One Piece Talent System Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Alcaria

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Inside a luxurious building, in a room on the top floor, Crocodile was sitting on the sofa, holding a cigar and watching the Den Den Mushi, which he had just hung up and he smirked and snorted.
"Ghost Hand Pirates They are really taking me for a casual squad. I dont have time to deal with your troubles for you."

He is not interested in the Ghost Hand Pirates. As for the Ghost Pirates, who seems to be hunting other pirates, he did not care much either.

He had been to the New World and he returned, he even challenged Whitebeard. Although he lost miserably, a pirate with a bounty of 200 million berries is undoubtedly not in his eyes.

Just as Crocodile put the Den Den Mushi back in his pocket, a knock on the door was heard and a man with his chin covered came in.

The man with his jaw covered came in the front of Crocodile with a respectful look and whispered: "Mr. Crocodile, Iron Wall Pirates appeared in Elfa Port ten days ago, they seem to be coming here on their own. "

"Huh? After looking for them for more than a month, I didnt expect them to come here on their own.

Crocodile indifferent eyes flashed with a ray of light, he was more concerned about the Iron Wall Pirates than about Ghost Hands Pirates, because Iron Wall Pirates had what he needed.

Previous efforts to deal with the Iron Wall Pirates were also aimed at robbing him of what he needed. As a result, he was escaped by his opponent.

"Keep an eye on the Iron Wall Pirates and report to me as soon as they appear."

Elfa Port.

Whether it is Ross, Robin, or Laffitte, they are very good at acquiring information. In a single day, they collected all the information that Ross needed.

The Iron Wall Pirates with a bounty of 180 million Berries left Elfa Port ten days ago. Although their exact route is unknown, Robin has got an important intelligence, Apparently, the Iron Wall Pirates fought Crocodile, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

The two sides had once fought in a certain place in the sea and Iron Wall Pirates were defeated but the Captain and important cadres escaped.


After appearing in Elfa Port, the Iron Wall Pirates inquired about Crocodile in the Underground world.

"That is to say the purpose of Iron Wall Pirates is probably to go and fight Crocodile." Ross listened to Robins intelligence and his eyes flashed with a whisper of a thought.

Crocodile has only recently become one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea with a bounty of only 81 million Berries, but his strength can not be measured by this bounty, he is a Logia Devil Fruit user, even with obvious weaknesses, he can run rampant in the first half of the Grand Line without Haki.


Compared to the time when Luffy went out to sea, Crocodile is much younger. Even the Baroque work agency has not yet been formed and he has not gone to Alabasta. His reputation is not high even though many pirates with the bounty up to 170 million Berries has suffered in his hands.

But after ten years, the Barrier-Barrier Fruit will be eaten by someone else, so the Iron Wall Pirates were probably completely destroyed by Crocodile.

"My prey cant be taken away by others, even if that someone is a Shichibukai."

Rosss eyes flashed, although it seems that it will cause him some trouble with Crocodile, he cant let go of the first killing reward of the pirate with over 100 million rewards.
By killing Iron Wall Pirates, he will get 1 Free Talent Point and the Gravity Distortion branch can be activated.

After a little thought, Ross calmly said: "Since this Iron Wall Pirates are going to find Crocodile, then we just have to find the location of Crocodile, Robin did you collect the intelligence on Crocodile?"

"Crocodile has stayed in Alcaria for the last month."

Robin nodded, consistently capable and reassuring, She is left arm of Ross.

After reporting the information on Crocodile, Robins eyes flashed with thought and she said to Ross:
"Shichibukai is a pirate that can plunder and loot with the government permission. When we go towards Crocodile, the government will probably take this opportunity to deal with us."

"There is such a possibility, but Crocodile is not a person who will listen to the World Government. It is unlikely that he will cooperate with the Marines. Even if he really comes after us then lets let him."

Rosss gaze is flat.

Even if he was the original 10-year-later Crocodile, Ross was not afraid of him, not to mention that he has just become a Shichibukai. If he comes after him, he would just deal with him. Although the bounty of 81 million Berries is a bit low, Shichibukai may have a special bonus.

While Ross and Robin were talking, Laffitte also returned with the Intelligence, carrying an umbrella-handle-shaped mahogany cane in one hand and courteous said: "The information you need has been collected, the Iron Wall Pirates is on their way to Alcaria. They should not have reached there yet."

Ross turned to look at Laffitte and said: "It is aligned with the information Robin and I collected but you seem to have collected more accurate intelligence."

"I am very honored."

Laffittes smile and flickered his wrist and took out an Eternal Pose and said: "Iron Wall Pirates bought an Eternal Pose to Alcaria in the Underground world and I also got one."

"Good job."

Ross looked at the Eternal Pose in Laffittes hands and nodded. With an Eternal Pose, he could reach Alcaria without having to go through the islands one by one, or even wait for the magnetic field to be fully stored in Elfa Port.

After basically determining the route of Iron Wall Pirates, Ross and Laffitte returned to the ship and hung up full sails and headed for Alcaria at full speed with the fastest Ghost Shadow Ship.

Ordinary cargo ships will take at least fifteen days to reach there but the Ghost Shadow Ship reached their destination in six and a half days.

"Finally reached."

Standing in front of the deck of the Ghost Shadow Ship and looking at the large island in the distance, Ross took a deep breath. He didnt want Iron Wall Pirates to be robbed of their heads by Crocodile.

If thats the case, he might have to take Crocodile head to vent his anger.


Looking at Alcaria, Ross stood on the deck and suddenly raised his right hand and shook the empty space below.

Under Rosss control, the power of distortion quickly spread into the sea, stirring a wave and directly carrying the Ghost Shadow Ship to the direction of Alcaria.

Ross now has the ability to make waves and accelerate the ship without damaging the hull, but the stamina cost is not small, so he rarely does it.

The Ghost Shadow Ship, which was extremely fast, left a white line on the sea and It took only two minutes to cross the 10-minute journey.

As soon as he arrived on the shore, Ross converges and Laffitte and Robin quickly decelerate the Ghost Shadow Ship and it was finally docked on the shore of Alcaria.

"I hope its not too late."

"If my prey is robbed, then pray, Crocodile"
Ross jumped and set foot on the island, his eyes were calm and indifferent.