to him.

More than ten miles away from the island, on a Battleship which is preparing for the attack on the island, A Marine branch Rear Admiral asked his subordinate on Den Den Mushi with a serious and nervous look:

"How is it, what is the result?!"

"The Double Swords Pirates were completely annihilated Nothing was left, Ghost Hand Ross won the fight without any losses on his side and another weird man followed them to their ship."
When he heard that Ross had won a great victory without being hurt in both battle, Rear Admiral knew that there was nothing that he could do and when he heard that a strange man accompany them to Ross ship, he could not help asking:

"Weird man did you took a photo?!"

"It has been taken!"

"Okay, submit the photo quickly."

They have failed to arrest The Ghost-Hand Pirates and the Double-Sword Pirates, They have to at least submit some new information, otherwise, they will get in trouble with the Headquarters.

After he hangs up on the Den Den Mushi, a Captain whispered to him, "Rear Admiral, shall we continue to Chase the Ghost Hand Pirates?

The Rear Admiral looked annoyed at Captain words next to him. As a Rear Admiral, he looked at the pirate but didnt dare to go. It was a very shameful thing for him and then this guy had to ask a clear question.

"We are Temporarily on standby for further orders!"

A few days later.

Ross is sailing through the Goldwater sea, the news of the defeat of Double Sword Pirates was published by various newspaper news agencies, with various newspaper broadcasts spread throughout West Blue.

On a route to the Grand Line, the Ghost Shadow Ship was sailing at full speed and Ross was standing on the deck of the Ghost Shadow Ship with a newspaper thrown by a news bird.

Shocking! West Blues hegemony is in twists and turns, changing ownership again.

After reading half of the newspaper Ross threw the newspaper into the sea and said helplessly, "What these messy news agencies have published is no more reliable than what the government has published."

Robin covers her mouth and laughs lightly. "Its impossible for them to publish accurate news honestly, but Captain, youve become the focus of news agencies in West Blue."

Ross shook his head and asked Laffitte, who was observing the direction and course of the wind at the top of the mast. "Whats the direction and speed of the wind? How long will it take us to reach Berros town?
Berros Town

It is the closest island to Grand Line in West Blue, similar to East Blues Logue Town, which is considered as the last island before the Grand Line.

"Without any surprises and with the speed of the ship, it will take us one month to reach the Berros Town, Captain." Laffitte leaped and floated down from the mast like a piece of paper.

Ross nodded and said: "The problems of navigations are up to you."
Laffitte is responsible for navigation and even if he is limited to a navigator, it saves Ross a lot of time.

"Captain may rest assured."

Laffitte slightly bowed and smiled as Ross returned to his cabin.

Before embarking on the ship, his knowledge of Ross was limited to all kinds of intelligence and news. In the past few days, he had a more detailed understanding of all aspects of Ross and he more and more confirmed that Ross is a valuable Captain to follow.

"Turning the world upside down, Im looking forward to it, huh-huh."