One Piece Talent System Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Charges Into The Marines Base
Marine Branch.

In an office at the highest floor, Marine Commander Leica listened to the latest intelligence report given by his subordinate, and the expression on his face gradually became somewhat ugly.
"Haig town was attacked by Ghost Hand Ross and Capone Familys Capone Leckie was brutally murdered by him?!"

As a Marine Commander, his salary is not high and capturing the pirates is an inherent job, he cant get a bounty out of it. He can only get military exploits, so he has always had a close relationship with Capone Mafia.

Some time ago Capone Mafia slaughtered the Tarot town and gave him a part of the money looted from there to let him cover up this matter, but he got a sudden inspiration and he did not cover up this matter but deliberately planted some clues to pin this thing on Rosss head.

And as the matter stand, he not only completed his deal with Capone Mafia but was also able to frame Ghost Hand Ross for it. By doing this Marines prestige will not be constantly damaged by that pirate hunter. Its like killing two birds with one stone.

What he didnt expect, however, was that Rosss strength was a little beyond his expectations, as he escaped the encirclement of the marines.


Capone Leckie, who he often traded with was killed by Ross in his own base camp, which means that Ross probably already knows the truth.

Thinking of this, Leicas face becomes gloomy and he snorted.

"So what if he knows the truth he had already been labeled as a ferocious pirate. Even if he publish the truth, how many people will believe it?"

Marines are always on the side of justice. For the civilian population, Marines are always the most credible. Ross is charged with the crime and it is impossible to escape from this.

The only trouble is that if this matter continues to drag on, then it may be known to Captain Moby and other Commanders. After all, Tarot towns situation was handled by him, but the other Commanders have the power to inquire about this matter and they will, if the current situation continues to escalate.

In that case, he will be in great trouble. If he wants to avoid trouble, then he must arrest or execute Ross as soon as possible.

Just as Leica was thinking of a solution, a Marine soldier rushed into his office and ran towards Leica.

"Commander Leica! Someone found traces of Ghost Hand Ross on the island!"

"Where?" Leica stood up suddenly.

The Marine soldier rushed to report: "It is said that he appeared in the West Coast. Captain Moby and Captain Tamo have already taken some people there."

A Marine Lieutenant Commander standing next to Leica said with a strange look on his face: "Is that guy crazy? He is unexpectedly walking directly into a trap in our Marine base?"


Leicas also frowned as this situation was a bit strange.

Could it be that Ross knew that he had secretly arranged something and planned to look for him to trouble him? Thinking of this, he had a look of disbelief on his face as he couldnt believe it.

But it is Marine Branchs base!

Ross directly went to Haig town. Does he also dare to come to the Marine Branchs base?

Leica didnt dare to believe it and was even more uncertain of the situation, just then there was the sound of disturbance in the base, and even sounds of gunfire.

A Second Lieutenant Marine rushed in with a terrifying look and reported: "Commander Leica, Ghost Hand Ross has rushed into our base!"

"What did you say?" Leicas eyes widened.

He expected Ross to be difficult to deal with, but he never imagined that Ross was so crazy and daring that he would come to a Marine branch base!

He is a madman!
There was a slight hint of fear in Leicas eyes.

He can sit in the position of the Commander, so of course, he has the strength to back up his position and he has also fought with many dangerous pirates, but someone like Ross who dared to come to the Marine branch base to find him. He has never met someone like that before!

"Did you Notify Captain Moby?"

"The current situation had been notified to Captain Moby and others and they are currently rushing back here."

"But Im afraid that they wouldnt be able to reach here in time."
Leica pressed down the fear in his heart. He bit his teeth and yelled at his subordinates. "How many people are there at the base? Gather them all, and kill Ghost Hand Ross at all costs!"


The second Lieutenant Marine responded and rushed out.

Leica listened to the gunshots and all kinds of sounds from outside and as he was waiting, he felt uneasy and angry so he walked back and forth as he waited for Ross with his five fingers clasping the hilt of his sword on his waist.

"You also go out and command the soldiers!"

After two steps, he looked towards to the second Marine Lieutenant Commander.


The Marine Lieutenant Commander took a deep breath and picked up a musket on the table and walked toward the door.

Just as he pushed the door open, the entire door suddenly had a strange twist and it was directly blown up, and countless sawdust flew at a time.

The Lieutenant Commander subconsciously fired the gun but a hand pulled out of the sawdust and grabbed the gun directly.


The musket was broken into two pieces in an instant.

The Lieutenant Commander was shocked. He suddenly retreated and tried to pull out the long sword at his waist to resist. But he wasnt quick enough, Ross entered one step faster and rushed towards him. He punched his chest, sending him flying and slamming painfully on the wall.

"Long time no see, Commander Leica."

Ross smacked off the sawdust on his clothes and turned to look at Marine Commander Leica. His eyes were calm as they looked at him.

The expression on Leicas face was incomparably ugly. He pulled the sword out of his waist and put it in front of him, looking coldly at Ross, "Do you realize what you have done? You have attacked a Marine base!"

"So what?"

Ross stepped toward Leica, and tauntingly said: "For a pirate with a bounty of 22 million Berries, what is a single Marine base?"

Under the pressure of the approaching Ross, Commander Leica finally couldnt help but hold his sword with both hands and chopped it at Ross.

Ross didnt retreat and punched the coming sword.


Leicas swordsmanship is almost the same as that of Capone Leckie, that is to say that it is impossible for it to break through the layer of distortion power attached on Rosss fist. The sword is stopped in mid-air, and the entire sword is twisted into scrap iron.

Leica was shocked, but before he could react, Rosss other fist slammed directly between his chest and abdomen.


This fist was wrapped in the power of distortion, so his internal organs are shifting as blood is spurted out of his mouth, he directly falls to the ground.


Just as Leica vomited blood and fell to the ground, some people directly rushed in from the destroyed entrance. It was a group of people dressed in the marine Justice outfit, it was Captain Moby and others.

Ross saw Captain Moby rushing in, his wrists shook as he pulled out the sword at his waist and placed it on Leicas neck.

"Back off."

Moby looked at the scene, he was angry and he shouted: "Ross, do you know what you are doing?!"

"I certainly know what I am doing." Ross stared at Moby and said, "But I dont know what you guys are doing by framing people, so I came over to asked this question directly."

Leica kneels on the floor as he heard this sentence, his face changed, and he endured the pain in his body to say: "Mo Captain Moby, kill him!"


Ross stepped on Leicas back putting him directly on the floor, his sword continuing to press against his neck.

"You have no right to speak now."