One Piece Talent System Chapter 80

Chapter 80 His Name Rises In The Sea

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Written by Morgan, one of the emperors of the Dark World and fueled by numerous forces, including revolutionaries, a large number of newspapers were spread all over the world. Even though the Marine and the government responded quickly and collected and destroyed the newspaper in an all-around way, it still caused a huge wave all over the world.

Even if only a few people saw the newspaper, in the case of word-of-mouth transmission, it spread all over the world. For a time, the name of the Ghost-Hand Pirates has earned the focus of the world.
The government made every effort to cover up and published newspapers in succession, stating that the story about Ghost Hand Ross was tactics of some wicked forces had secretly discredited Marine, but it was still difficult to completely eliminate the impact.

World Government and Marine Headquarters were all overwhelmed.


The anger of the government poured down and Doberman was almost dismissed directly. Sengoku and Akainu came forward to retain Dobermans Vice-Admiral position, but still removed most of his power.

This unexpected newspaper pushed Ross to the top of the storm!

"Fufurfurfur, hunting pirate? Confronting Marine? Its a crazy fellow, but Im afraid thats the end of it as he had completely angered the government and Marine.."

On the deck of the Donquixote Family Pirate Ship, Doflamingo lay on a lounge chair and looked at the newspaper in his hand, laughing strangely.

"Just entering Grand Line and he is pushed to the top of the wind and waves. It will be hard for him to survive, but if he can survive"

Somewhere on the sea, Hawkeye looked at the newspaper in his hand and took a sip of red wine.

East Blue, Foosha village.

"Boss, read this newspaper. The news on it is very interesting."

Lucky Roo, who held a piece of meat in one hand and a newspaper in his other hand, came to Shanks and handed it over.

Shanks smiled and took it. After looking at it, he was surprised and said, "This kind of news the government and Marine must be busy.

Beckman sat next to Shanks, with a newspaper in his hand and a cigar in his mouth and a slight discoloration in his eyes. This kind of newspaper cant appear in the sea. The author is really bold. Im afraid there is a force like the Revolutionary Army behind the scenes.

Ghost Hand Pirates, Ghost Hand Ross This name is also somewhat familiar.

Looking at the pirate flag in the newspaper, Beckman quickly remembered the encounter in West Blue, It was the same pirate flag pattern.

"Its not an ordinary fellow, but the government should have labeled him as a must-kill person. Marines and the government will only be able to solve this problem and free up their hands by killing him. Theres still a long way to go for him to see us in the New World."

Beckman dropped the newspaper and glanced at the Shanks next to him. He shook his head and laughed, feeling that this kind of thing was still too illusory.

For the chaos caused by the Ghost Hand Pirates, the worlds major forces have all cast their eyes, some gloating, some ridicule the government and Marine and some have noticed Ghost Hand Ross.
However, most people hold a negative attitude towards the development of the Ghost Hand Pirates, because the government and Marine are undoubtedly thoroughly enraged by them.

How terrible will the government and Marine, who are outraged, be?

Nobody knows.

Because the people who know it have long been hidden in the dust of history.

On the shore of Elias Kingdom.

Ross has returned to the Ghost Shadow Ship, Laffitte continues to stay on the island and waits for the magnetic storage to be full, while Robin re-enters the island after Ross returns and enters the underground world of Elias to collect more intelligence. The intelligence of the Grand, especially for the pirates who have a bounty of over 100 million berries.

Ross was sitting on the sofa in a wide lounge on the Ghost Shadow Ship, his eyes were closed when a knock came at the door and Ross opened them.

"Come in."

Robin, wearing a lavender-colored jacket and shorts, came in through the door. Her figure was almost the same as that in the original series, but she looked younger.
Ross sat up straight and smiled at Robin, saying: "Coming back so soon, I thought that you would be slower than Laffittes."

"After the Marines were defeated by you, the dark forces of the Elias Kingdom became afraid of us and it became much easier to collect all the information."

Robin walked over to Ross and said: "In the first half of Grand Line, counting Captain, there are seven pirates with over 100 million bounties on their head. I have collected Information about some of them"

"Counting me?"

Ross captured the extra content of Robins words.

Robin tilted her head and gently smiled. She placed two bounty orders on the coffee table in front of Ross. One of them was Rosss bounty order, which had a bounty of 200 million Berries on it.

In addition, another is Laffittes bounty order, which amounts to 80 million Berries.

"My bounty hasnt changed much, but with Captain and navigator, our overall bounty has reached 359 million Berries."

"If you improve your strength and fight some famous opponents, your bounty will increase too. However, as an intelligence member, you can try to not participate in Battles."

Ross took the bounty poster and looked at it and Robin smiled faintly, the more hidden the intelligence members are, the less they are concerned and they are safer that way. And Ross didnt say that to protect the only eye-catching girl on board.

Robin nodded slightly and put a few bits of information on the table, along with a bunch of bounty posters. This is the first half of the Grand Line, except Ross, there are six pirates who had bounties over 100 million berries.


Some of these data are detailed while others are missing a lot. Two Pirates have no specific location in intelligence. In the other four Pirates, only two have confirmed location.

Ross picked up the data and examined it carefully. He put aside the four missing and inaccurate locations of Intelligence and continued to look at the remaining two.

"Bounty of 230 million Berries, Blood Wolf Pirate Captain, Blood Wolf Rennes, appeared in Water Seven half a month ago This distance is a little too far."

Ross shook his head when he saw it. He had just arrived at the second island on the Grand Line and Water Seven was close to the Sabaody Archipelago.
Putting this information aside, Ross looks at the last piece of information.

"Bounty of 180 million Berries, Iron Wall Pirates appeared at the port of Elfa seven days ago, the port of Elfa"

Rosss eyes glimmered with thought, and if he remembered correctly, the place should be on their route and not very far from the Elias Kingdom.

Although the Log Pose on Grand Line is a fixed channel, if there is an Eternal Pose pointing to other islands, one can easily change their route or retrograde. Ross also collected an Eternal Pose pointing to the Kingdom of Elias, one can never have too many Eternal Poses.
Among the information collected by Robin, even the Captain of the Iron Wall Pirates, Iron Wall Ravarro have some special abilities, He has eaten a Paramecia Devil Fruit Barrier-Barrier Fruit.

If he remembers it correctly then this Devil Fruit will belong to a newcomer after ten years, that is to say, even if he does not kill Ravarro, he will not survive for long.


"Compared to the information of other Pirates, I think you need to look at this newspaper."

Just as Ross confirmed that the Iron Wall Pirates will be his next target, Robin suddenly interrupted his thoughts and put a newspaper in front of him.


Ross took a look at the newspaper and his eyes changed dramatically. "This its really something that I didnt expect."

"This newspaper will push us in an unpredictable direction." Robins tone was a little heavy. "The government and Marines will be totally enraged and once they suppress this matter, we will be treated with a bloody pursuit."

Ross stared at the newspaper for a moment, put it aside, and suddenly gave a light laugh.

"But isnt it pleasant? Such news has been distributed to the sea, The Marine and the government are probably in a mess now.

Although the report will lead the situation into an uncontrollable direction, there is no doubt that it is as refreshing as the appearance of a public toilet in front of you when you have an upset stomach.


Robins eyes flashed a trace of anxiety and she sighed softly in her heart. It was pleasant that the truth was revealed, but the situation that followed might become extremely difficult for us. The situation of originally defeating the G8 base to had a firm foothold on Grand Line would be completely destroyed.

Marine and the government are bound to do something next and once they strike, they are bound to wipe out The Ghost Hand Pirates completely.