One Piece Talent System Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Sky Island

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A few days later.

In the Kingdom of Alcaria, a man on a bicycle came here and scratched his hair after a fruitless search.
"Ah Ra Ra, It seems that I am a little late."

Aokiji left the Headquarters a long time ago. After getting the news, he immediately rushed to Alcaria. He thought that according to Alcarias magnetic storage days, it should be enough to arrive before the Ghost Pirates set sail, but he was still late.

"Its causing me a headache, Lets forget it, I will treat it as a vacation"

After shaking his head, Aokiji rode his bicycle away from Alcaria and the way the bicycle rolled was silently frozen into an ice road.

A few days later, the fleet of the nearest Marine base in the Kingdom of Alcaria arrived and confiscated the body of Crocodile and reported the situation to the seniors of the Marine Headquarters.

"Cant you stop it?"

After getting the news, Fleet Admiral Sengoku sat down at the desk and rubbed his eyebrows. "Contact Aokiji, where is he now?"

Aokijis departure from Marine Headquarters was naturally clear to him. Although Marine Admirals personal move for a 200 million-dollar pirate was a little over the top, Rosss influence was too bad for them. Aokiji was secretive and acting alone. Nobody knows.

Just as Sengoku was about to contact Aokiji and ask questions, a Den Den Mushi on the table suddenly sounded, This Den Den Mushi was used by the secret agencies of the World Government.

"Hello? Im Sengoku."

Sengoku frowned and answered the phone.

There was a low voice on the other end of the phone.

"Fleet Admiral Sengoku, the government has given us full responsibility for the Ghost Hand Pirates, if necessary, Marine Battleship may be mobilized, I hope you Marine will cooperate fully."

" I see."

Sengoku, after a little silence, responded by hanging up Den Den Mushi.

He wasnt surprised that the government took over the matter of the Ghost Hand Pirates directly. Compared with Marine, todays top government officials are much more intense at killing Ross.

And Rosss affair is already boiling. Its really not suitable to make a big move. Aokiji will travel alone. Thats why, its a good choice for the CP to deal with it secretly, in Sengokus view it is indeed a suitable choice.

The time went slightly forward, six kilometers above the sea.

The speed of the Ghost Shadow Ship is fixed to a certain extent, rising rapidly toward the sky, the sea below has become somewhat out of reach and there are plenty of clouds around it.

After crossing the limit of six kilometers, looking up, they can almost see a vast white cloud hanging in the sky as if carrying another world.


The rapidly rising Ghost Shadow Ship began to slow down. As the cloud level got closer and closer, Ross jumped to the top of the mast, raised his hand and reached out into the clouds.

The Power of distortion under Rosss control was fired up against the sea cloud. In a crash, the Sea Cloud swung to both sides and was torn apart by Ross as he created a huge crack.

Ghost Shadow Ship abruptly accelerated, crossing the sea clouds under Rosss open road and continuing to ascend upwards. A lot of fish and large monsters could be seen in the sea clouds. These monsters found the existence of Ghost Shadow Ship, but before they could come, Ghost Shadow Ship rushed to a higher place.


Finally, at the top of the cloud, the whole sea cloud burst into a hole, and Ghost Shadow Ship flew up from it, hovered in mid-air, and slowly landed on the cloud.

This cloud is like a sea of water, holding up the Ghost Shadow Ship.
"This is Sky island."

Laffitte came to the side of the ship and looked down at the clouds holding the hull. He smiled and said, "Its amazing that clouds can carry a ship."

Ross nodded, the existence of the Sky island is very difficult for him to understand, but different worlds have different rules. This world is such a magical place that there is a Sky island.

After looking at the surrounding environment, he asked Laffitte: "Look at the Log Pose, is there any change?"

"There is a change, the three arrows all point in one direction" Laffitte looked at the High-Level Log Pose worn on his wrist and was surprised.
The three arrows of the High-Level Log Pose usually point to the three islands. If it points in one direction, it means that the magnetic force in that direction is very strong.

After carefully observing the changed Log Pose, Laffitte found that the direction indicated by the arrow was still oblique and upward and could not help but look in that direction.

"We need to go up?."

"Yes, this is the White Sea, We will reach the Sky island by going up for another three kilometers, first adapt to the environment here then we will go up." Ross nodded and said.

This is the Sky island ten years ago from Luffys time. Any situation may exist. Yonk (Four Emperors) Hundred Beast Kaido also played free fall over the island, so in order to be safe, he first adapted to the thin air environment of the Sky Island.

Half a day later.

Gradually adapting to the Sky island environment, the impact on power became very small, Ross once again launched his ability, wrapping the Ghost Shadow Ship and rushed from the white sea and towards the Sky Island.

"Enel had the power of Rumble-Rumble Fruit before coming to the Angel Island, which means that Rumble-Rumble Fruit is not on the angel island, but in the Birka island that he will destroy in four years."

Ross had a few memories flashing through his mind.
After sailing in the direction indicated by the Log Pose, the island that they arrived is actually the Angel island in the original series. If they fall vertically from here, they will arrive at Jaya island and enter another route of Grand Line, which is the route taken by Luffy.

However, Rosss purpose is not to cross the route, but to go to another Sky island Birka, so after arriving at the Angel Island, the only thing he needs to do is to find a map of the Sky island.

The angel island is currently ruled by Gan fall and the arrival of Ross and others has not caused too much hostility to the Sky islands because occasionally there will be blue sea people arriving at the Sky island through several routes.

"There are things you care about herePoneglyph stone."

Walking along the cloudy Bank of the angel island, Ross enjoyed the surroundings and spoke to Robin who was following him.

The mission to get the map was handed over to Laffitte and on his side, he was responsible for touring No, taking Robin to find the Poneglyph stone that she cares about.

Robin looked at Ross strangely, not in disbelief of what Ross had said, but in some ways wondering why Ross had come all the way here and how he knew that there was a Poneglyph stone tablet.
"Has Captain been here before?"

"No, but nothing in this World can escape my eyes. The same is true for the Sky island." Ross said.

Robin was used to her Captains style. She turned her head to smile and said, "So, Captain knows what happened in the Void Century eight hundred years ago?"

Rosss face remained unchanged, and he said calmly, "Truth needs to be pursued by yourself to make sense. If I told you now, you would lose your motivation to move forward."
" That makes sense.

Robin covered her mouth and chuckled.

"Lets go."

Ross turned to Robin and put his hand on her shoulder. Distortion Fruits ability was activated. They instantly broke away from the bondage of gravity and flew toward the sky.