One Piece Talent System Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Crocodile

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"Hanging bounty of 180 million Berries, Iron Wall Ravarro, has been killed, receiving a reward of 80 Talent Proficiency Points and 1 Free Talent Point."

The familiar system sounded in his ear and Ross who had previously been annoyed that Iron Wall Ravarros reward did not match his strength, finally shook his head.
The level of bounty is undoubtedly affecting the level of reward.

The bounty orders of this world are not something that is sent out casually but it will be based on the degree of harm caused by someone, then that person will be discussed by the government and Marine at various levels before the final result.

Perhaps a pirate with a bounty of 150 million berries may not be able to win against a pirate with a bounty of 180 million berries, but the bounty of tens of millions or billions of berries is obviously incomparable. The bounty may not represent strength, but to a certain extent, there are still standards of strength in it.


Apart from Shichibukais (Seven Warlords of the Sea) bounty that was fixed at the time of signing the agreement. Ross also thought about whether Shichibukai would have a special reward, but the system did not give him an answer.

"Now, Gravity Distortion can be activated."

Rosss face reappeared with a smile. In fact, he also considered his ability to develop Gravity Distortion, but he could not even touch the edge of gravity.

Perhaps without the Talent System, Distortion Fruit development limit wouldve been same as Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) of Whitebeard. The Tremor Fruit can only produce pure material Distortion effect, which is the limit of the world. After all, it is difficult to shatter space even with the Whitebeards Strength.

On the other side.

Just when Ross killed Ravarro, Laffitte took advantage of the distraction moment of Hanu, the wrestler, to precisely pierce the red stick into the heart of his opponent.

Laffitte is stronger than Hanu. Even in the face of a group of pirates, he is more skillful. When the pirates are distracted, he will naturally not engage in heroism, but seize the opportunity to quickly kill is opponents.

Iron Wall Pirates collapsed after Hanu fell to the ground.

Ross didnt rush to count his harvest. Instead, he turned to look at Laffittes direction. After jumping, he waved his hand and shattered the ground instantly smashing seven or eight pirates.

"Kill them all."

Ross seldom kills ordinary Marine soldiers who only attacked him solely on command. He is not a murderous butcher, but for pirates that slaughtered dozens of Towns, Rosss heart has no fluctuations.

"Yes, Captain."

Laffitte would not have any objection to harvesting life. Smiling in the street, Laffitte sent a Pirate from Iron Wall Pirates to hell.

Iron Wall Piratess strongest Captain and Vice Captain have been killed and other pirates that have a bounty of 10 or 20 million berries are not their opponents and they were all killed.


Rosss Happy Spring pierced the heart of the last pirate.

"Should we find the rest of Iron Wall Pirates and kill them?" Watching the last pirate fall, Laffitte smiles at Ross and asks.

"Let Marine do the washing."

Ross shook his head as his purpose was achieved and the pirates that were killed at the scene was already handy. As for continuing to chase the Iron Wall Pirates it is not his job.
Happy Spring was pulled out and the bloodstains were shaken off. Ross put his sword in the scabbard and decided to call Laffitte back.

However, at this time, he suddenly looked at the street on one side.


He doesnt know when but there was sand on the street over there, which was carried by the wind and blown from unknown places. At the next moment, a dark shadow appeared from the deep part of the street, which was slowly coming towards his direction.

He wore a gray fur coat with a cigar in his mouth and a scar across his cheek beneath his eyes.
Seven Warlords of the Sea, Crocodile!

"So I was late a group of unfavorable guys."

Crocodile walked up to the street and looked at the tragic scenery on the street. The extinction of the Iron Wall Pirates did not enter his eyes. After a sweep, his eyes fell on Ross.

Iron Wall Pirates came to the Crocodile to fight him, so naturally, they are not going to anchor their ship on the port and like the Ghost Shadow Ship, they docked their ship on the edge of Alcaria and sneaked into the island.

By the time Crocodiles men found Iron Wall Pirates, Ross had already fought with Iron Wall Pirates and when Crocodile heard the news, he immediately came here but he was still a step late. The Battle between the Ghost Hands Pirates and Iron Wall Pirates ended much faster than he expected.
"Seven Warlords of the Sea, Sand Crocodile, What are you doing here?"

Ross looked at Crocodile and asked in a quiet tone.

Crocodile indifferently looked at Ross. At the end of the cigar in his mouth, a thin wisp of smoke drifted upward, forming a silk thread and escaping over his head.

Not far away, besides Iron Wall Ravarros body, sand quietly poured into his clothes, rolled up and explored inside and outside.


Crocodile looked at Ross and his gaze gradually became cold. He knew about the ancient weapon map. Ravarro would definitely not place it anywhere else and will carry it on himself. After all, his name was Iron Wall, which was supposed to be never broken.

And Ravarro has nothing now.

"The Map It was taken away by you."

Crocodile stared at Ross and said in an indifferent voice, "No wonder youre still bold in your current situation. You also want that power."

Ross heard Crocodiles words and his eyes showed a glimmer of light in them. No wonder Crocodile would attack Iron Wall Pirates. No wonder Iron Wall Pirates would come to his door again. Neither side wanted to let the news out.


The map was fake. If it was a map of Pluton and Uranus, it may have been true. But it cant be true about the Sea King Poseidon. Moreover, Crocodile went to Alabastan a few years later to acquire the ancient weapons Pluton, which clearly proved that.

"You mean that fake map? Its been ripped off by me."


Crocodile narrowed his eyes and showed a dangerous expression. To deceive him, he should make up a better reason than that, destroying the map, even fools wont believe it.

"The government recently told me to take away your head. I didnt intend to pay any attention to it. I didnt expect you to come to my place and take what you shouldnt take"
His tone became cold and indifferent as if he were speaking to a dead man.

Ancient Weapons are something that the more people know the more accidents will occur. It doesnt matter if Ross has the map or not, the outcome is already decided and he is doomed to die here.