One Piece Talent System Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Brushing Pas
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Ghost Shadow Ship.

Laffitte is standing on the sentry post at the top of the mast, one of his hand holding the wooden guardrail and his other hand holding a telescope, looking in the distance.
Long ago, he found a dark shadow on the far sea, which could be judged as a ship, but he was uncertain as to what it was.

As the two ships approached, the shadow gradually became clear.

"That flag is"

When he saw the flag on the ship, Laffittes expression suddenly changed slightly and those expressions looked strange on him as he always looked like a gentleman who rarely shows any emotions.


After judging it for a second, he jumped from the mast and landed on the deck below, He said to Robin, "Call Captain up, that ship belongs to" Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates."

"Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates?!"

Robin was shocked. She thought it would be a merchant ship or ordinary Pirate Ship, but she didnt expect that it would be Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates, which are a terrifying force on the Grand Line.


Robin found Ross in the exercise room, and when Ross heard about the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates, he came to the deck with a serious expression.

Taking the telescope from Laffittes hand and looking carefully at the ship coming in from the distance, he said thoughtfully, "It is indeed Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates"

Calculating the time, it is now the August of the eleventh year of the Great Age of Pirates. According to the original plot, Shanks arrived at the East Blues Foosha Village around this time and stayed there for about a year.

"Captain, should we avoid them?"

Laffitte proposed from the side.

Although he is very optimistic about Ross and boarded Ross ship, he is not an idiot. At this time point, it is undoubtedly a suicide attempt to act against Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates, a world-renowned existence.

Ross put down his telescope and looked in the direction of the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirate Ship. He calmly said, "Dont panic, change our route slightly so that we wont collapse against them head-on and we will pass by them."

"This is also very dangerous"

Laffitte is slightly worried.

Ross stood on the bow of the ship and he doesnt intend to circumvent his ship around in a big circle to avoid Shanks. If he encounters the Beast Pirates or BIGMOM Pirates, he might avoid them temporarily, but he doesnt need to do that for Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates.

In other words, Yonk (Four Emperors) is also his target, but that is the ultimate goal It is indeed too early to meet Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates at this time.

Ross looked at the gradually approaching Akagami (Red Hair) Pirate Ship, whispering in his heart.


Looking at the fast approaching Akagami (Red Hair) Pirate Ship, Robin cant help but show a little nervousness. Few people can make her nervous, but a Marine Admiral Aokiji has made her deeply afraid of him and Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates is the existence that even a Marine Admiral dares not dare to provoke.

As the distance between the two ships gradually narrowed, the course of the two ships became very clear. It was not the opposite, but two parallel lines that did not intersect. They would pass each other at a distance of about thirty or forty meters away.

Robin and Laffitte were nervous, but Ross remained calm as if the ship in front of him is only an ordinary merchant ship.

One hundred meters

Ninety meters

As the distances of ships further narrowed, the people on the ships on both sides became clearer and clearer. Ross had clearly seen the figures standing on the bow of the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates.
One of them is wearing a black cloak and a yellow straw hat. He is one of the New World Yonk (Four Emperors), Red Hair Shanks!

Forty meters

Thirty meters

When the distance between the two ships reached 30 meters, the shortening was stopped. At this distance, Ross and the Shanks standing on the bow of the ship were almost opposite to each other and they could almost see the expression on the others face.

This distance was not fixed but increased over time and became forty or fifty meters until the two boats completely passed each other and nothing happened.

When Akagami (Red Hair) Pirate Ships hull was thoroughly brushed parallel to Ghost Shadow Ship, Laffitte and Robin almost both took a long breath and looked at each other and they found that both of their foreheads was covered with fine sweat stains.

Only Ross remained calm and his face did not betray any of his emotions.

"Its all right."

"Keep Going, our goal is Berose town."

Ross turned around and spoke in a light voice and at the same time, he entered his cabin and disappeared.

On the other side.

On the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates ship, there are still a large number of pirates who are drinking and eating meat and most of them dont even know about the passing Ghost Shadow Ship.

Even if they knew they wouldnt care much and continue to talk and laugh while eating and drinking.

Standing at the bow of the ship, opposite to Ross, Red Hair Shanks returned to his mind with a slightly different look in his eyes when the hull of the Ghost Shadow Ship has completely passed by him.

"That man just now"

"Whats wrong?"

Beckman turned to Shanks and asked, "Do you want to stop them?"


Shanks shook his head and said with a slight twinkle in his eyes, "Just That mans eyes just gave me a very unusual feeling. I have a feeling that we will meet again."

Beckman took a puff of his cigarette and smiled.

Nobody knows for sure about this kind of thing, but he didnt expect to meet someone who made Shanks has a premonition in West Blue.

"Just now that guy should be Ghost Hand Ross of West Blue. I read it in the newspaper before and I think theyre going to the Grand Line for us to see them again, but its not that easy."
This is just a chance encounter, for any pirate to see them they have to first conquer the first half of the Grand Line and this single step has taken countless lives.

This premonition of Shanks may be just a hunch.

After passing the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates ship, the Ghost Shadow Ship returned to its calm state again.

Laffitte continued to control the course. Robin continued to read her books, occasionally directed the handyman to do some cleaning work on the ship, or assisted Laffitte in collecting and sailing, while Ross returned to the practice room and continued to exercise, practicing Armament Haki.


Standing in front of a hard steel wall, Ross stretched out his fist and muttered while controlling his own Armament Haki to gather on his fist.

Compared with Armament Haki, which has been enhanced a lot more in half a months time, The constant concentration and cohesion gradually changed from surroundings to attachments. It became more and more strong, but it still could not form the black hardening.

"Not enough."

Ross shook his head and punched the iron wall.


Even if the Armament Haki has not reached the degree of hardening, He only surrounded his fist in his will without the hardening and he did not use his Devil fruit powers but he still left a fist shape on the solid iron wall.

"Very well, if it goes up at this rate, in half a month I should be able to gradually touch the Armament Haki hardening level."