One Piece Talent System Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Quarrel

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"The history of this island has been completely destroyed by the war."

Robin walked on the edge of Luton town and inspected the small town and shook her head. After all, it was one of the first islands on the Grand Line. There are always pirates here and conflict is a common thing here. Unless there were something unspoiled things like the Poneglyph stone tablet, there would be no history left.
After exploring the town, she returned to the original road, where she met Laffitte.

"It looks like youre going back, Miss Robin, but some of the guys on this island dont seem very friendly to us."

Laffitte leaned on the red cane and smiled at Robin.

Robin calmly said, "Yes, Ive found out, so Ill go back to Captain as soon as possible."

As an intelligence officer on the ship, she was naturally aware of those spying eyes on them, but she did not want to deal with them, but still in line with the duties of an intelligence officer, unless they had to deal with the situation, they would first report to Ross.

Laffitte still had an elusive look, smiling and nodding at Robin.

Whether it is Robin or Ross, or Laffitte, their emotions and psychology are always hard to figure out, except that the first two faces mostly remain calm in most situation, while Laffitte remains weird.


Robin and Laffitte found Ross at the harbor pier and Ross was watching a group of handymen carrying fresh water and food on board.

Ghost Shadow Ship has a large bottom cargo hold. Fully stocked Freshwater and food are enough to support them for more than a few months. They only used about half of their cargo to reach Luton town from Berros town, but stocking the ship with more fresh water and food is definitely not a bad thing. Every time the ship arrives at an island, they have to try their best to fully stock essential things.

Some of the ingredients purchased were noodles from the noodle shop, which tasted good. Ross thought Robin could learn from it and cook for him later.

"Captain, I have a message for you."

Arriving at the dock, Laffitte waved his red cane and smiled at Ross. "There seems to be a lot of Pirate Hunters on this island. Were already being targeted."

"It turned out to be Pirate Hunters."

Ross nodded. He had long noticed that someone was staring at him in secret, but he didnt know whether it was Pirate or a Marines scout and he never paid attention to it. "I know, dont worry about it."

Seeing that Ross wasnt very worried, Laffitte whirled his cane and said: "I hope these poor Pirate Hunters dont come over to find trouble, or they will be in big trouble."


For the many Pirate Hunters gathered on Luton town, a bounty like Ross is very enticing and he is a newcomer who has just stepped on the Grand Line from West Blue, he is like a fresh fat fish on a chopping board, which cant be let go easily.

Just as the freshwater and food supplements got stocked in the ship, a group of about a dozen Pirate Hunter came out of the west side of the pier.

In this group of Pirate Hunter, the leader was a woman of unusual appearance, with a huge machete on her shoulder, an unusual rough face is not enough to describe her face that makes people unable to look straight at her.

Immediately afterward.

Another group of people came over from the east side of the dock. It was also a personal gang of about ten people. The leader was a fat man carrying a heavy machine gun, wearing a leather cap and smoking a cigarette.

Seeing the two groups gathered together, the handymen carrying things on the docks showed fear, they put down the things in their hands and quickly hid.
"Hey! Eileen, this fat sheep was first discovered by us, get out of here!"

Walter, carrying a heavy gun, grinned at the rough-looking Eileen, with a wicked look on his face.


Eileen opened her scarred eyes and sneered at Walter. "When did you first find out?" If you dont want to die here then scram!"

Walters eyes were exposed to the cold, and the tone was harsh: "Smelly women, just because we let you go the last time dont think of us as weak, we are not afraid of you!"
Eileens eyes were cold when she heard the words. Both sides pulled out their weapons and prepared to confront each other at the wharf where Ghost Shadow Ship was located.

When the situation was in a deadlock, another group of people came from the south of the pier, led by two middle-aged men, one tall and one short. They were unequal in height but looked alike and they brought more than a dozen people with them.

"Hey hey hey, what a lively scene?"

"Corbelo, Barthes Are you also going to join in when you came so late?" Walter looked coldly at the newcomers.

"Although we usually have a first come first serve rule, this is not the case right now." The tall man Corbelo grinned. "Ghost Hand Pirates have a total bounty of 170 million Berries. It is already very extraordinary. You just want to eat it all, arent you afraid that you will break all your teeth?!"
Barthes stood beside him and smirked, "Thats it. There is a pirate with such a high bounty, Im afraid, it will not be so easy to deal with him. If you can deal with him you will suffer heavy casualties, Can you survive on this island afterward?

Corbelo and Barthess words made the tension in the field a little smoother. Eileen and Walter also loosened their weapons.

"I think its best to cooperate, 170 million Berries, even if the three of us divide it equally, it will still be a lot of money and if someone isnt satisfied, we can just wait till we have the money and fight again.

Corbelo grinned.

However, Walter snorted and said, "You can cooperate with me, but you cant cooperate with this smelly lady!" well work together to kill her first!"

When Eileen heard this, she suddenly showed a dangerous expression and said coldly, "Walter, I think you really want to die right now!"

The situation in the field once again changed.


Just then, a voice came into the arena with a slightly weird note in it. Laffitte was standing on the guardrail of the Ghost Shadow Ship, spinning a red cane and looking down at the three groups of Pirate Hunter.

"I say If you guys want to fight each other can you do it someplace else, our Captain and we are getting a little bored."

Walter, Eileen, and others have always taken Pirates as prey, so they didnt care at first. But when they heard Laffittes words, some people turned their heads.

"Who are you?"

"It seems that there is no bounty on him, a worthless fellow."

Several Pirate Hunters looked at him with disdain.

Others grinned at Laffitte and said, "Dont worry, you wont need to be bored soon, because your journey ends here."