One Piece Talent System Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Hidden

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The first to return was Robin with a team of porters that worked with the handymen on the Ghost Shadow Ship to carry fresh water and food constantly filling the Ghost Shadow Ships storage.

"When I passed through the Marine branch on the road, I explored the surroundings and found that Marines were all assembled inside. Maybe we should expect some trouble."
Robin standing next to Ross was overseeing many porters carrying food and fresh water on board, she looks at the Marine branch base building standing in the middle of the Little Town and laughs slightly.

Ross sat on the guardrail of the Ghost Shadow Ship deck and without looking up, said "Come on. Theyre lucky if they dont cause any trouble for us."

Robin slightly smiled with her chin in her hand and said:

"Marines here are probably afraid of us, but the news that were here must have been sent back to the Marine Headquarters and there will probably be Marines soldiers waiting for us on Grand Line."

Naturally, she knows that Marines wont fight them here, She is worried about the Marines on the Grand Line.

However, how could Ross not understand her reminder? He turned to Robin and, with a slightly playful stretch of his finger, gave her a gentle click on her chin and said, "I can imagine that But If Marine wants to fight us, then let them come.

After being teased by Ross, Robin didnt have any blushing expressions, but instead smiled and stared at Ross.

Ross looked at her for a few seconds and naturally regained his gaze and looked into the distant sea. He said: "It is already the end of November of the eleventh year of the Great Age of Pirates."

If he remembers correctly the Robin is 17 years old now and her birthday should be on February 6. That is to say, in another two and a half months, she can take off the Loli title.


Robin felt that Rosss sentence was incomplete and there might be the second half of the sentence, but Ross did not say it and she was confused.

Half a day later.

Laffitte returned to the ship and came to Ross. His wrists swayed as he has a watch-like tied to his wrist, but at the center of the watch was not a dial, but a ball and a pointer.

"Is this it? Captain."

Ross took the thing from Laffittes hand. After a little observation, he nodded and said, "Yes, this is what replaces the sea maps and compass on the Grand Line."

Ross hands the Log Pose back to Laffitte and lets him study and observe it by himself.

Half a day later.

Food and fresh water filled the storage compartment of the Ghost Shadow Ship. At Rosss command, Ghost Shadow Ship untied the rope, set sail and left Berros town and headed straight towards the Reverse Mountain!

While the Ghost Shadow Ship was leaving the Berros town, Marines on Berros town immediately reported the current situation to Marine Headquarters, but it had nothing to do with Ross.

As the Ghost Shadow Ship moved closer to the Grand Line, the weather and currents began to become unpredictable and the waves became more turbulent and the undercurrent surged.

Ross arrived on deck and watched the course of Ghost Shadow Ship with Laffitte. Under their control, Ghost Shadow Ship did not wander into the Calm Belt but went to the Reverse Mountain.

"Grand Line and Red Line divide the planet into east, west, north, and south. The ocean currents of the four seas will gather at one place and finally flows into the Grand Line thats the Reverse Mountain."
Based on his memory, Ross is calm about the changes in the current, although it is West Blue and not East Blue, which was passed by Luffy and others, its a minor gap.


Behind the mist in the sea, there is a magnificent red wall-like structure that stretches all the way to the end of the line of sight. It is the Red Line.

Robin stood on the deck and looked at the Red Line, saying: "What a spectacular sight"

"Thats Red Line" Laffitte had a strange smile on his face, but his excited eyes revealed that his heart was surging like a wave.
Even Ross looks at the spectacular and magnificent Red Line which divides the whole world, has a thrill of excitement in his heart, Looking at the real deal is a very different experience.

While looking at Red Line, Ross looked at the parallel Grand Line.

Reverse Mountain is the starting point of the first half of the Grand Line and the end of the second half of the Grand Line. The final island, Raftel, is mostly hidden in the mist.

Without the guidance of the Road Poneglyph, No one can find Raftel, even if he directly cross the Grand Line through the calm belt, he wouldnt be able to find Raftel. He would only be able to move around like a headless fly in the sea.

Ross only looked at it and then took his eyes back, because he was not interested in the so-called Raftel, or the so-called ONEPIECE, he was just a little curious about them.


As the Ghost Shadow Ship gradually approached the Reverse Mountain, the sea currents became more and more violent and the entire ship slammed towards Red Line.

Under the control of Ross and Laffitte, Ghost Shadow Ship sailed into the canal of the Reverse Mountain and climbed all the way up to the top of the mountain and finally rushed into the Grand Line!

At the same time.

In front of the Twin Cape Lighthouse on the end of the Reverse Mountain, an old man was sitting there reading the newspaper, He turned his head in the direction of the Reverse Mountain canal. He is the Warden Crocus of the Twin Cape Lighthouse and the doctor of the Pirate King Roger Ship.

"Well, Another Pirate force has stepped into the Grand Line and he doesnt know where this batch will go."

Crocus put down his newspaper and looked towards the Ghost Shadow Ship at the Reverse Mountain Canal.

He often reads newspapers and news from all over the world. He has a slight impression on the Ghost Hand Pirates, but it is just a little impression.

Because this is the starting point of The Grand Line, there have been countless pirates pouring in here in eleven years, but out of them all very few people can make a name for themselves on the Grand Line, perhaps the Ghost Hand Pirates will just be one of those no-name pirates.

So with only a single glance, Crocus regained his gaze.

A few days later.

The news that Ghost Hand Pirates had left West Blue and drove into the Grand Line spread all over West Blue. While countless pirates and Marines breathed a sigh of relief, their eyes converged on Grand Line.

Grand Line, known as Pirates Graveyard, has silently devoured a large number of pirates that dominate West Blue for more than a decade, many of which had a bounty as high as 80 million berries.

The Ghost Hand Pirates had also stepped into the Grand Line, whether they turned into a small wave that was annihilated on the Grand Line or a storm that will sweep through the Grand Line, no one can say for sure.
Chapter 61 To The Grand Line