One Piece Talent System Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Stared

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Luton town.

This is Ross first island on the Grand Line route. This small town is not chaotic, but orderly. The Ghost Shadow Ship, which arrived at the port did not cause any movement here. It seems that people here are accustomed to pirates.
"This is the Grand Line It doesnt seem to be anything unusual." Walking into the town, Laffitte spun his red cane and looked around.


Ross was calm and not interested in whether the island was unusual or not. "Log Pose needs to stay on the island for a while to record the magnetic waves of the islands to point to the next island, so we have to stay on this island for a few days."

Laffitte looked at the Log Pose worn on his wrist and noticed that the needle of the Log Pose was not fixed like it as supposed to be and it was constantly shaking, he said: "Understood, I will report immediately when the magnetic waves are fully recorded."

Ross nodded and said, "Well, for now, you can all move freely."

Laffitte swung his cane in one hand and pulled his hat eaves in the other, saying: "Whoop I really want to explore the island of the Grand Line."

Robin nodded and said: "I am also interested in the history of this island."

The three of them separated, Robin went to explore the history of Island, while Laffitte went to find something interesting for him. As for Ross, he found a noodle restaurant and ordered a Ramen.

On the harbor pier, in a dark room, a man pushed open a door and came inside a room, he switched on the light of the room, illuminating a messy hall, clapped his hands and shouted:

"Guys, the prey is here!"

There was a lot of alcohol in the room and similarly, there were a lot of people lying in the middle of the room. There were also a few dancing girls with a good figure in the middle of the room. The scene was very chaotic.

Someone heard the shouting, rubbed his head and opened his eyes, saying: "Oh, its Walter, What prey made you run so fast? I havent even woken up yet. Last night"

"Stop, this prey is extraordinary!"

Walter stopped him with a gesture and shouted again at the people lying in the room. When everyone was woken up, he took out a bounty poster and patted it on the table in the middle of the crowd.

The amount of money on the bounty poster was 92 million Berries and the photo and the name marked below is undoubtedly Its Ghost Hand Ross!

The crowd was the Pirate Hunter Gang gathered here. There were countless new Pirates who sailed into the Grand Line and fell into their hands. They cut their heads and took their bounty.

"92 million Berries?! I am not mistaken!"

When the half-asleep crowd saw the bounty reward, they were instantly awoken and stared at it.

The pirates they usually hunt has at most 30 million bounties on their head, A single Pirate with a bounty of 92 million Berries has not appeared on this island and it is completely outside of their hunting range.

"Hey, Walter, do you want us to die, thats a strong pirate with a bounty of 92 million Berries, we wont be able to deal with him!"

Someone stared at the bounty order and spoke quietly.

When Walter heard this, he grinned and said, "Its not what you think. This guy doesnt come down from the top, hes a newcomer from the bottom!"
From the top down, it refers to an island from the Grand Line, where someone sails backward, and from the bottom up, it naturally refers to the newcomers who have just arrived from the four seas.


Several people present heard the words and looked at each other instantly, showing a look of disbelief in their eyes.

Does a newcomer have a bounty of 92 million Berries on his head? No kidding. They have been Pirate Hunters for so long, but they have never heard of such a high bounty reward for a newcomer.

"I didnt believe it at first."
Walter grinned."I saw their pirate flag on the dock just now. I went to check it specially and found out that this guy really is a newcomer. He is a pirate from the West Blue. They are called Ghost-Hand Pirates"

If some pirate from the Grand Line has a bounty of 92 million Berries, he would not dare to provoke him, but it is a different matter if the said pirate is from the Four Seas.

The bounty reward does not represent absolute strength, but the assessment of the threat degree of a pirate by the World Government. In the four seas, a pirate with a bounty of 50 million Berries may not be able to compete against a pirate who has a bounty of 30 million Berries on the Grand Line.


Hearing Walters affirmative tone, many people still have some doubts, but they still showed a thoughtful expression.
Some people thought for a moment and couldnt help but say, "But the 92 million Berries bounty is a little too exaggerated, even for a pirate coming from West Blue, Im afraid it will be very difficult for us to deal with him."

"Thats not necessarily true."

Walter smiled and reached out and put another bounty poster on the table.

"Look at this woman. Shes also a crew member of the Ghost Hand Pirates and there is a bounty of 79 million Berries on her head I checked and she is the Devil Child of OHara, The Government apparently offered such a high bounty on her because they wanted to cover something up.


Seeing another high Bounty poster on the table, the people present were stunned for a moment and were left breathless.

92 million plus 79 million, this is more than 170 million Berries, they had a busy year and the total bounty they gathered by hunting pirates together may not amount to this much money!

"I will tell you one more thing, Eileens ladies are probably watching them and they wont let them go either. If were late, such a large amount of bounty will slip away from our hands."

Once, there was a pirate who had a bounty of more than 60 million berries on his head and he arrived at their island. They hesitated and did not go after him. As a result, Eileen group took him down and they were only slightly injured, turned out that the pirate strength was very low and the reason that guy had such a high bounty was that he killed many civilians in the South Blue.

Hearing the other Pirate Hunter gangs such as Eileens and others had been eyeing the 92 million berries pirate, several peoples eyes finally turned red as they looked at each other and then clapped the desk and stood up.


"This time we must not let Eileens and others take the lead!"

"More than 170 million Berries bounty, killing these two pirates will be enough for them for a few years!"

At the same time.

Several other Pirate Hunter gangs who lived in the town almost all stood up at the same time and the eyes were greedy and excited as if they were a shark who has smelled blood.

An invisible storm is brewing over the town.