One Piece Talent System Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Armament Haki

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Walking into the cabin, Ross went all the way to the exercise room.

After closing the door, he willed and before his eyes appeared a translucent Talent System panel that only he could see, where three Talents Trees stood quietly.
Living Talent Tree is unchanged for a long time and there is still only one Navigation Talent on it. Now, with his new navigator, Ross would like to take back the 1 Talent Point he spent to learn navigation, but apparently, the system will not let him easily take the points away.

The Battle Talent Tree is also refreshing after it has been activated.

Firearms Shooting: 50

Close-Combat Fighting: 100

Distortion Fruit: 215

Soru of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Kami-e (Paper Drawing) by Marines Rokushiki: 0

Marines Rokushikis Gepp (Moonwalk):0

Observation Haki:0

Observation Haki shows a golden activated state, meaning that Ross can indeed save one Free Talent Point by self-practicing. As for Talent Proficiency, it brings an extra bonus, but self-exercise does not increase Talent Proficiency.

The General Talent Tree has also changed a lot from the previous one.

Agility Enhancement: 100 (High-Level Strengthening)

Physical Enhancement: 200 (Top Level Strengthening)

After killing the Double Sword Pirates, Ross gained 2 Free Talent Points and 110 Talent Proficiency points which allowed him a lot of choices.

"Observation Hakis strength is enough for now. If I encounter an enemy whose speed is faster than what I can see, hear and feel, even if I could perceive his actions, I wouldnt be able to respond to them physically."

Ross thought a little and ruled out the two options, Observation Haki and Agility Enhancement. His speed and strength are in balance and the improvement in Speed and Observation Haki will have very little effect on his overall strength.

As for Physical Enhancement

After such a long period of exercise, his physical fitness is much better than when he just arrived at the Top Level Physical Enhancement. Even if the strength of Distortion Fruit is enhanced further, his physical fitness is enough to bear its burden, so he is not in any hurry to fill in that particular proficiency.

The last remaining option is Distortion Fruit. If all 110 proficiency points are put in it, then the basic conditions for activating the branch of Gravity Distortion will be reached in an instant.

"If I put 85 proficiency points on Distortion Fruit, only 25 proficiency points can be used to improve my physical fitness I dont know if such a disparity of advancement can afford a huge increase in the power of distortion.

Ross thought it would be nice to have a few dozen more Talent Proficiency points, but there may have been new choices at that time. Talent Proficiency points and Free Talent Points were always scarce resources.

In addition to proficiency points, 2 Free Talent Points also brings several options.

Armament Haki can undoubtedly be activated, Haoshoku Haki can also be activated and even Strength Enhancement in the General Department, etc., are all within the options.

Due to the scarcity of Free Talent Points, the best solution is naturally based on the practicing Armament Haki to activate it, but currently, Ross does not have any practice method of Armament Haki and without any clue, he can not practice Armament Haki.

He can also hope that he will be able to awaken Armament Haki in battle.

Hakis practice methods are difficult to obtain in the first half of the Grand Line. They can only be obtained in the second half of the Grand Line, New World.

Without Armament Haki, the situation would be very dangerous when encountering someone with a Logia Devil Fruit abilities.

Ross thought it over for a long time.
"Armament Haki"

Ross watched the trunk of the Talents Tree representing Armament Haki and took a deep breath before choosing to consume one Free Talent Point to activate Armament Haki.


The remaining Free Talent Points changed from 2 to 1 and the Armament Hakis green branch flashed with a golden light and turned into a golden color.

At the same time.
A lot of knowledge about Armament Haki was sent to Ross mind. He closed his eyes as his body kept shaking. Within a few seconds, he consciousness experienced three-month Armament Haki training.

A slight heat flow gushes out of his heart and runs through his entire body, bringing a slight increase in Ross physical fitness, while a will hiding in his body, which has never been stimulated was released and a very weak Armament Haki enhances one part of his body.


When Ross opened his eyes, his senses have changed a lot. In addition to feeling the power of Distortion Fruit in his body, he can now feel another kind of power contained in his body which is quite different from his Devil Fruit power.

Busoshoku (Armament) Haki

It is slightly similar to Observation Haki in origin, but major parts of it are completely different. As Ross wills, an invisible breath comes out of him and surrounds him on outside.

The skills activated by the Talent System have always been complete without any default and the Armament Haki around Rossbody is flexible and free from any sense of stagnation.

"This is Armament Haki"

Ross manipulated the aura around his body, muttered a sentence and then his eyes twinkled slightly, he concentrated his thoughts on his arms and control the convergence of the Armament Haki.

The gathering of Armament Haki formed a strong aura around Ross arm and squeezed and condensed under Ross control, but when it was about to form a black hardening, it suddenly broke apart and the aura dispersed.

Ross tried twice in a row and failed to harden Armament Haki. As for the cause of his failure, he found it all at once.

"Insufficient strength."

Perceiving Armament Haki around him, Ross shook his head.

First, his Armament Haki is too weak. Second, his physical strength is not strong enough. Although his physical strength is more abnormal than any ordinary person, it is still a little far from the Armament Haki hardening.

Being able to mobilize Armament Haki is just a startup skill. By practicing enough to form Armament Haki hardening, then one has thoroughly mastered this kind of Haki.
Thinking about it.

Ross still gave up the idea of putting proficiency points in Armament Haki.

There is still a month to go before he officially enters Grand Line. After Armament Haki is activated, there is no need for practice. Even if it does not meet the hardening criteria in one month, some improvements can be made.

As long as he has a certain level in Armament Haki, even if hardening is not achieved, he will be able to do something against a Logia Devil Fruit user.
For him.

Distortion Fruit is still his main development direction. Armament Haki can mainly be used against the BUG-like ability of "elementalization". After all, it is unrealistic to try to raise all of his abilities to the top at the same time.

Ross intends to reserve the remaining 1 Free Talent Point until the proficiency of the distortion fruit reaches 300 proficiency points after which he can activate The Gravity Distortion ability which may require 1 Free Talent Point.

"There is still 110 Talent Proficiency Points"

Ross looked at the branch of Distortion Fruit. He didnt add it up just a little. He directly put 45 Talent Proficiency Points in it.

In a flash of light, Distortion Fruits proficiency turned to 260. Meanwhile, Ross suddenly felt a burning sensation in his body. The power of distortions rose rapidly in that burning heat. In a few seconds, the power of distortions had risen dramatically.