One Piece Talent System Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Ancient Weapons

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The feeling of being wrapped up by inexplicable power was strange. Robin couldnt hold her body for a moment and she almost turned over her head and feet, but she was still controlled by Ross.

"Is it on top?"
Robin did not resist and she let Ross take her upward while looking up at the sky while looking up to the sky, she saw the sky above has a deeper layer of clouds, which goes on upwards, seemingly endless.

Ross put his hand on Robins shoulder and looked up at the clouds. "Four hundred years ago, a part of an island on Grand Line was taken to the sky by the Knock Up Stream. It was called the ancient city of Shandora. This island was later called Holy Land Skypiea by the Sky islanders."

Between the words, Ross has taken Robin out of Angel Island and flew to Holy Land Skypiea, which was not far from the angel island.

Flying in midair, they can clearly see that Skypiea is standing on a huge vine, extending all the way to an unknown height, into the clouds above the sky.

"Captains understanding of history is really beyond my expectations."

Robin looked at the huge vine, but there was something different in her dark eyes, which was obviously historical knowledge. Ross would know so much about it that she wondered if Ross had ever lived here.

The Sky island people who live here have wings on their backs and Ross obviously dont have them and the people here will not tear out their wings.

Ross smiled: "I know more than you think. If you want to know more, we can do more in-depth understanding."


Robin always thought Rosss words were a little strange, but she couldnt say them.

Very soon.

The two flew over the sky of Holy Land Skypiea and Ross took Robin and flew straight up, following the huge vines, all the way up to the clouds and finally stopped on an island cloud.

This Island cloud is not big, only tens of meters square and in its center stands a golden bell, which has remained here for 400 years.

Looking at the golden bell, Robin involuntarily walked towards it. The golden bell, full of the ancient and brilliant flavor of historical civilization, has a fatal attraction for her.


Near the golden bell, Robin saw the Panglyph branded on the base, or the whole golden bell, built with a stone tablet of Poneglyph.

Robins hand gently stroked the words on the stone tablet, suppressing the emotions in her heart, silently reading the text on it and her eyes gradually became illusory.

Ross came over and said, "Can you read it?"


Robins eyes flashed, she paused for a second and whispered: "This is Log the ancient weapon with the name of God, the seat of Sea King"

When he heard Robins words, Ross smiled a little and took over her words. "Guide to the junction of Red Line and Grand Line, the island of the mermaid deep in the sea."


Robin looked at Ross with astonishment, Ross explanation behind the Poneglyph stone tablet was almost the same or almost the same in translation.
If Ross had known so many hidden histories before and could explain them, it would be incredible for him to be able to read Poneglyph.

In this world, only OHaras scholars can understand Poneglyph and she should be the only survivor of OHaras.

"Poneglyph, its not that hard to read."

Ross calmly looked at the Poneglyph stone.

The Sky island Pogeglyph stone, which logs the location of the ancient weapon Sea King Poseidon, clearly exists in Rosss memory. Before he asked Robin if she could interpret it, he just wanted to see if she would tell him the message of the ancient weapon Sea King logged here.
However, although Ross knows the existence of Sea King Poseidon and that Plutons location is hidden on the Poneglyph stone tablet in Alabaster, he does not intend to touch ancient weapons prematurely.

In the absence of a certain strength, it is meaningless to acquire ancient weapons. The government can easily take them away by sending a Marine Admiral.

At least, the real deterrent of these weapons is only when he has the strength to confront a Marine Admiral.


Robin bowed her head and was silent. At this moment, she had countless thoughts in her heart. Never had she experienced such a confusing moment.
Does Ross really know the truth about the Void Century? Should she ask Ross? But if she really gets the answer, as Ross said, her life goal will completely disappear and then she wouldnt know what to do.

Look here."

Ross went to the base of the Golden Bell and pointed at another string of words inscribed there, interrupting Robins thoughts.

Robin looked up and looked in the direction of Rosss fingers. Her eyes flashed with a trace of amazement again and her face showed a rare look of shock.

"I made it here. I will guide this text to the end of the earth Pirate Gol D. Roger!"

Pirate King Gol D. Roger!

Did he come over the Sky island? Why did he write this kind of text?

Robin vaguely felt that there was a line in front of her, a line that seemed to be able to connect all the clues together, but it was difficult for her to run through the line from her chaotic thoughts.

"In addition to OHaras scholars, there are others who can interpret Poneglyph. All the clues and secrets of Void Century have been learned by Roger and he put them on Raftel." Ross calmly said.

Robin turned her head and looked at Ross. There was an incredible look in the pair of black eyes. There were clues and guidelines. Could it be that Ross went to Raftel?

Ross slightly smiled and didnt talk anymore.

Some people can be easily conquered by virtue of strength, while others, such as Laffitte, have a clear mind in addition to their strength. As for Robin, in the case of these two conditions, there is a third one, that is, to surpass her in knowledge.

After all, Ross did not want a partnership like with the Straw Hats, but a relationship between Captain and the crew.

"Lets go."

"The depths of the island below are deep and there are ruins from hundreds of years ago."

Ross didnt let Robins brains fill up for too long and he interrupted her thoughts and walked to the edge of the clouds, looking down at Holy Land Skypiea.
After a little silence, Robin went to Ross and hesitated again and again. But, she did not ask her questions. She felt that Ross was right and she should personally pursue the truth.

Chi Chi!

Ross did not grab Robins shoulder this time. Instead, with a movement of his mind, the soft Island clouds on his feet were torn apart and he and Robin flew down.

Robin was silent and thought of Rosss process of bringing her up before. She asked with a blank expression: "Why didnt you use this method before?"

Ross responded with an unchanged look: "The newly developed capabilities are not too skilled."