One Piece Talent System Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Violent Storm

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In the stormy Rainstorm, there are huge waves on the sea, wrapping the Ghost Shadow Ship and taking it up and down, which makes it difficult to maintain a stable course.

"How long till we reach the first island?"
Under the command of navigator Laffitte, Robin used her ability to constantly change the sails and barely controlled the ships course in the storm. Many handymen also worked hard to support her.

Laffitte stood there with a serious expression and looked at the Log Pose worn on his wrist. He said: "Its hard to judge. Its the first time Ive entered the Grand Line. I didnt expect the weather and currents here to be so troublesome. Now Im off course."

"No harm."

Ross stepped out of the cabin and stood steadily on Ghost Shadow Ship which was rising and falling with the waves. "As long as we keep sailing in the direction pointed by Log Pose, we will surely reach an island."

It is not clear which island Ross will arrive at. There are at least 7 routes on the Grand Line and only one of them was traveled by Straw Hat Pirates.


In the raging Rainstorm, a wave of about 20 meters high appeared from the front, sweeping across the sky and smashing down against Ghost Shadow Ship.

"Be careful!"

Laffittes face changed.

Robin was also shocked. She was a Devil Fruit user. It was very dangerous for her when the waves fell and there was nothing she could do to stop them.

Just in a short time, Ross pulled out his Named Sword Happy Spring out of his waist, his sword was surrounded by Armament Haki as he cut the sword against the waves.


Ross sword energy released by his Named Sword Happy Spring is as powerful as Onigumos Rankyaku (Tempest Kick), which split the nearly 20 meters high from the center and Ghost Shadow Ship sailed from the middle of the waves.

The strange weather on the Grand Line cannot stop someone who is really strong and it can only stop those ordinary pirates.

"Hu, Captains sword arts are also very unreal."

Laffittes eyes flickered slightly and he expressed his respect and admiration for Ross at the right time.

Ross stood with his hands down and his eyes calm.

After the Ghost Shadow Ship crossed the waves, the scene changed instantly. There were two different shadows in the left front and right front of the fog. One was a Pirate Ship and the other was an ice block of nearly 100 meters in length!

"Pirate Ship is found in the left front and huge ice blocks are found in the right front."

After Robin saw the situation in the fog, she immediately reported to Ross.

At that moment, the undercurrent suddenly surged violently and Ghost Shadow Ship was instantly wrapped up by the undercurrent and slammed into the direction of the huge ice block.

Not far away.

While Robin found a group of pirates on the nameless Pirate Ship, they also found the existence of the Ghost Shadow Ship. Compared with Ghost Shadow Ship, they seemed to be in a lot of confusion in the stormy Rainstorm and their sails seemed to be broken by hail.

"Boss! There is a ship over there, A Pirate Ship!"

The Captain of Pirate Ship listened to his subordinates report and frowned in the direction of the Ghost Shadow Ship. Now that the ship hull was badly damaged, he did not want to clash with other Pirate Ship in such stormy weather.

But just as he was about to order a diversion to avoid Ghost Shadow Ship, he suddenly saw that Ghost Shadow Ship was wrapped up by the undercurrent at the bottom of the sea and crashed towards the huge ice block in the distance, accelerating all the way and seemingly unable to stop.


"Dont panic. Watch out for undercurrents on the sea floor and stabilize the ships hull first."
The Pirate Captain watches this scene, his eyes twinkling and the corners of his mouth slightly raised, if the other side is hit by the huge piece of ice to, it will crush them, this small advantage can be used by him.

Its not so much as the Ghost Shadow Ship crashing into the huge ice block floating on the sea but it is the opposite. The huge ice block is crashing into The Ghost Shadow Ship which is in between his own ship and the ice block, so if the ice block crashes into The Ghost Shadow Ship then his ship will be saved.


Before Ghost Shadow Ship is hit by the huge ice block, a figure flew up from the Ghost Shadow Ship and stepped out into the gale Rainstorm and fell towards the huge ice block with a lot of astonished eyes on his figure.

"Someone jumped out of that ship."
"That guy is flying in the sky? Am I dreaming?

Many of the pirates on the nameless Pirate Ship are looking in the direction of the Ghost Shadow Ship. Seeing this scene, they are a little surprised and amazed.

And in the next moment, Ross figure has fallen onto the huge ice block.


When Ross figure fell, the huge ice block cracked under the influence of the power of distortion, centering on Ross position and spreading in all directions.


Eventually, the huge 100-meter wide ice block was completely destroyed by the power of distortion and turned into numerous small pieces of ice that shot in every direction.

Ghost Shadow Ship, which was about to hit the ice, easily crushed the many small broken ice blocks and stabilized.

The unnamed Pirate Ship, along with its pirates, including the Captain, has long been shocked by this scene and many people have revealed an almost unbelievable look.

"That iceberg broken"

"Is this a dream?"

The Pirate Captain could not help but swallow as he watched the scene. He was also an unusual pirate in North Blue, with 13 million Berries bounty on his head but he was frightened by the storm. That huge ice block still scared him.

When he noticed that the Ghost Shadow Ship in the distance is seemed to be turning on its bow and sailing towards his ship, a sudden look of horror appeared in his eyes.

"Fast! Turn quickly!"

The undercurrent of the sea surged again, happily wrapping his ship and took his ship to the distance, away from the Ghost Shadow Ship.

As Ghost Shadow Ship disappeared into the fog, The Pirate Captain wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and he was still a little frightened. His subordinates looked at each other with a sigh of relief.

"I think We should go back to North Blue."

" Uh huh.
Everyone nodded in perfect agreement.

Ross, who has smashed the huge ice block and returned to the deck of his ship, watched the nameless Pirate Ship quickly disappear in the mist wrapped up in the sea undercurrent.

For these nameless Pirates hovering in the beginner area of the Grand Line, Ross is like a High-Level warrior who has returned to the novice village, so he has no interest in the chickens of the novice village.

Experience doesnt add up at all by killing these low-level beginners and the acquired money is not worth the effort put into killing them.

"Stable routes, continue to move forward."

Ross looked up at the gradually turning sunny sky and instead of heading for the Pirate Ship, he headed into the direction pointed by the Log Pose.

Laffitte bowed and said, "Okay, Captain."

In this chaotic weather of sometimes sunny and sometimes windy Rainstorm or even snow, Ghost Shadow Ship rides through the most chaotic sea in the world and arrives at the first island on the route in the first half of the Grand Line.