One Piece Talent System Chapter 72

Chapter 72 2 Rear Admiral

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"What the hell!"

Looking at the buildings on both sides of the street twisting and collapsing, many Marines holding guns in their hands showed a look of horror and a trace of fear in their eyes.
"Block! Block it!"

Even though the Marines were terrified, they still pulled out their swords or some even went barehanded and charged into the collapsed building in an attempt to destroy and prop it up.

However, even if they work together, they still couldnt stop the collapse of the building. And the power of distortion was transmitted through the building and into their bodies, causing a sharp pain in their bodies, they felt as if their muscles have been separated.


As the building was twisting, the walls gradually collapsed and countless stones splashed down. The entire street seemed to squeeze into a ball.

And at this moment, sword energy suddenly burst from the end of the street, splitting the squeezed street and leaving a crack on the ground!


A figure rushed into the street. He was short and stout, dressed in Marine justice cloak, with Rear Admirals shoulder band embroidered on his shoulder. It was Rear Admiral Roma of Marine Branch.

"Hez, are you okay?"

After Roma cut the collapsed building and rushed in, he shouted at Hez who was trying to block the collapsed building.

Hez rubbed his wrist and shook his head as he looked towards Ross in the distance with fear and said, "Im all right What about Vice-Admiral Dalmatian?

"Almost here."

Roma responded quietly and turned towards Ross, holding the handle of his sword in both hands and saying, "Lets stop him until Vice-Admiral comes."

Hez nodded as his expression returned to seriousness, he stood with Roma.

Ross killed Headquarters Rear Admiral Onigumo, they also know that they were not as strong as Onigumo much less Ross who killed him, but if they work together, they should be able to block him for some time, as long as Vice Admiral Dalmatian arrives, Ghost Hand Ross will be stopped!


Ross looked at Roma in the rescue field with a calm expression.

He didnt want to talk but when he heard Romas words, he couldnt understand something. He said: "what makes you think that Im going to run away?"

In this sea, in most cases, pirates run away when they meet Marines. Even if the Marines force is not enough to defeat them, there are few pirates who would want to confront Marines.

The reason for this result is that in this sea, pirate forces are as many as stars and like stars, they are scattered, while Marine forces are a single entity. Even if some pirate kills the Marine who pursued them, it will only irritate Marine and they will chase him relentlessly and the pursued pirate will lose his opportunity to fight with other pirates.

Apart from the Revolutionary Army, there are few pirates who are confronting Marine and the government. Most of the time when pirates meet Marine, they will turn around and flees regardless of the strength of Marines forces.


Ross is not one of the pirates mentioned above.
When he meets Marine, his first reaction is never to run away but to confront the marines. The main reason for this is because the Marines forced him into becoming a Pirate. Moreover, the existence of the Talent System makes Marines contradiction with him irreconcilable, The only relationship between them is that of a hunter and his prey.


Romas expression changed slightly when he heard Rosss words.

In the past, when a pirate met Marines they ran away but from Ross attitude, he did not seem to have any intention of retreating, but he intended to confront them!

This is Romas evaluation of Ross and his confrontation with Marine can no longer be described by the word rampant, in Romas view, it is simply incomprehensible behavior.

The next moment, Ross moved.

With a gentle step under his feet, Ross used Soru and turned into a shadow. He suddenly charges towards Roma and Hez, with his left and right hands clenched and attacked them separately.

"Here he comes!"

"Watch out!"
Hezs intention was to confront Ross without retreating, but he was afraid as Ross wanted to fight them which is incomprehensible and he is strong enough to defeat them.

When Ross rushed in, the two men, who had already been on guard moved at the same time. Roma held a huge sword in both hands and broke out with a fierce sword attack against Ross fist.

"One Sword Flow, Power Strike!"

At the same time, Hez accurately captured Ross figure and jumped backward to avoided Ross punch while the two guns in his hands were firing at Ross with a series of Seastone bullets that had just been filled in.


The heavy blow from the giant sword collapsed under the power of Distortion Fist and Roma flew backward, his arms were sore and the giant sword was completely twisted.

As for the series of Seastone bullets fired by Hez, Ross simply turned his head and shoulders slightly and avoided all the bullets.

The Seastone bullets which have a weak effect in front of a strong Haki can be avoided or blocked by both Observation Haki and Armament Haki.


Some peoples physiques are strong enough that the seastone bullets wont even be able to penetrate their skin.

"This is a Marine Rear Admiral on Grand Line?"

"There seems to be nothing different."

By performing some subtle moves, Rosss is able to avoid the seastone bullets. He looks up calmly at Hez and suddenly disappears like a bubble.

Watching Ross disappear suddenly, Hez was horrified. He only felt a chill on his back and he did not hesitate to enter the state of Kami-e (Paper Drawing) in Marines Rokushiki.


The next moment, Ross appeared on his left side and punched.
Hez was able to avoid Rosss frontal punch with Kami-e (Paper Drawing), but half of his shoulder was still touched by Rosss fist.

It was just a little scratch, but in less than a second, the power of distortion was poured into his shoulder, causing his entire shoulder to suddenly show a strange twist.


Hez covered his arm and retreated with horror and fear in his eyes.
At the same time, Roma, who supported him saw the abnormal twist in Hezs shoulder and cold sweat flowed on his forehead, he slammed the giant twisted sword in his hand towards Ross.

Ross didnt retreat. His eyes were calm and indifferent. He directly grabbed the sword blade with his hand and the power of distortion surged from his hand as he squeezed the huge sword with his five fingers.


With a slight effort from his five fingers, the two-meter-long sword broke off from the middle and the rest of it was spirally twisted, spreading towards Roma.