One Piece Talent System Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Successfully Acquired

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There were five people on the second floor. Three guns and a portable cannon were all aimed at the stairway. At the moment Ross appeared, they fired at him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!
More than a dozen bullets, together with a fist-sized cannonball swept towards Ross, but strangely, all of them were fixed in the air at the moment they touched Ross.

" is the ability!"


Several pirates on the second floor were shocked when they saw this scene. One of them gritted his teeth and waved his sword and slammed into Ross.


Ross raised his hand, his wrists leaving afterimage after them, he strokes the fixed bullets and cannonball and all the bullets and cannonballs were reflected back.

Before the mans sword hit Ross, more than ten bullets hit him leaving ten holes in his body. The sword in his hand was blown up by the cannonball and he was left there bleeding.


When the remaining four pirates saw this scene, they were all shocked. Ross strength was incredible. They were not his opponents at all!

Without waiting for the four pirates in front of him, Ross kept walking towards the stairway leading to the third floor. When he came to the stairway, the ceiling on the first floor surged under his feet, twisting violently and squeezing toward the center.


The four pirates were wrapped up in it without any resistance and four popping sound was heard at the same time. Blood stained the walls and ceilings on the second floor.

Ross went towards the third floor.

"Captain, that guy is coming up!"

The third floor is already in chaos. Although there are many people here, they have to deal with the guns and cannons firing at them from outside and now they had listened to the terrible news from downstairs with shock and terror.

The leader of the Pirates, a man with a brown beard and a triangular cap, he calmly listened to the motions on the second floor. He took pulled an axe from behind him and said, "Dont panic."


Just as Ross walked up to the third floor, The pirate captain held the axe in his hands and tried his best to attack him. An axe slammed down towards Ross. Before the axe fell, a strong wind that seemed to tear the flesh of human beings and make their skin crawl appeared.

Nevertheless, in the face of this horrible axe, Ross had no intention of avoiding it at all. He just raised his hand and prepared to take the falling axe with one hand.

"Courting Death!"

The brown-bearded pirate saw that Ross has the intent to block his axe with his bare hands and his eyes flashed angrily, he pushed his axe with all of his strength and the axe slams down towards Ross planning to smash him into two pieces.

And the instant that the axe touched Ross palm, the violent wind was stifled by a strange force between the axe and Ross palm.

And the huge axe blade was directly frozen in the air as it was grasped by Ross with one hand, the axe couldnt even move forward by a single centimeter. The power contained in it was rigidly blocked down!

"This is impossible!"

The brown-bearded pirate pupil violently contracted and his face showed a look of horror and incredulity. He had used his full power which was enough to cut solid iron plates. He could even cut a solid wall with his axe, but the man in front of him actually blocked his axe bare-handed!

Without waiting for him to do anything again, Ross slightly pressed his five fingers and the axe suddenly twisted under the power of distortion, the power of distortion spread all the way down to the axe handle in the blink of an eye, Turing the entire axe into scrap iron.


Ross casually threw the scrap iron on the ground and under the horrified gaze of the Pirate Captain, he stepped forward and lunged at his wrist with his fingers, taking away the Log Pose on it.
" Damn it! "

Seeing that he had been robbed by Ross and his crew has suffered heavy losses by Ross hand, The Pirate Captain was angry and resentful as he said. "So what if you steal it, you are also trapped here and you cant get away!"

"You dont need to bother about that, you are already useless to me."

Ross looked at the three-arrowed Log Pose in his hand and gently put it in his pocket and then indifferently glanced at the Pirate Captain and his crew in front of him, lifting his foot.

The power of distortion erupted from Ross foot and spread in all directions. It expanded from the third floor to the first floor, covering the whole building in an instant.

Then Ross raised his hand and suddenly clenched his fist in the void.


Under the horror and fear filled eyes of the pirates, the walls, ceilings, and everything were all twisted in a weird spiral and the whole building suddenly twisted and squeezed toward the center.

In the eyes of the other three forces outside who surrounded the building. They felt as if the building was suddenly grabbed by an invisible giant, with one of his hand holding the upper part of the building while the other hand holding the lower part and twisting the entire building. The whole building was squeezed into a ball-shaped structure!

"This what happened?!"

Looking at this scene, almost everyones face showed a bit of horror, even the pirates with 45 million berries bounties on their head were scared as they watched a three-story building twisted and squeezed into itself.

When the building was completely twisted into a ball, it remains suspended for a half second before it suddenly exploded, turning into countless gravel splashing in all directions.

Boom Bang
Most of the buildings around the rubble collapsed and two Pirates and many members of the local criminal organization were smashed into a mess. The surroundings were destroyed almost instantaneously.

It was when the building was completely destroyed that Ross emerged from it, without any blood or even any damage to his clothes and landed on the ground in the middle of the street that had been destroyed and he was almost completely exposed to the members of pirates and criminal organization.


Looking at the figure in clean shirt and autumn cloak, with slightly wet hair and calm and indifferent eyes, everyone could not help but swallow their saliva and stare at each other.

Without a doubt.

It was this man who twisted the building into a mass of ruins. Although they did not know how he did it, the scene just now has shocked everyone.

"It seems that Captain has already succeeded."
On the roof of a building not far away, Laffitte laughed as he avoided the splashing stones. Laffitte and Robin saw Ross in the middle of the street.

The atmosphere in the field stagnant for a few seconds.

Neither the members of the criminal organization nor the other two Pirates did anything about it. Obviously, the scene just happened was too horrible for them to know whether to fight or retreat.

But them not moving didnt mean that Ross would stand still. Just a few seconds later, Ross glanced calmly across the crowd and stepped forward.

The power of distortion was poured into the earth and the ground suddenly surged like a wave, spreading in all direction. The terrifying momentum shook the entire street.

Hard rocks are much more difficult to twist and manipulate than sand, but Ross current power of distortion still covers an area of tens of meters in a circle.


"What power is this"

The remaining two Pirate crew and the criminal organization members were hit hard and all the surviving people were horrified and they didnt think much before fleeing in in all direction.

The audience was shocked!

Even Laffitte and Robin could not keep their faces calm watching the streets within tens of meters surge like waves. Watching the near-destroyed scene the ordinary people and nobles fled to distant places.

After a long time.

It was not until the countless rocks that had been raised in the street fell back that everything was quiet and Laffitte breathed softly and said.

"It seems that following Captain Ross was the correct choice."