One Piece Talent System Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Red Hair Shanks Pirates

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Ross closed his eyes and quietly felt the heat and the power of distortion in his body. When the heat subsided, he opened his eyes and clenched his fist.

Previously the range of his Distortion Fruit power was a radius of about 30 meters with him as the center and after putting 45 proficiency points in it, the range of his Distortion Fruit power has increased to 50 meters!
Ross can clearly feel that his power can not only easily cover an entire ship, but also extend outward, even to the bottom of the sea.

Whitebeards Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) can trigger sea shock, and the Distortion Fruit can naturally do similar things but Distortion Fruit has a smaller range than Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi).

"My body can still bear this level of power."

After perceiving the changes in his body, Ross muttered.

Power of distortion has skyrocketed and the burden placed on his body has naturally increased a lot but since Ross physical fitness has always been ahead of his Devil Fruit, so after this surge, his physical strength and the power of Distortion Fruit can be improved and can reach a balance.

After a little hesitation, Ross put 20 Talent Proficiency points to Physical Enhancement and then assigns another 30 Talent Proficiency points to Distortion Fruit.


After the Talent Proficiency assignment, Rosss body changed slightly again and the range of Distortion Fruit reached nearly 70 meters!

"Sure enough, with the increase of proficiency the power of distortion fruit will increase more and more but the increment in Physical Enhancement is getting smaller and smaller."

Ross felt the changes in the body and his eyes flickered.

Such a divergence also means that In addition to allocating a large number of Talent Proficiency points to Physical Enhancement, he also needs to further exercise his body to adapt to the continuous strengthing of his Devil Fruit power.

He originally intended to put the remaining points in the distortion fruit for its proficiency to reach 300 but Ross eventually assigned the remaining 15 proficiency points to Physical Enhancement.

To activate Gravity Distortion he needs to spend more than one Free Talent Points. Even if the proficiency of the power of distortion reached 300, the Gravity Distortion will not be activated in a short time. So this is not as good as balancing his physical fitness and his Devil Fruit strength, which is also beneficial to practice Armament Haki.

After assigning 110 Talent Proficiency Points, Ross talent panel changed again.

Firearms Shooting: 50

Close-Combat Fighting: 100

Distortion Fruit: 290

Soru of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Kami-e (Paper Drawing) of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Marines Rokushikis Gepp (Moonwalk):0

Observation Haki:0

Armament Haki: 0

Distortion Fruit is only 10 proficiency points away from the second branch which will activate the Gravity Distortion, while Marines Rokushiki is all zero. Maybe after the physical enhancement and the Agility Enhancements proficiency reach the upper limit of 500, He will allocate some proficiency points to Soru and Gepp (Moonwalk).
Agility Enhancement: 100 (High LevelStrengthening)

Physical Enhancement: 235 (Top LevelStrengthening)

The General Talent Department has not changed much.

"The power of Distortion Fruit has more than doubled and his original body is little weaker than his Devil Fruit ability." Ross shook his head helplessly, even though he finally replenished the Physical Enhancement by 15 proficiency points, His body still couldnt keep up with the increase in the power of distortion.

It also has the advantage that when Ross breaks out with all of his strength, the power of distortion will reach a terrifying level and Marine Rear Admiral Onigumo, who once suppressed him by virtue of his strength, will not be able to resist his current power of distortion.

"I dont know how strong I am currently, how much worse am I compared to a Vice-Admiral of the Headquarter."

Ross thought for a moment.

Headquarters Vice-Admiral and Headquarters Rear Admiral are also quite different.

It is quite difficult for a Headquarters Rear Admiral to be directly promoted to a Headquarters Vice-Admiral, most of the Headquarters Rear Admiral need to be placed outside the branch base to serve as a branch Vice-Admiral for a period of time and only after gaining some military merits, they can return to the Headquarter.
"Regardless of his own affordability, He should be able to compete with a weak Headquarters Vice-Admiral and he is not an opponent to most of the top Headquarters Vice-Admiral."

After thinking about the strength of Onigumo, Ross roughly judged what level he is now.

Before entering the Grand Line, it is rare for someone to have abilities that surpass Headquarters Rear Admiral and can deal with a Vice-Admiral in general.

"Next step is to continue to exercise my physical body and Armament Haki."

Ross regained his thoughts and quickly set a short-term practicing route for himself. Since his Devil Fruit abilities are too strong, which brings a certain level of burden on his body, He will focus on his physical training for some time.

And it will be beneficial for his Armament Haki training as it also requires a strong physical body.

"I still have to use the biggest weight and then double the number of push-ups and squats, one set for one thousand, one set at a time."

After simply setting up the practice plan, Ross came to a lot of weights, picked out the heaviest one and started to exercise after wearing it.

Half a month passed quickly.

Because Laffitte was responsible for navigation, Ross had more free time. He spent a large part of it on his training and some part of it on rest and relaxation.

Robins Devil Fruit ability is also useful for massage and the effects are very good.

Although this is a strange trend for Robin, Ross did not intend to make her a Battle oriented member. If such a good girl exercises and put muscles all over her body, it will not be a beautiful picture to imagine and he will surely suffer from headaches.

Ghost Shadow Ship is not far away.

On the windy and sunny sea, a Pirate Ship is slowly sailing. There is no wicked and fierce atmosphere that is found on any usual Pirate Ship but the atmosphere is relaxing.

It seems that the people on board dont care whether they will encounter merchant ships or not, much less whether they will encounter Marines. All of them are enjoying themselves, drinking and eating meat.

If a Marines Battleship were here, they would have turned around and run when they saw the Pirate Ship, because the pirate flag hung on the sail of the ship was enough to frighten the whole ocean!

"How does it feel to be back home?"

Beckman took a cigarette and came to the Red Hair Shanks standing at the front of the deck.
Shanks stood there relaxed in his cloak and slippers, looking at the vast sea ahead, smiling and saying, "Not bad."

"Nearly twenty years"

Looking at the sea, Shanks muttered that it had been nearly twenty years since he got on Rogers ship as a trainee, thirteen years ago Roger became The Pirate King and eleven years ago Roger started The Great Age of Pirates.

Of all Rogers crew, only he got Captains straw hat and he did not disappoint Rogers former crew members. After Roger started the Great Age of Pirates, it only took him 11 years to become one of the four emperors galloping on the Grand Line and New World.


It only took Roger a few years to conquer the Grand Line and became the King standing at the top of countless pirates.

"First lets go back to my hometown, then we go to the East Blue" Shanks gently touched the straw hat on his head.

Beckman laughed and said, "Hey, suddenly coming to the West Blue without saying a word and then going to East Blue again. Marine and the government are afraid that we would make a mess."

"Let them go around."

Shanks slightly smiled.

If the Government and Marines want to deal with them, they must send at least three top-level Battle forces. Otherwise, they will not be able to do anything. The Government will not provoke a world-class war randomly. Beckman has considered all these things before taking any action.

Just as Shank was enjoying the sea breeze, the ships sentry post suddenly shouted at him.


"There is a Pirate Ship over there!"