One Piece Talent System Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Showdown

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The aftermath rippled away.

The whirlpool stopped and the area around Ross stopped spinning, The entire street was silent. The ground in the entire area is full of bright red color, among which are the bones of Dead Marines.
In the middle of the area, Ross is standing there in a punching position and opposite to him stands Marine Vice-Admiral Dalmatian, also in a punching position.

The fists of the two men were against each other, trembling constantly, apparently in a struggle.


Ross swayed and stepped back two steps while Dalmatian also stepped back, his arms shaking slightly and he could not see who had the upper hand

Dalmatian came angrily and tried his best to interrupt Rosss slaughter but in the end, he could only interrupt Rosss Whirlpool strangulation and he did not gain any advantage, which made him a little surprised.

"Vice-Admiral Dalmatian!"

Roma and Hez survived Ross attack and looked between the confrontation between Ross and Dalmatian, Dalmatian stopped Rosss attack and they were relieved and felt as if they were given a new life.

Dalmatian stared coldly at Ross, signaling Roma and Hez to step back. Roma and Hez looked at each other and quickly stepped aside to deal with their injuries.


Ross, who had stepped back two steps looked calmly at the Dalmatian in front of him and glanced at his shoulders which held a High-Level badge representing a Marine Vice-Admiral.

Coming from a small area of West Blue, It took him nearly two years to face a Vice-Admiral, he relied on his own efforts and worked step by step to reach this stage.

Dalmatian looked around and he saw a startling sight. Even though he had chased countless pirates and seen many villages slaughtered by pirates, he could not keep his calm when he saw this scene.

"It is reasonable that Headquarters will define you as the most ferocious and dangerous pirate, such cruel means I will never let you go to sea again!

Dalmatians heart was burning with anger and he coldly stared at Ross.

Listening to Dalmatians words, Ross has no fluctuations in his heart. Those who dare to attack him will be regarded as enemies by him and he will not give any kindness to his enemy.

"It was Marines who brought me to this point, isnt it?"

Ross looked at Dalmatian calmly.

Upon hearing this sentence, Dalmatians face became gloomy. As a Marine Vice-Admiral, he has access to much inside information. When he received orders to deal with Ross, he also received all the information about Ross.

In fact, he did not think that Dobermans choice and judgment were wrong but no one could have imagined that an ordinary West Blue Pirate Hunter that killed a Marines branch captain would grow up at unimaginable speed and become a more and more troublesome existence for Marine.

"Its no use talking more, lets just fight!"

Dalmatian did not want to think about it anymore. After he spoke calmly to Ross, he stepped down and rushed towards Ross.

As a master of body and Haki, Dalmatians speed is very fast, in only a few seconds he rescued Roma and Hez while crossing several streets and simultaneously attacked Ross and made him stop his Whirlpool strangulation.


Almost in an instant, he closed the distance between him and Ross and punched Ross face.

Rosss heart is always calm and in this calm state, Observation Haki can be used to its limit, although Dalmatians speed is much faster than his, but with Observation Haki, he can still react to it.


This is the second confrontation between Ross and Dalmatian. Dalmatian used a full-speed raid, while Ross counter-attacked with frontal confrontation.

When their fists collided, Dalmatians Haki failed to reach the limit. Rosss power of distortion was able to mobilize a few points and the match was equally good.

This time, Ross did not let Dalmatian take the initiative, but at the end of the fight, the power of distortion was completely stimulated and the fists were quickly swept out and directed at Dalmatian.

Dalmatian snorted and did not have the slightest fear. Both of arms were coated with Armament Haki Hardening as he faced Ross.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the fight, Ross gradually recovered from the state of an excessive explosion and the power of distortion began to play wantonly. After more than a dozen punches, Dalmatians Armament Haki apparently begin to fell and completely broke by a stiff shook.
Dalmatians Haki and strength are better than Onigumo but since he is not a swordsman, his attack power is not much stronger than Onigumo.

Compared to it.

Rosss current strength is already a lot stronger than when he faced Onigumo. Even as he was attacked by Dalmatian, he responded in a hurry. Even standing still, he can still repel Dalmatian attacks!

Dalmatian, who was repealed by Ross, felt a slightly sore feeling in his arm. His face changed. Looking at Ross, he revealed a thoughtful expression.

"Distortion Fruit, I didnt expect you to develop this fruit to this extent."

He had once seen the power of Distortion Fruit before. He had killed a pirate with this Devil Fruit when he was still a Captain. At that time, this devil fruit has caused him some trouble, but it was only trouble and not something he couldnt deal with.

Now, over the years, his strength is tens of times stronger than it was before, but when the fruit reappears and falls into Rosss hands, it exerts far more power than the pirate he once met.

"You seem to have seen the power of this fruit."

Ross responded calmly and his heart didnt seem to have any emotions.
Devil Fruit will reappear somewhere in the world within a few years after its last user had died, so it is normal for the Distortion Fruit to have previous users.

"Yes, that guy was a lot weaker than you Its hard to develop such a weak fruit to this level." Dalmatian said indifferently.


Ross said gently, "Youre wrong. Theres no weak fruit. Any Devil Fruit can become strong, it just depends on the person who had eaten the fruit."

Naturally, the ability to develop the power of Distortion Fruit to this level is inseparable from his own hard work.


The moment his voice fell, Ross suddenly charges into Dalmatian and launched a bold counter-attack.
Even though Dalmatian is faster than him, with the Observation Haki, he can catch his opponents actions in advance and even if his speed is slower then Dalmatian he can still keep up!

"Distortion Fist!"

Ross clenched his fingers and punched.

Dalmatian coldly looked at Ross. Even though Rosss punch was more powerful than before, he did not show any fear.
"You arent the only one who has eaten a Devil Fruit."