One Piece Talent System Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Fighting
Following Dalmatians orders, the three Rear Admirals responded and swiftly turned around and sped away with their Marine ranks without any hesitation.

Dalmatian watched the three Rear Admirals go away calmly and then led the first team to the east entrance of Beth Street District, closing the last gap.
"Ghost Hand Pirates The pirates that gave so many headaches to Doberman, lets see if you are worth the effort."

Dalmatian rubbed his fist as he walked with a slight grin on his face.

He and Doberman became Marines at the same time. Doberman made more contributions than him and he became a Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral before him. But he was not far from that position, It will take him a year and a half at most to become a Vice-Admiral of the Headquarters.

He had heard about Ghost Hand Ross and he knew that one Headquarters Rear Admiral Onigumo had fallen by Ross hands, so even if Ross only has a bounty of 92 million Berries and he has just entered the Grand Line from West Blue, he would not be careless.

There are four Rear Admiral in the base and he had bought three of them with him, together with a large number of elite troops, he had bought nearly three-quarters of the forces of the G8 branch base with him!

He will not give Ross an opportunity to escape and grow.

At this time.

Marines goal is to wipe out the Ghost Hand Pirates and they quickly spread out and covered the entire country.

"Ghost hand Pirates? Never heard of them, There is such a big movement to capture some unknown pirates?"

Someone looked at Marines and frowned.

Someone snorted alongside him and said, "Do you think Marines are that idle and has nothing to do to but deliberately deploy such a huge force? I have read about The Ghost Hand Pirates in the newspaper, They are said to be the most ferocious Pirates of West Blue. Even the fleet led by Headquarters Rear Admiral was defeated by him.

"Headquarters Rear Admirals fleet was defeated? thats a terrifying guy"

This piece of news surprised many people in the vicinity, even ordinary civilians know that the rank of the Rear Admiral is a very high position and some can attain it.

Im afraid that it was the Ghost Hand Pirates who made such a big move just now.

The news spread everywhere.

A large number of civilians and nobles were evacuated from Beth Street under Marines escort. They had already run out because of the sudden outbreak on the so the evacuation was extremely easy.

"Bounty of 92 million Berries, I did not expect that this level of pirate will appear here, its a little scary, but fortunately I already got out"

"A Marine Vice-Admiral has been dispatched. With such a huge force, these Ghost Hand Pirates may not be able to live for long so we dont need to worry about it."

Some businessmen and aristocrats gathered together to talk about it.

For them, pirates are there most hated existence, especially this level of Pirates, once the pirates attack them, they will be robbed and killed.

Marine sent such a huge force, which undoubtedly made them feel calm. The scene of thousands of Marine soldiers surrounded the entire block is very shocking. Although the power displayed by Ghost Hand Ross was somewhat terrible, Marine has Vice-Admiral with them!

Even a pirate with the bounty of 200 million berries will not attract such force.

Beth Street area.

The people here have been already evacuated and the entire block has become oppressive. Marine, armed with swords and guns, keeps pushing along the street in a carpet-like manner.

Rear Admiral Atheus pulled out his sword and walked in front of the team with a solemn face.

"Keep your spirits up! Dont be careless. The pirates we are dealing with this time are not ordinary. Even if we have a large force, we may suffer heavy casualties!!

Many Marines soldiers responded, all of them knew about the Ghost-Hand Pirates, but they were not too afraid to walk behind a Rear Admiral and many Marines Captains.

As they walked for a while to a slightly darker block, Atheus stopped at the front and stared sharply at a figure in front of them.

"Huh-huh, Rear Admiral? Theres such a huge force"

"Get out here with your hands up."

Atheus pointed his sword at Laffitte, the official crew of the Ghost Hand Pirates had a total of three people, although Laffitte did not have a bounty, his appearance has long been photographed.
Pointed at by countless guns, Laffitte did not show any signs of panic. Instead, he showed a strange smile and said, "What if I saidNO?"

"Then execution on the spot!"

Atheuss eyes flashed and he used Soru to rush towards Laffitte.

If he met Ross, he would immediately let his subordinates notify Dalmatian and be alert and delay for a time, but when he met a guy who didnt even have a bounty, he didnt have to be so cautious.


Laffittes method was somewhat unexpected. When he rushed to Laffitte and thrust a sword through Laffittes body, he realized that he was only stabbing a piece of cloth.


Atheus stared a little and turned his head and saw Laffittes figure behind the Marines, spinning his mahogany cane.

Then something unexpected happened. Marines fired the guns in their hand at each other and killed them. Some of them rushed towards him and shouted.
"Damn it! What did you do?!"

Atheus looked angry as he didnt expect Laffitte to have such methods. He avoided the bullets from his subordinates and rushed towards Laffitte.

Laffitte smiled and said, "Whoop, just a little hypnosis."

Laffitte is entangled with Marines led by Atheus, while Rear Admiral Hez, on the other hand, meets Ross who is waiting quietly at an alley entrance.

Seeing Ross, Hezs face showed vigilance and alertness. He also signaling his subordinates to inform Dalmatian, then he pulled out two exquisite guns and pointed them at Ross.

"Ghost Hand Ross, You are under arrest, dont resist or you will be executed here!"

Ross looked at Hez with a blank expression. If Kizaru was in this position, he might raise his hands in surrender, but he remained calm.

Ross didnt have much interest in fighting a Rear Admiral.

"A meaningless threat."
He spoke calmly and gently and did not rush over. Instead, he opened his hands and pointed them towards Hez and the Marine while making a strangling motion with them.


Suddenly, the earth cracked under the influence of the Distortion Fruit and spread far away. In Hezs area, several buildings on both sides collapsed and squeezed towards the center like rubber under the actions of the power of distortion.