One Piece Talent System Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Promoting Strength
The Kingdom of Elias.

The remaining Marines of the G8 branch base, under the direct command of the Headquarters, took their Battleship and evacuated the Kingdom of Elias.
Ross, Laffitte, and others continued to stay on the island, waiting for Log Pose to record the magnetism, while Ross wrote down his understanding of Observation Haki in accordance with his own practice route.

"I dont know if you understand the power of Haki. I have compiled my perceptive information on Observation Haki. You can have a look."

In a living room, Ross handed Laffitte and Robin the sorted information, which contained four pages and it was much more detail than the one he had originally obtained.

Armament Haki cannot be practiced by them right now but the threshold for practicing Observation Haki is low, Some people even have a natural sense of seeing and hearing and Robin and Laffittes fighting style is more suited for the Observation Haki.

"Haki? Ive read about it in the literature. Its said that there are three kinds.

Robin received the sensational information from Ross. OHaras is the birthplace of all knowledge in the world. She has read about Haki, but it is something similar to popular science books.

After Robin looked at it, she quickly wrote down the contents with her perfect memory. When she had learned everything in it, she handed the information to Laffitte.

After Laffitte took it, he looked at it and suddenly shrugged his shoulders:

"According to this information, I seem to already have this ability and forget when it will be used, huh, huh."

"Although I havent understood your abilities, I wouldnt be surprised if you could already use it."

Ross nodded and he was not surprised. As a crew member of the Black-Beard Pirates in the original series, how could he not have some talent? He had noticed several times that Laffitte might be able to use it, but he never asked.

Laffitte didnt lose the information, he laughed and then continued to look at it. He remembered it carefully. He carefully remembered that although he could use the sense of seeing and smelling, he could only use the power instinctively. There were also many flaws in the manipulation, just like Ross who had just awakened his Haki and had not yet mastered the sense of seeing and smelling thoroughly.

While Laffitte and Robin pondered over the Observation Hakis data, Ross sorted out the harvest from the defeat of the G8 branch base.

Dalmatian and two Rear Admiral were killed and his arm was bruised by the other partys Armament Haki. Fortunately, it didnt hurt his bones and muscles. He had been asking Robin to help apply the medicine for two days and he had almost recovered.

"I Better recruit a ship doctor soon."

Rosss eyes flashed and then he called up the Talent System page.

The Marines of the G8 branch base was defeated. Although three Rear Admiral and one Vice-Admiral were defeated, the reward for defeating Marines is different from that of hunting pirate. Not all of them are superimposed, but only the highest chief of the team is counted. Ross got 100 Talent Proficiency Points and 1 Free Talent Point.

Looking back at his fight with the Vice Admiral, Ross did not hesitate and put 10 Talent Proficiency points on the Distortion Fruit.


A golden glow flashed as the Proficiency of the Distortion Fruit reached 300 points. At the same time, the Gravity Distortion branch became greens activatable state and the activation conditions were also displayed, requiring 3 Free Talent Points.

"Sure enough, it requires more than one point but 3 Talent points are too much."

Ross rubbed his eyebrows. He now has 2 Free Talent Points. He cant activate the ability of Gravity Distortion. Besides, Gravity Distortion needs 3 points and the Space Distortion will require even more. In the future, Free Talent Points really needs to be saved.

After hesitating, Ross did not continue to add points to the Distortion Fruit. Instead, he switched the Interface to the General Department. After looking at the remaining 90 Talent Proficiency Points, he assigned 25 points to the Physical Enhancement and 50 points to the Agility Enhancement.
The talent page of the General Department has changed.

Agility Enhancement: 150 (High LevelStrengthening)

Physical Enhancement: 260 (Top LevelStrengthening)

In his previous battle with Dalmatian, Rosss speed was not as good as the other side. He relied solely upon the unexpected opportunities created by Distortion Fruit to carry out the fight. If Dalmatian had the advantage of speed, it would not be easy for him to win.

In fact.
The battle seemed to be a crushing victory because Marines made many mistakes in decision-making. One of them was that Marine miscalculated Laffittes power. Otherwise with three Rear Admiral teaming up with Dalmatian would have caused Ross to escape a head-on battle.

The second is that two Rear Admirals were too stretched trying to confront Ross in a frontal assault and they were badly injured by Ross, each of whom had discarded an arm, greatly reducing their strength.

Thirdly, Dalmatians fought poorly as he was influenced by Rosss fierce tactics and words. If Dalmatian had used all advantages then he would have won.

No matter which one of these three problems were handled well, it will not be a complete defeat and they wouldnt get completely destroyed by Ross.

This time, Marines encirclement was indeed cautious enough and there were many troops. However, their strategy was too poor. The choice of separate encirclement and suppression led to the destruction of the regiment.

Now with 50 points in Agility Enhancement and 25 points in Physical Enhancement and 10 points in Distortion Fruit, Ross has improved a lot compared to his previous strength. Even if Dalmatian and the two Rear Admirals come at him with their full strength they will not gain the upper hand.

For the remaining 15 Talent Proficiency Points, Ross thought a little and did not put them into Physical Enhancement or in Distortion Fruit, but switched back to the Battle interface and put them in Observation Haki.

His Observation Haki was somewhat slow in capturing the action of Dalmatian. If he encounters a person who is faster and more physically better than Dalmatian, he is likely to fall into a disadvantage, so he must improve this talent.

Ross does not pursue speed advantage, but he can not be at a disadvantage, otherwise, the impact on Battle will be too big.

Firearms Shooting: 50

Close-Combat Fighting: 100

Distortion Fruit: 300

Soru of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Kami-e (Paper Drawing) of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Marines Rokushikis Gepp (Moonwalk):0

Observation Haki: 15

Armament Haki: 0

"If my physical ability can keep up, it will be fine to put 100 points on the Distortion Fruit at once." Ross perceives the changes in the body and muttered.


After the power of distortion reached 300 points, it was apparent that it crossed a certain limit and Rosss power impact range soared to about 100 meters. Because of this, he had to put 25 Talent Proficiency Points into Physical Enhancement to adapt to the skyrocketing power of distortion.
"I dont know how strong I am today, compared to a Headquarters Vice-Admiral." Rosss eyes showed a hint of thought.

Headquarters Vice-Admirals are strong and there is a huge strength gap between them. For example, Doberman and other Vice-Admiral, who are only recently promoted are obviously weaker than Tokikake, Momousagi, or Garp whose strength is close to an Admiral. Vice-Admirals position is the pinnacle of many Marines life.

Some people were promoted to a Headquarters Vice-Admiral twenty or thirty years ago, but they have stayed in this position for 20 or 30 years. Their strength may be slightly improved but it is far less than Admirals standard.

Ross pondered for a while because he had not fought with any Headquarters Vice-Admiral. It was still difficult to judge how strong he was, but the only thing he was certain of was that he is still a long way from a Marine Admiral.
Any Marine Admiral can easily destroy an Island.

What is the scope of an island? The average island has a diameter of 10 kilometers. Aokiji can freeze the sea in Ice Age without knowing how much area it would cover.

Compared to it.

The Power of distortion only works within a hundred meters.

That is to say, once a Marine Admiral spotted him and found his exact position, his strength today does not qualify for any resistance at all.

"Journey to the next island begins Its time to find new prey.

Ross took a deep breath and his eyes flashed. It was difficult to find a pirate with a bounty of over 100 million berries in West Blue, But in the first half of Grand Line, with three arrows log Pose, there were still many opportunities to find it.