One Piece Talent System Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Metamorphosis

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ross was wrapped in a large sand storm released by Crocodile, but he was not swept away by dust and sand. Instead, he used Gepp (Moonwalk) and forced himself out of it and punched Crocodile.
Crocodile sank his face slightly, this brief confrontation gave him a clear idea of Rosss abilities. His physical strength was extraordinary and his fruit development was extraordinarily powerful. Almost no trick could stop Rosss steps.

Even though he is a Logia user, it is not easy to fight Ross.


As an elemental ability, it will always be invincible. Crocodile did not think that his Logia would lose to Paramecia. After all, the consumption of stamina by Logia was lower than that by Paramecia.

Faced with Rosss punch, Crocodiles right arm folded into a knife made from sand and slammed it towards Ross.


Just as Rosss fist was about to collide with Crocodiles sand knife, a strange force suddenly gushed out of his fist and instantly covered it.



Although this punch does not release the power of distortion, it still breaks Crocodiles sandknife with Armament Hakis hardening strength and his physical ability which he never neglects to exercise.

Crocodile went to New World and even challenged Whitebeard. It was impossible for him to not recognize Armament Haki. He was so shocked that he could hardly escape. He could only clench his fist and wrap himself in the sand.


Rosss punch shattered Crocodiles rushed sandbox shell and collided directly with Crocodiles fist.

Even though Armament Hakis attack was far less powerful than his full-blown power of distortion, the punch still caused severe pain in the phalanges and numbness in Crocodiles fingers.

"Damn Haki?"

Ross used Armament Haki, which was obviously beyond Crocodiles expectation. He was shocked. All the contempt against Ross had disappeared, replaced by a very dignified expression.

To be able to use Haki and or not are two completely different concepts against a Logia User.

Without Armament Haki, A Logia User will not have any obvious weakness and they will be able to defeat their opponent. But once someone is able to use Haki, he will have a basic strength against any Logia User!

Even the weaker Armament Haki still has the effect of capturing the Logia competent entity!

"The thing about Logia user is that they always think that they know everything and will always remain superior to others. Unfortunately you know nothing about my strength."

Armament Haki attached to Rosss fist disappeared, avoiding a sandknife that Crocodile counterattacked with. At the same time, the power of distortion suddenly rushed out and he punched the coming sandknife, scattered it.

If Rosss Haki had been able to attach to the power of distortions then this blow would have been enough to hit Crocodile hard.

Crocodile turned into the yellow sand and re-coagulated dozens of meters away, his face gradually restored calm and the surprise just disappeared.

"It seems that you still cant use Haki very well."

He once challenged Whitebeard and was seriously injured by Whitebeards punch. The power of the shock is somewhat similar to the power exerted by Rosss fist, but it is clear that Ross cannot attach Haki to his fruit ability.

After all, it was Crocodile and he judged Rosss weakness by his attacks.

"It is enough to deal with you."
Ross did not deny Crocodiles claim that he did not use Haki well enough, but Crocodile did not develop his fruit ability to the level of a Marine Admiral who could easily destroy an island.


Rosss figure flickered and in the next moment, he appeared beside Crocodile, his right hand clenched into a fist and he violently punched. The Power of distortion erupted, which turned Crocodiles body into a beach of scattered yellow sand again.

Then Ross attached his left hand to the black Armament Haki Haki, exhibited the hardening of Armament Haki, grabbed the scattered yellow sand and pulled Crocodile.

"Desert Spada(Treasured Sword of the Desert)!"
Crocodile shouted angrily, raised his hand and split violently towards the ground, the whole ground split instantly from the middle, as if cut by something sharp, there appeared a ditch tens of meters in length and breadth.

Ross avoided the attack and punched Crocodile with his backhand, he used Armament Haki in this punch, causing Crocodile to fly out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Crocodile continually attacked with Desert Spada that created various cracks in the deserted street, while Ross confronted him positively, He used Distortion Fist to smash his Desert Spada and Armament Haki armed punch to hit him.

"These trick wont work on me."

Crocodile snorted, raised his hand and pressed it. The dust gathered and turned into a shield of sand, blocking Ross Armament Hakis punch.

Ross didnt respond and he attacked Crocodiles sand shield with his other hand using the power of distortion and continued his attacks on the sand shield.

The battle originally covered an area of about a hundred meters that had been turned to sand but under the Battle of these two, it gradually expanded to two hundred meters and three hundred meters.

"There what happened?"

"The street disappeared and became a desert"

Countless people who were covered with dust and sand turned their heads to look at the direction of the sand and they were stunned and many of them couldnt believe what they were seeing.


A sound echoed and the sand waves splashed in the area, they were tens of meters high could be seen clearly from hundreds of meters away.


Another sound echoed. In the tremor, the wind was sweeping in all directions with dust and sand, which made it difficult for many people to keep in their original position. They had to hold onto the buildings next to them.

The guards of the Alcaria kingdom have already arrived, but looking at the sand sea, they can only look at each other and no one dared to rush in.
As for the general Captain of the Guard, although he has some strength, the source of this sand is undoubtedly Crocodile who is one of the Seven Warlords of the Seas, rushing in to stop him is obviously a joke.

"Who is fighting Crocodile?"

"This is the strength of one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea"

Many people look at the area which spreads hundreds of meters and was filled with sand. They can not help but feel their heart palpitate and they showed some awe and shock in their eyes.

Another Bang sounded and a sand wave of about dozens of meters high was splashed in the center.

Ross punched Crocodiles Desert Spada which caused the yellow sand to scattered. Then he punched Crocodiles chest.


Crocodiles body collapsed again into a pool of yellow sand, but when he reformed again into a human figure, the expressions on his face were no longer as calm as before.

The punch just now gave him a different feeling. Rosss strength was very different. Hakis fist could hurt him, but pure abilitys fist had no effect on him. But now, that pure abilitys fist has made his chest a little uncomfortable.


Crocodiles face was somewhat depressed but Ross had already rushed over again and punched him again with his fist wrapped in the power of distortion.

Crocodile didnt evade. He had tried to evade Ross several times before, but Ross has caught him. There is no doubt that Ross also has Observation Haki.

With a shout of anger, he turned his arms into two huge blades of sand and swept towards Ross.


Crocodiles blade of sand failed to hold for a second and it broke apart under the bang of the power of distortion, while Rosss fist was once again on Crocodile.

The punch fell and Crocodiles face finally changed. If it was a Misconception before then this time, the pain in his chest cleared that Misconception.