One Piece Talent System Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Sustainability

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This strange feeling lasted only a few seconds, then completely disappeared, but Rosss perception has become completely different, he can clearly perceive the existence of gravity and can use the power of distortions to directly interfere with it!
Rosss mind moved, triggering the power of distortion, turning his bodys direction of gravity from downward distribution to upward and his body immediately flew towards the sky.

The first time he used Gravity Distortion, Ross seemed to be somewhat uncomfortable. As soon as he flew into the sky, he made an Armstrong 720-degree spiral motion in the air, just like a headless fly.


Ross dissipated the power of distortion, lifted his foot and cast Gepp (Moonwalk), which barely stabilized his body, but he was still a little dizzy.

On the deck of Ghost Shadow Ship, anchored at sea, Robin was looking strangely at Ross in the sky tens of meters away, just in line with Ross, who was holding his body.


Ross was silent for a moment and asked earnestly, "Robin, Do you see God?"

Robin silently regained her gaze and did not pay any attention to her own Captain that has clearly gone mad.

When Ross thought that this world did not have some kind of insecticidal and mosquito-repellent liquid, he stopped and did not continue to think in depth, but continued to try Gravity Distribution, his new ability.

After a few minutes.

Ross is suspended over Ghost Shadow Ship, flying from left to right and from right to left.


Robin, who sat on the Ghost Shadow Ship, remained expressionless all the time. If she can, she would like to exert her ability to pull her Captain from the sky, but the consequences of doing so are probably beyond her ability, so she can only think about it.

A few minutes later.

With the power of Gravity Distortion, Ross has taken full control of the flight capabilities and has begun experimenting with the ability to combine this flight with Gepp (Moonwalk).

Gepp (Moonwalk) is a means of walking in the air and it has to bear the limit of gravity at all times, but if there is no gravity, the speed of the Gepp (Moonwalk) will be a lot faster and if the direction of gravity can be changed as desired, In line with the movement direction of Gepp (Moonwalk), the speed can become even faster!

Simply relying on Gepp (Moonwalk) will become frustrating if he is to face an airborne battle with Doflamingo or Kizaru and he will be at a great disadvantage, but if he has the ability to fly with Gravity Distortion, the situation will be completely different.

Whiz! Whiz!

It is difficult to combine gravity with Gepp (Moonwalk) in terms of movement. After all, Ross has just got the Gravity Distortion ability, but Rosss constant practicing has led his aerial walking to become more and more skilled.

With Gravity Distribution, Rosss Moonwalk can be said to have become an upgraded version. Even if he didnt invest much proficiency in the Moonwalk, his instantaneous speed in the air would not be much slower than those of Headquarters Vice-Admiral, who are proficient in Marines Rokushiki.


After exercising for about half an hour, Rosss Stamina finally couldnt support it. The Gravity Distortion itself was not very expensive for Stamina, but Gepp (Moonwalk) was a real stamina consumer. Under double consumption, his body still couldnt bear it.

Controlling gravity, Ross slowly landed on the Ghost Shadow Ship deck.

Robin took the book in one hand and silently picked up the juice on the table with the other hand and put it to her mouth without drinking or putting it down.


Ross calmed down and looked contemptuous at Robin. What does this action mean? Being a Pirates Captain, cant he grab his crew members glass of juice?

After a short break, Ross jumped to the cliff on the shore again. Instead of rushing to exercise, he called out Talent Systems Interface again.

Without hesitation, he put 90 Talent Proficiency Points on Physical Enhancement.

The golden light flashed and the Generals talent value changed rapidly.

Agility Enhancement: 150 (High-Level Strengthening)

Physical Enhancement: 350 (Top Level Strengthening)

Physical Enhancements Maximum Value is 500 points and today it has reached 350 points, which is very close to Maximum Value.
Since Physical Enhancement is a passive percentage-increasing talent, it is not a fixed numerical increase. Therefore, Maximum Value means that Physical Enhancement is at the apex and can no longer continue to improve. On the other hand, it will mean that Ross passive talent bonus has reached a terrifying level.

Maybe his own basic physical fitness just needs to be exercised to the level of Headquarters Vice-Admiral. With the great improvement of Physical Enhancement Maximum Value, he can directly reach the level close to Garp!

The remaining 90 Talent Proficiency Points, Ross put them all in Distortion Fruit.


The 90 additional Talent Proficiency Points of Distortion Fruit has made Rosss power of distortion boost from 100 meters to more than 200 meters.

This level of power of distortion is far from the power of Whitebeard and Marine Admiral, which can easily shake a large island, but in this sea, it is a level that countless people can hardly reach in their lifetime!

Firearms Shooting: 50

Close-Combat Fighting: 100

Distortion Fruit: 390
Soru of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Kami-e (Paper Drawing) of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Marines Rokushikis Gepp (Moonwalk):0

Observation Haki: 15

Armament Haki: 0

Looking at the brand new Battle skill tree, Ross blinked and muttered:

"If only I could take back the talent point used for Firearms Shooting, I dont know if there will be any chance to take back the talent point in the future."
When he first came to this world, he couldnt fight the guns with his strength. The guns were indeed something that must be mastered, but now it has almost no effect, Close-Combat Fighting is the ability that still plays a very important role even now.

One is a loss but the combination of two is not a loss.

After shaking his head, Rosss mind moved and the Talent System Interface disappeared. He shook his fist and felt the strength in his body, then suddenly lifted his foot and stepped on it.

Bang Rumble!
He applied Gravity Distribution to the 100-meter-square cliff wall, which instantly showed signs of widespread collapse.

The stones broke apart and floated up. Although they had no direct contact with Rosss body during the suspension process, the gravity of Distortion was not restored. Instead, they were still in the state of Distortion and under Rosscontrol.

"Sure enough, the power will not disappear directly, but will gradually weaken."

Rosss eyes flashed as he smiled.

Previously, his power of distortion had to be transmitted through the medium of matter. Once there was a break between the substances, his power of distortions would be cut off instantly.

Just like holding a knife. If the blade suddenly breaks, his power of distortions will be instantly cut off and can no longer act on the broken part of the blade, unless he touches it again with his body.

But now.

After the Gravity Distortion is activated, even if the medium of transmission disappears, his power of distortion will not be interrupted by the moment, but will still act on that part of the material!

That is to say, even if the blade suddenly breaks, as long as the knife is used by his power of distortion, it is still under his control!

Although the power of this partition will slowly diminishing over time, it is enough for Ross.

There was an irrepressible excitement on his face, and he raised his hands and slammed them in front of him.

Bang Long!

The square of rock that was nearly a hundred meters long was completely ruptured and suspended in a place. Under the influence of Rosss ability, it slammed toward the center and turned into a huge meteorite with a radius of tens of meters. Suspended in the air, it looked like a perfect work of art.