One Piece Talent System Chapter 67

Chapter 67 Arrival

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"G8 branch"

Rosss eyes flashed lightly and said: "We can only follow the Log Pose, we cant bypass the next island. This kind of thing cant be avoided. If they want to come and fight us, let them come."
Robin gently smiled and sat back in the chair, saying: "Captain is still so confident."

Although she had a smile on her face, her tone was not relaxed.

Ross actions have angered Marine executives and she is also wanted by the World Government and before entering the Grand Line, they have already turned the West Blue upside down, attracting a lot of attention.

In this case, once their whereabouts are revealed, Marine will inevitably go all out to encircle and suppress them and will not give them the opportunity to grow up, because they are obviously far more dangerous than other Pirates.

Compared with other Pirates crew, their crew recruited people along the way and grew up slowly. As soon as they stepped into Grand Lines second island, they will be faced with the full encirclement and suppression of the Marines massive forces.

This will be an unavoidable and most dangerous encirclement and suppression.

Only by escaping from this siege and suppression can they really stand firm on the Grand Line without any fear of capsizing at any time.

"Since they are coming for us and we cant escape, then let them come, I am not afraid of them."

Ross responded calmly.

As he said, since they cant avoid the Marines then they must be prepared to face them and this is not a desperate situation. On the contrary, this will be the beginning that will make the Marine Headquarters fear him!

"I didnt want to become a pirate. You made me one. Now, Im here. I dont know but are you ready?

Ross looked at the moving sea in the distance, his eyes flashed slightly, then he went into his cabin and went back to the practice room and began to exercise again.

Five days later.

Ghost Shadow Ship arrived at the second island of the Grand Line, Elias Island, a large island with a country, the kingdom of Elias.

In the face of oppression, people can always stimulate more of their potential, perhaps because of the forthcoming decisive battle, Ross physical fitness and Haki in these five days improved a lot.

The otherwise unstable Armament Haki has gradually stabilized and the failure rate of Armament Haki hardening has become very low. As long as Ross is absolutely calm and focused, there will be almost no failure.

This is only a short distance away from mastering Armament Haki hardening thoroughly.

And If he encounters a Battle, this line will be quickly crossed. In the One Piece World, Fights are always one of the most effective ways to stimulate your potential.

"It will take at least one week before the Log Pose can record and store the magnetic waves of this island." Looking ahead at the Elias island, Laffitte glanced at the Log Pose worn on his wrist.

"No problem."

Ross stood in front of the deck and looked at the island in front of him, instructing everyone to drive the ship to the west side of the Elias island, below a cliff and to drop the anchor there.

The purpose of not stopping at the port is to avoid the direct bombardment of the Marines after the direct exposure of their ship at the port, although he is not afraid of the bombardment, the Ghost Shadow Ship is different, although the ship is very strong, but If the ship is bombarded with a large number of Big cannons on the Battleships, even if it is not sunk, it will be badly damaged.
"Can you go up?"

Ross looked up at the cliff about 30 meters above and asked Laffitte and Robin.

Laffitte glanced up and said, "No problem."

"This height I can give it a try."

Robin judged and responded slightly slowly.

After Laffitte finished, he flicked his stick lightly and two white wings appeared behind him. With a flicker, he flew over the cliff.

"Devil Fruit, what ability is it."

Ross wasnt surprised to see this. It was Laffittes ability in his memory, but he had no intention of asking.

"Cien FleurWings"
Robin watched Laffitte fly up. She took a deep breath, crossed her hands in front of her and started her ability. Suddenly, countless arms gushed out with the petals, joined together on her shoulders and formed two wings and she flapped them hard and flew up.

Robins figure is perfect, slender waist and slender legs are not to be criticized, but flying is hard for her and it was obviously not because she was fat, but because the development of her devil fruit is not enough.

Ross looked at the scene and shook his head slightly. "Your fruit development is a bit poor, should we redevelop it?" Ross said.


Robin barely flew to about twenty-five meters, and finally could no longer control the wings composed of countless arms. The wings collapsed into petals and disappeared.

However, instead of falling directly, she leaned on the edge of the cliff and prepared for it and made arms at the edge of the cliff, like a trestle and stepped up step by step.


Ross watched as Robin walk up like this, feeling that the plot seemed a little wrong, but he still silently retrieved his slightly open arms.

Seeing that Laffitte and Robin had already boarded the island, Ross turned to the ships handyman and said, "You guys, if theres any trouble on this side, let me know immediately with Den Den Mushi."

Den Den Mushi is so convenient for Marine to use. Ross Naturally cant let it go. After Laffitte got on board, he has been searching and equipping them. Now there are three of them. One is placed on the ship and the other two are held by Laffitte and Robin.

"Yes! Captain!"

The handyman was awed by Ross. After Laffitte got on board, Ross let Laffitte hypnotize and brainwash their group. Their loyalty has basically reached the Maximum Value.


After giving the order, Ross leaped and made a few empty steps in the air. He used Geppo and rushed up towards the cliff in a flash. Laffitte and Robin were waiting on the edge of the cliff.

"Robin and I will go and Laffitte you can act alone and keep in touch with us if anything happens," Ross said to Laffitte.

"Yes, Captain."
The wings on Laffittes back have long since disappeared. He slightly smiled and put his cane behind his back and bows to Ross

The three of them walked towards the island and then separated on the edge of the Elias kingdom.

At the same time.
Somewhere in the sea, led by two large Battleships, plus three medium-sized Battleship fleets are sailing at full speed on the sea, only four days away from the Elias island!