One Piece Talent System Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Morgans Shock

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Seeing that Dalmatian is having some difficulties facing Rosss fierce offense, Roma and Hez looked at each other and charged into the Battlefield as fear gripped their hearts.

With the addition of Roma and Hez, Dalmatian who was about to lose finally got a breathing opportunity, but it was only a slight one.
If Dalmatian, Roma, and Hez were not injured, they would be able to cope with Ross at their peak power. But now Roma and Hez are half-disabled and Dalmatian is also in a difficult position because of the special effect of the power of distortion. Even if they work together against Ross, it will be difficult to reverse the situation.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Even though Ross is facing three enemies, his eyes are indifferent and there are no signs of retreat. His attacks are getting more and more fierce. Especially the injured Roma and Hez cant stop Ross power, if Rosss attack grazes them they will end up puking blood.

During this period, Marine Captains tried to rush in to support them, but even Roma and Hez were barely able to participate. The Marine Captains simply did not qualify to join in on such battle and in a flash, they fell on the spot.

For Ross with the power of distortion, once he gains the upper hand, the opponent has almost no chance of counterattack. He will only fall into the wicked cycle where his arms get gradually destroyed by the power of distortion, which makes it increasingly difficult to exert force.


Watching Ross take on three enemies, relying on his own strength to completely suppress Roma, Hez, and Dalmatian, all the Marines are scared and their eyes revealed an incredible look in them.

Ghost Hand Ross is too strong!

The two Rear Admiral of the G8 branch base together with Vice-Admiral Dalmatian are in a losing position and they cant seem to turn the situation around!

At this time, the remaining Marines can only look at them. They are not qualified to intervene in such Battle.


After beating Dalmatian back with one punch, Ross grabbed Romas split sword with his hand and shook the sword for some time as the power of distortion spread all over Romas Body and he died a horrible death.

Then, under Hezs horrified eyes, Ross stepped in front of him and kicked him in the chest, sending him directly to the building behind him, but he died before hitting the building.

Two Rear Admiral are instantly killed!

Dalmatian was stunned, but it was too late for him to provide support. He tried to take this opportunity to attack Ross from behind and kill Ross with his punch, but after kicking Hez Ross punched him back.


Dalmatian could no longer resist the collision between their two fists. Armament Haki on his fist was crushed by Rosss power of distortion and the bones in his arm broke completely.

Dalmatian endured the severe pain in his arm and tried to fight back with his other arm as he punched toward Ross, but Ross didnt give him a chance, With a backhand punch, Dalmatians other punch was smashed and his bones completely disintegrated.

"Marine Vice-Admirals head, I accepted it."

Ross calmly said as his fingers held a knife and he swung it horizontally, without any blood splashing, a head flew into the sky, his face was still shocked.

Dalmatian predicted that Ross would be difficult to deal with. After all, even Onigumo lost to Ross, but he had no idea that even though he brought three Rear Admirals with him to the siege and suppression, he still ended up with such a tragic defeat!

The audience was silent.

This is the sound of a flying head that fell on the ground.

In the silence, a sea breeze blew.

Ding Dong.

This is the sound of Marines swords falling to the ground.

The first sound, then the sound sounded one after another, No one knows how many weapons fell off the hands but the sound continues to echo in the quiet street.
"This is really big news."

On the street 100 meters away, on the window of the top floor of a hotel, the cup in the hands of Morgan fell silently to the ground and turned into countless pieces.

A frontal defeat of an entire Marine branch elite troops, killing a Marines Vice-Admiral and two Rear Admiral alone, such strength may not be much in The Grand Line but Ross is only a newcomer to the Grand Line!

Looking at Ross, Morgan faintly felt that he had just seen the rise of the most dazzling Supernova of this era and he even hoped that this person will be able to shake the New World Yonk (Four Emperors) in the future!

"Its time to collect information and prepare a news report."

West side of the Beth Street area.

Laffittes figure jumped up on the top of a two-story building. There was a trace of blood on his mouth, but like always there was a strange smile on his face, which was white enough to make millions of beautiful women feel ashamed of themselves. It made anyone who saw him feel horrified.

On the street, Atheus was barely standing with his sword. His condition was much more miserable than Laffittes. There were scars all over his body and his clothes were already dyed red.

Other than that.

The streets were full of Marines bodies, some of them died by Laffittes hand, but most of them were killed by Atheus, apparently, the soldiers were under Laffitte hypnosis. If Atheus had not been very similar to Onigumo, Doberman, and others, he would have already collapsed in this Battle.

"Whoop, killing your men, thats a terrible Rear Admiral."

Instead of wiping the blood from the corners of his mouth, Laffitte smiled weirdly and stared down at Atheus and whirled his red cane with ease.

Atheus looked up at Laffitte, his eyes were cold and indifferent as he said, "They died in order to not let you continue to endanger the sea."


The moment his voice fell, Atheus jumped onto the roof and a sword fell on Laffitte, who had been prepared to dodge the attack.

"Nothing more had happened, the Battle over there seems to be over."

After avoiding Atheuss sword, Laffitte did not fight back but turned to look at the center of Beth Street, where Ross and Dalmatian and others were fighting and the violent noise that has not stopped from the beginning stopped.

Atheus did not turn around to look, but he also noticed that there was no movement there, he stared at Laffitte and said indifferently, "It seems that your Captain has died. You are a little stronger than I expected, but you cant escape.

"It seems that you have a lot of confidence in your chief, but just like you, I am also very confident about my Captain." Laffitte laughs.