One Piece Talent System Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Distortion Vs Sand

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At Crocodiles feet, sand spreads out constantly, and the broken earth is gradually transformed into fine sand under the influence of his ability.
Looking at the hostile and murderous Crocodile, Rosss eyes were calm. He could completely guess Crocodiles inner thoughts, but he would not explain his own words. He had already said the truth and it was the other sides business to believe it or not. He will not bother to explain the qualification of ancient weapons.

"You can defeat the Marines and destroy Iron Wall Pirates. You are very strong, but I am not the idiots of the government and Marines!"

Crocodile slowly walked toward Ross. The place where he passed was covered with a layer of sand. Just as his voice fell, his eyes flashed as he suddenly moved forward and his right arm turned into Sand attacking Ross.

Barjan (Cresent Shaped Sand Dune)!

A crescent-shaped blade of sand appeared with the swing of his arm and swept towards Ross. The blade of sand contains a dangerous atmosphere. It will not split the human body, but it will drain all the living things it touches.

In the face of this move, Rosss response is also very simple, his five fingers clenched into a fist as he punched the coming attack.

Distortion Fist!


Rosss punch hits the crescent-shaped sand blade and the sand blade instantly bursts apart. Before the dry force of the sand blade in the sand edge penetrated Rosss body, it was blocked by the power of distortion.

He sighed.

Why is it that no one believes the truth.

After punching Crocodiles sand blade, Rosss eyes gradually calmed down and he said, "Now that youve done it, you can bet your life on it."

Since the truth is not believed, then whoever has the biggest fist will speak the truth. Their strength is the sole factor for testing the truth.

"For this kind of thing, life is really a good bet, it seems you are ready."

Crocodile is not surprised that Ross has blocked his attack. He can make Marines suffer from losses. He is someone who has completely destroyed the Iron Wall Pirates, It will not be this easy to defeat him.

He extended his right hand and slammed into the Underground.


The ability of Logia Sand Sand Fruit was fully launched by him. In the original broken ground, countless cracks appeared in an instant, centered on the place he pressed and spread in all directions.

The black soil with water changed from black to brown and finally yellow to at a visible speed.

Almost instantaneously, the earth within a few tens of meters of the radius was completely turned into sand. This sand wrapped Ross in it and strangled him.

"Changing the terrain You want to create a more favorable Battle environment?"

Ross looked calmly at the street that had turned into a sandy field in a flash, without any fluctuation in his eyes. "But youre not the only one who can control the sand," he said.


In the next moment, Ross lifted his foot and the sand that swept over him exploded instantly under the influence of the power of distortion.

Then Ross raised his hand towards Crocodile and shook it away. The sand under Crocodiles feet suddenly surged out of his control, wrapped around him and then squeezed him violently.


Crocodiles body was squeezed and turned into sand, which soon reassembled and regained its human form.

"Using your ability to manipulate sand?"
He stared at Ross with no surprise in his eyes, but with a slight sneer. "Are you competing for the control of elements in front of a Logia Fruit User?" he said.

At the moment his voice fell, Crocodile raised his arm and waved at Ross.

In an instant.

The sand under Rosss feet suddenly rushed toward Ross with lightning speed, turning into sharp sand blades and intending to cut Ross off from waist.

This attack was already captured by Rosss Observation Haki. He raised his hand and directly pressed it on the sand blade.

Rosss power of distortion can no longer control the sand, but under the power of distortion outbreak, Crocodile can no longer maintain the shape of the sand. The whole blade of the sand pops open, turning into countless sand particles and drifting in all directions.

Just as the dust and sand drifted away, Ross stepped on his feet and he left a residual image as he charged towards Crocodile, he clenched his right hand into a fist and punched.


Crocodile snorted and struck with the same unafraid fist. His fist instantly deserted and turned into a huge sandboxing almost double the size of Ross.


Suddenly the two fists collided and the huge sand fist consisting of dust and sand exploded abruptly under Rosss power of distortion, revealing Crocodiles arms and fists.

Ross did not stop this punch and continued to collide with Crocodiles fist.

Crocodiles eyes were shivering and he was about to mobilize his powers to drain the water from Ross and turn Ross into a corpse. But before his powers could invade Ross, A violent power of distortions poured down on his arm.

One of Crocodiles arms, under the power of distortion, was instantly turned into yellow sand and he flew backward.

"That attack was strong but I am a Logia User. This types of tricks wont work against me."

Crocodile turned into the sand in mid-air and re-assembled in another place. His arm, which was exploded was instantly restored to its original state.

Laffitte squinted slightly as he watched the scene from a distance.

"That is the elementalization of the Logia Devil Fruit, the most powerful of Devil Fruit, it really is something."

After the yellow sand re-condensed into Crocodile shape, he lowered his voice and raised his hand to the ground. Sand Sand Fruits ability exploded wantonly.

Ground Death(Erosion Samsara)

Centered on him, the earth once again spreads towards desertification in all directions. Everything, whether earth, stone or architecture, is eroded by Sand Fruit, which has collapsed and powdered into yellow sand.

Laffitte watched the scene and his face changed slightly as he leaped back a few times, jumping to the top of a building farther away, watching from afar.

Ross did not give Crocodile the chance to unleash his abilities wantonly. Instead, he stepped forward and used Geppo to rush towards Crocodile.

Faced with the rushing Ross, Crocodile gave a cold hum, he lifted his hands up and the dust and sand whirled wildly around him in an instant, turning into a terrifying hurricane.