One Piece Talent System Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Distortion Vs Barrier

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Alcaria island.

This is a large island, where the Kingdom of Alcaria sits. This country is not a country of pirates, but one of the 170 subordinates allies affiliated with World Government.
On a street, on the roof of a building, Ross and Laffitte stood looking at a group of people at the end of the street.

There is no doubt that it was Iron Wall Pirates that Ross was eyeing.

Ross asked Robin to stay with the ship and boarded the island with Laffitte, looking for the Iron Wall Pirates and the Iron Wall Pirates were also searching for Crocodile. In this search, Ross and Laffitte quickly discovered the Iron Wall Pirates and also found their large force.

"Hanging bounty of 180 million Berries, Iron Wall Ravarro and hanging bounty 70 million Berries wrestler Hanu, their main members are here."

Laffitte turned to look at Ross.

Do you want to go? Captain?"


Ross stood on the edge of the roof, looking at the Iron Wall Pirates members gathering not far from the street below as if watching a group of monsters who provide experience.


The next moment, Ross jumped from the roof and landed on the street, straight in the direction of the Iron Wall Pirates.

The people of Iron Wall Pirates were heading in the direction of Ross. Many people in the street recognized the Iron Wall Pirates and hid from them in fear.

"That is Iron Wall Pirates!"

"Hey, is that Iron Wall Pirates that destroyed thirteen towns? Its said that their total bounty is more than 300 million berries. Why did they come here?

The Captain of Iron Wall Pirates is a Supernova with a bounty of 180 million Berries. The total bounty of these pirate force is 300 million berries, which undoubtedly means that they have a very prestigious reputation in the first half of the Grand Line.


As Ross leaped from the roof and headed in the direction of Iron Wall Pirates, countless breathing sounds soon came around.

"No, that man looks a bit like"

"Yes its Ghost Hand Ross!"

Although many of the people present had not read the newspaper about Ross, they had more or less heard about it, but even so, a big pirate with a bounty of 200 million Berries appeared in the street, everyone still panicked and retreated.

"I heard that he has never looted civilians?"

"Who knows this kind of thing But there seems to be some movement there, it seems to be Iron Wall Pirates!" Someone turned to look at the other side of the street and his pupils shrank violently and there was a shudder in his heart.

Iron Wall Pirates!

Although there was no such thing as Pirates in the limelight, the slaughtering of 13 towns was still astounding and horrifying and more importantly, the Iron Wall Pirates and the Ghost Hand Ross appeared on the same street.

No, if you remember correctly, the Ghost Hand Pirates seems to hunt other Pirates!

Someone thought of this and couldnt help but stagnate as a terrifying and horrible thought appeared in his heart. Would the Ghost-Hand Pirates collide with the Iron Wall Pirates here?!

With countless stares of shock, nervousness, or fear, the crowd disappeared in the street between Ross and Iron Wall Pirates.

The Iron Wall Pirates saw Ross and stopped one by one.
"Ghost handRoss."

Standing there, Captain Ravarro of Iron Wall Pirates, looked at Ross across the street, squinting slightly and said, "After causing such big movement, you still dare to show up so casually?"

"No, its not a casual appearance, but a show for you. Hanging bounty of 180 million Berries, Iron Wall Ravarro, I heard you are strong."

Ross took two more steps forward, stopping only ten meters away from the Iron Wall Pirates.

Ravarros slightly raised his mouth and said to Ross. "Youve beaten up an entire Marine branch and your strength is good, but its not wise to block my way. Im looking for someone to settle accounts and I dont have time to play with you."

Ross gently lifted his foot and said: "I really want to play a game with you Only one person can survive the game."


Rosss raised foot slammed down and the earth in front of him slammed into a Distortion, showing a wave of terrifying ripples, rolling toward the mighty crowd of Iron Wall Pirates.

"It seems that you are tired of living."

Ravarros face turned cold in an instant, he is famous for exacting vengeance. Otherwise, he would not put together a large force and came here to fight Crocodile.

Anyone who dares to provoke him has been sent to hell by him!

"Protection barrier!"

His forefinger and middle finger were curved and folded together, a transparent glass barrier appeared in the middle of the street, inserting into the Underground fiercely.


The Power of distortion surged along with the earth and hit the barrier, letting the glassy barrier suddenly show a strange Distortion and depression.

For the first time, Ravarro met a person who could shake his barrier and his eyes flashed, but he didnt panic and raised his hand and pushed forward.

"Barrier Impact!"

The barrier that was Distorted and bent like rubber bounced back into the original shape and a repulsive force bursts into the front colliding with the power of distortion released by Ross.

Bang Long!

Suddenly, the earth in front of the barrier cracked and spread to both sides. Instantly, a deep ravine about 10 meters wide was split and the ground in front of Ross was all fragmented, It was similar to the aftermath of a magnitude 10 earthquake.
The buildings on both sides of the street were completely smashed in the aftermath of the attack and the countless people were shocked.

"This Is it still human?!"

Without even moving, they destroyed a large street and two buildings. This scene falls in the eyes of many people. They were undoubtedly amazed by them and they were shocked.

Cant it be destroyed?
Ross looked at the barrier that was deformed by the power of distortion but it suddenly bounced back to its original shape. His eyes were calm and he did not show any surprise.

Devil Fruits ability, in many cases, is also restrained. For example, the Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit can almost crush the Barrier-Barrier Fruit, making the barrier completely obsolete, but if a Zoan fruit faces the Barrier-Barrier Fruit, it cant do anything. A single punch that can destroy a town, will not be able to break this small barrier.

And his Distortion Fruit works against the Barrier-Barrier Fruit. Although it cant destroy the barrier, it can deform the barrier like rubber.

"It really scared me. You are the first person who can shake my barrier"

"But, thats it!"

Ravarro looked at Ross indifferently and his eyes flashed with ferocity as his hands raised and he waved violently.

"Barrier Impact!"


The two-sided barrier appeared silently in the position where Ravarros hands were closed in the middle, sandwiching Ross in the middle and squeezing toward the center at a very fast speed, intending to squeeze Ross into a meat paste.