One Piece Talent System Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Powerful Suppression

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Almost instantly, a force surged out of Dalmatians body and his skin suddenly changed into a black-and-white speckle. His ears also lengthened downward, hanging on both sides of his cheek and became two long strips of ears.
At the same time, his upper body muscles also swelled for a half circle.

Zoan Devi Fruit: Model Inu, Dalmatian form!

As one of the weaker Zoan dog devil fruits, the ability of this Devil Fruit can bring about a limited increase but ultimately there is a certain improvement, especially for Dalmatian, he has a strong physical body and Haki so this increase is an all-around improvement.

"Vice-Admiral is using his"

"Even Vice-Admiral cant deal with that guy without using his devil fruit abilities But in the form of a semi-dog, Vice-Admirals strength and speed are not comparable to what they were before.

Roma and Hez have handled their injuries simply and are standing nearby, blocking Rosss possible escape route.

They cant resist Rosss power, but they dont need to resist for long at all. It will only take a moment for Dalmatian to catch up if Ross tries to run away.

In the field.

Dalmatian, who has become a semi-dog, has turned his fingers into a half-claw and half-hand form. He clenches his fist and the Armament Haki hardens his whole arm in an instant as he went up against Rosss fist.

The two fists suddenly collided in the air. This time, both sides went all out and exerted their strength to the limit. An explosion occurred and the fragmented land in the center of the two men once again cracked.

This time.

Ross didnt retreat and his body shook slightly, while Dalmatian staggered and took a step backward. Obviously, the full power of the distortion fruit is still higher than his half-dog form.

This scene fell into the eyes of Roma and Hez and others and they all a little surprised, They didnt expect Dalmatian to lose in this battle.

"No wonder that Onigumo was defeated by your hands, You really are skilled."

Dalmatian opened his mouth and said in a deep voice and his eyes were fierce. He retreated half a step and At the moment he retreated, he bent his finger and snapped at Ross.

Shigan (Finger Gun)!

Puff, puff.

Two holes appeared in Rosss shirt at the chest area instantly, revealing a pale skin inside, but the Shigan (Finger Gun) which is more powerful than bullet was annihilated by the power of distortion when it touched Rosss body.


Ross ignored Dalmatians Shigan (Finger Gun) and swiftly shifted his fist and swung out. From his finger appeared a ray of light which instantly made Dalmatian close his eyes.


Ross rushed in close to Dalmatian and punched him.

As a master of physical and Haki, Dalmatian naturally has the Observation Haki, but this sudden flash caught him off guard and he couldnt avoid Rosss punch. He can only rush to put his fists on his chest and cast Armament Haki on them.


Under Rosss punch, Dalmatian flies backward and even under Armament Haki his arms stiffened and had soreness in them.


He cursed as he could not open his eyes. He could only sense Rosss actions and respond to them by utilizing Observation Haki.

Ross rushed up against Dalmatian and continued to punch him.
Undoubtedly, the power of distortions used with his fists is the most effective way to deal with the strong opponent who had a strong body and Haki and the other means are more suitable for creating opportunities.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dalmatian and Ross fought several times in succession and his arms became numb. He knew that it was not going well and jumped up by using Geppo.

However, Ross snorted and also used Geppo and rushed up in the air and chased after him and continued to punch Dalmatian.

"Rankyaku (Tempest Kick)!"
Ross is stronger than Dalmatian expected. Although his eyes have recovered, he still has some headaches in the face of Rosss air pursuit.

He decisively used Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) and kicked towards Rosss head, but Ross stopped his attack and turned it into a ball which he threw back at Dalmatian.


Dalmatian swings his fist and smashes the ball shape energy thrown by Ross, but he also falls into a passive position. As Ross continues to chase him, he gets a straight punch on his shoulder.

Even though he used Armament Haki hardening on his shoulders to resist the punch, Rosss tyrannical power of distortion still invaded the inside of his shoulder, leaving his arm completely numb and immovable.


Dalmatian didnt think about it and immediately landed on the ground. Ross would use Geppo to fight him in the air. It was obviously a foolish choice because he needed to use his power to swing his fist and his power has already halved.

Rosss Devil Fruit ability can ignore everything. Whether its Haki or just simple strength, it can break them all and the strength of his punch is similar on the ground as well as in the air.

Seeing that Dalmatian fell, Ross did not hesitate to follow him and both of them landed on the ground at the same time and at the moment of landing Ross raised his foot and the ground under Dalmatians feet suddenly collapsed in Distortion.

Power of distortion can be transmitted directly through the earth and as the distance increase, the power of distortion weakens so it will not have any effect on Dalmatian who has a strong physical body but it is suitable for catching enemies by surprise.

Dalmatian was caught off guard by a sudden drop in the soles of his feet.

Ross stepped forward and rushed up. Dalmatian could not avoid him and was forced to defend himself with his better arm.


Ross dropped a punch and Dalmatian flew backward again. His one arm was heavily numb and the other arm was slightly better, but it was too hard to clench his fist.

Rosss ability to use light was something that his Observation Haki had failed to warn him off, so after Ross caught him off-guard, he decisively seized the opportunity and forced him into retreat.
After being attacked again, Dalmatian had some difficulties in dealing with Rosss offensive. He could only escape halfway and try to recover his arm strength by avoiding him. Ross could not give him a chance to recover and pursued him.


"How could this be, He caused the Vice-Admiral to retreat."

Many Marines watched as Ross caused a Vice Admiral to retreat which was unbelievable for them. Dalmatian is undoubtedly the strongest person in the G8 branch, even if the other Rear Admiral joined forces to attack him, they would not be Dalmatians opponent.
But now in the whole Battle from the beginning to the present, Dalmatian did not seem to have the upper hand and he has always been suppressed by Ross!

"What Even the Vice-Admiral cant resist him."

"If it went on like this then Im afraid that the situation will be dangerous."