One Piece Talent System Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Important Matters

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Marine Headquarters.

This is a high-level conference room. Only the Marine generals above Vice-Admiral are eligible to speak. As for the Rear Admiral officers, although they are eligible to come in, they are only qualified to listen.
The room was quiet, without any noise. In silence, only Marine Fleet Admiral Sengokus voice slowly heard in the hall.

"Therefore, the re-establishment of the G8 branch base will be decided according to the above methods."

"In Addition"

Sengoku pulled out another document, which was about the Ghost Hand Pirates. He pressed the file on one hand and turned to look at Doberman. He said: "Who can tell me what is going on with this Ghost Hand Pirates?"

Sengoku took over the position of Fleet Admiral recently and he had only recently adapted to the work of a Marine Fleet Admiral. Unexpectedly, at this time, such a huge matter happened on the sea.

Doberman stood up and bowed his head deep at Sengoku.

"I am willing to take responsibility for the improper handling by my subordinates."

"Sit down."

Sengoku looked at Dobermans eyes and glanced over the many Vice-Admirals in the field. "It is necessary to maintain Marines face and prestige. If Marine loses their prestige then the wicked forces on the sea will become more rampant."

As for Ross, after knowing the causes and consequences, Sengoku was angry and speechless. A small hole in the wall was failed to be filled three or five times. And now, That small hole has caused the entire wall to collapse.

It is impossible to revoke Rosss suspended bounty. Even if he reports it to the government, the government wont agree to it and they will order his annihilation.

Once Marine loses their prestige, the consequences will be very serious and it may even affect the entire sea. Therefore, in Sengokus view, it is necessary to sacrifice Ross for worldwide justice.

Although this is somewhat unfair to Ross.


Since Ross killed a Marine Captain of West Blue, the so-called injustice has ceased to exist. Whatever the cause, the cruel killing of a Marine is an unforgivable crime.

Sengoku also heard about Onigumo accident when it happened. After all, it was the defeat of a Headquarters Rear Admiral, but he didnt take it seriously. He just ordered Akainu to take full responsibility for it.

As a Marine Admiral, Akainu cant even look at a pirate of West Blue or even make a special trip to the sea, so its still up to Doberman to approve the dispatch requests and provide their documents.

The order to mobilize the G8 branch to encircle and suppress Ross was also issued by Akainu.


Neither Vice-Admiral Doberman nor Akainu expected the G8 base to suffer a tragic defeat. A Vice-Admiral, along with three Rear Admirals were killed in battle. When Sengoku finished his sentence, Akainu sat there with an ugly expression on his face.

"The problem is that we cant make minor mistakes into big ones. If there are mistakes, we must fill them up quickly Ghost Hand Ross acts unrestrained and he is cruel. In order to maintain Marines prestige, he must be exterminated as soon as possible.

Sengoku said this. After looking at Akainu, his eyes turned to Aokiji, and he murmured, "Its up to Aokiji to fully handle this situation."

Originally Akainu was responsible for the incident, then this matter is transferred to Aokiji by Sengoku. Many Vice-Admirals present were naturally aware of the significance. Although Sengoku did not blame Akainu and Doberman, this is no different from the criticism and accusation.

Akainu sat there without saying a word.

Doberman kept his head down and was afraid to look at Akainus expression.


On the other hand, Aokiji, who heard Sengokus order, nodded. It was rare to see him being serious at any meeting. On one hand, Ross was indeed extremely wicked. On the other hand, Nico Robin was on Rosss ship.

The handling of the matter was dealt with. Although Akainu was not blamed, he was removed from this matter and it was handed to Aokiji. Sengoku looks at the people present and then prepares to adjourn the meeting.

Almost as his voice was about to be uttered, there was a sudden knock at the door. Then he saw a Rear Admiral rushing in with a newspaper in his hand. He said in some panic:

"Something went wrong!"

He sent the newspaper to Sengoku and Sengoku only glanced at it. He suddenly felt a buzz in his head and he looked carefully. His fist was already tight without him knowing.

He saw that in the newspaper, an entire page was dedicated to The Ghosts Hand Pirates and Ghost Hand Ross. The most important issue is the content of the report!
<<"A Pirate born by Marines? >>

The title alone carries a tinge of irony.

"The elite troops of the Marine G8 branch lead by the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian and the branch Rear Admirals Roma, Hez and Atheus were defeated by The Ghost Hand Pirates."

"According to some true information, The Ghost Hand Pirates have also previously defeated Marines encirclement and suppression and slaughter Marines. It is a miracle for any Marines to survive him. But Why is that? Why is he killing Marines?"

"For this, we have to go back a year"

What happened in West Blue at the beginning was unveiled, occupying almost most of the space on the page with a strong sense of irony in its tone.

Seeing this, Sengoku could not hold back.


Vains were popping on his forehead and his fist was pinched. He wanted to kill the person who wrote this news report with one blow.
At the same time, newspapers were sent to the conference room one after another and a copy was placed on everyones desk. Everyone picked up the newspaper and read it.

" Thats how a Pirate Hunter finally became a pirate under Marines guidance.

"According to reliable intelligence from West Blue and from the Grand Line, the Ghost Hand Pirates has never looted any town and they never slaughtered any civilians!"

"All those who fell by their hands were either Pirates or were Marines.

"Well, this budding man No, how far can Supernova, who has risen strongly, go against Marine? lets wait and see."


Sengoku finally couldnt hold back. He punched the conference table with one hand, creating a spider-web-like crack on it and nearly tore the newspaper apart with his other hand.
"Damn! Whats going on in this report, what happened to this newspaper? What is the government doing, how can this be distributed to the sea?!"

The meeting room was silent.

The expression on everyones face became ugly and Sengokus roar made them all shudder. As for the Rear Admirals, they were already sweating.

Something happened.
Something terrible has happened!