One Piece Talent System Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Devil Fruits And Haki

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Two days later.

Log Poses magnetic force was finally full and Laffitte returned to the ship.
One of the directions pointed by the single arrow Log Pose is same as one of the directions pointed by the three arrows Log Pose, which is undoubtedly good news for Ross, The previous robbery was not in vain, and the future routes will become flexible.

"Lets first go to Elfa Port."

Ross gave his instructions to Laffitte.

Its very difficult to lock a pirate in West Blue, but on the Grand Line, every pirate needs to stay on the island to record and store the magnetic force and their route is limited to a large part. With the speed of Ghost Shadow Ship, its much easier to catch up with a Pirate Ship.

"Okay, Captain."

Laffitte responded by putting the old single arrow Log Pose in his pocket and looking at the three arrows Log Pose and sea map to navigate the Ghost Shadow Ship.

Seven days later, Ghost Shadow Ship arrived at the next island. It took only two days to store the magnetic force and then they set sail again. It took them five days to reach another island.

Ghost Shadow Ships speed advantage combined with Laffitte, a navigator, was fully utilized. It took only 20 days to cross three islands and arrive at Port Elfa.

Ghost Shadow Ship practice room.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Continuous Bang sound was heard, Rosss hands are clenched into fists, as if wearing thin black gloves, punching one punch after another on a piece of square steel, dents continuously appeared on the steel.

In his fight with Dalmatian, although he did not use Armament Haki, he was always observing Dalmatians Armament Haki until the end of Battle.

Fights have always been the most effective way to develop human potential in this world. After only a few days with Dalmatians Battle, Ross completely mastered Armament Haki hardening.

"Distortion fist!"

In the constant swing of his fist, Rosss eyes suddenly flashed and his heart raced, He suddenly stimulated the power of distortion, pouring it into his fist and gave a fierce blow.


Under Rosss fist, the front of the square steel showed a spiral Distortion crack. If Ross had not withdrawn his ability quickly, the whole steel might have broken up.

Looking at the square steel, Rosss brow slightly wrinkled. He looked down at his fist and saw that the Armament Haki attached to his fist had collapsed.

"Cant Haki be perfectly integrated with fruit power"

After mastering Armament Haki hardening, Rosss next practice direction is to combine Armament Haki with his Devil Fruit power.

Devil Fruits ability and Armament Haki are not two conflicting abilities, they can be perfectly integrated with each other through control.

Doflamingos line, Luffys rubber, which can be directly attached to Armament Haki, Whitebears Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) can hit Akainu with one blow, apparently with Armament Haki in it.


Logia user can use elementalization to filter out the damage from the shock and only accepts the ordinary punch of Armament Haki, which is not serious enough to vomit blood on the ground.

However, Devil Fruit such as Distortion and Earthquake is obviously different from the solid Paramecia such as wire and rubber.

The two Devil Fruit abilities of wire and rubber can be almost perfectly superimposed with Armament Haki and have strong attack power.

Distortion and Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) are already very aggressive and both of these abilities belong to non-physical abilities, so Armament Haki is only used as an auxiliary effect and is mixed into the ability.
The first two can be called a combination, while the latter two are additional.

Its almost impossible for Logia and Paramecia to avoid Armament Haki attacks. if the power of distortion can be attached to the characteristics of Armament Haki, then it will be something different.

Because of this, the combination of earthquake and Haki or Distortion and Haki is obviously much more difficult than wire or rubber Haki combination. Ross has been trying for more than ten days, but he can not attach Armament Haki to his Distortion Fruit capability.

Even to that extent.

When Ross exploded out with the power of distortions, the Armament Haki hardening on his fist could not be maintained as it would be affected by the power of distortions and collapse.
"Whitebeard is able to attach Haki to his vibration, which means that there is a way to attach Haki to his Devil Fruit abilities"

Ross looked at his fist and his eyes glittered. Now that someone could do it, it showed that the road was feasible. He couldnt do it now because his Armament Haki was not strong enough and his control of Armament Haki and fruit ability is slightly inadequate.

Maybe his control and development of Distortion Fruit will surpass Whitebeard in the future, but now he is still far from Whitebeard, who stands at the top of this world.

Just as Ross was about to continue his exercise, a knock on the door came from outside, followed by Robins voice.

"Captain Ross, We have reached Elfa Port."

"I see."

After the Ghost Shadow Ship docked in Port Elfa, Robin and Ross went to the island and split up to collect information about the Ironwall Pirates.

At the same time, in the corner that nobody noticed, a World Government intelligence member in plain clothes took out a Den Den Mushi and reported solemnly to the other side.
"Reporting, the Ghost Hand Pirates have appeared on Port Elfa!"

"Continue monitoring."

On the other side, the chief of the Intelligence Department, after hearing reports from his subordinate, silently ordered him to continue monitoring and quickly transferred the intelligence to the top.

At the same time, this intelligence was also handed over to the Marine Headquarters.

As a result of the extremely wicked impact of the Ross incident, not only Marine Headquarters but also the top management of the World Government have been eyeing the Ghost-Hand Pirates.

Ordinary Marine branches obviously cant deal with Ross and the Ghost-Hand Pirates. At least, a Headquarters Vice-Admiral must sit on the island that they are arriving. And to be safe, two Headquarters Vice-Admiral should be dispatched and more than three Battleships should be led.

"Should Headquarters send Battleships and Vice-Admiral?"
"No, I suggest leaving it to CP9 to deal with secretly."

"Port of Elfa If I remember correctly, there are two more islands on this route, which is Crocodiles territory.

"Is that right? In that case, it would be possible to postpone the deployment of troops."

It would be a better choice for Crocodile who had just signed the Shichibukai Treaty, to deal with the Ghost-Hand Pirates than for Marine to send out heavy troops to encircle and suppress the Ghost-Hand Pirates.
If the Crocodile can kill the Pirates, then his Shichibukais position will remain fixed. If Crocodile is killed, then his position on Shichibukai is obviously not enough to balance the Grand Line, they can just change the members to avoid big trouble in the future.