One Piece Talent System Chapter 95

Chapter 95 A God

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Bang sounds and fierce clashes of knives and soldiers are constantly heard on the island, which is half-way above the current. Some people are fighting on this land.
Four hundred years ago, Skypiea was washed over to the Sky island. The Sky islanders occupied Skypiea as a Holy Land and drove out all the remaining native Shandians on Skypiea. Since then, the war between the Sky Islanders and Shandians has lasted for four hundred years.


The Angel islands current ruler,GodGan Fall, holds a long gun in his hand. A bullet flies out towards an attacking enemy and he shouts towards the many Shandians who are attacking.

"Skypiea is the Holy Land that God has given us and I will never allow anyone to attempt to refer to its existence"


The leader of the Shandians was a slightly younger warrior, Wiper, who carried a Burn Bazooka that used Breath Dials and flew towards a Sky Islander and shoots at him before saying:

"Those who have taken away our homeland are saying that God has given it to them? Thats ridiculous. Skypiea belongs to us! "

Many of the Sky Islanders heard Wipers words and shouted at him.

"That arrogant!"

"Dares to desecrate Holy Land, go to hell!"

A large number of god guards swarmed up and fought together against Wiper and others. The number of Sky islanders was significantly higher than that of Wiper and Shandians. There was also a huge gap between their equipment configuration and military quality, but Wiper and other Shandians personal strength is extremely fierce and they have been at a stalemate with the Sky islanders.

In the midst of their scuffle, two figures emerged from the depths of the jungle.


Robin watched the fight between the Sky island army and the Sandian people. Although she had struggled for years in the Underground world and had seen countless fights and war results, it was undeniable that deep in her heart, she still yearned for peace.

"Wars tend to drown out a lot of history, but the wars between the Sky Islanders and the Sandians started four hundred years ago and continue to this day."

Ross calmly stood there with his hands on his back and looking at the battlefield in the distance.

After watching it for a few seconds, Ross turned and walked toward the downhill path on one side. "This is the upper part of Skypiea. The ruins below have been hidden for hundreds of years. No one has found them. Lets go down."


Robin looked back at the war in the distance.


Before she could follow Ross for a few steps, a sharp arrow shot suddenly from a distance and towards her body with great precision.

Robins face changed slightly. The arrow came so suddenly which made it impossible for her to escape. But just as the arrow was about to hit her body, a hand approached her, grasped the middle of the arrow and stopped it.

Looking at the slightly trembling arrow in his hand, Ross shook his head. One thing he ignored was that the Sky island people could use Observation Haki.
Observation Haki is also known as the Mantra in the Sky island. People in Sky island are really unusual in their ability to see and hear. Some people are even born with Mantra, that is Observation Haki.

It would be strange not to be found at such a close distance.

Whos over there? Is it the reinforcement of sinners? Dont hide!"

An-Sky islander guard with a bow and arrows looks towards the bushes and stared at the position where Ross and Robin were and squinted sharply.

Ross shook his head when he heard a cold cry from the other side of the battlefield. He had no intention to meddle between the Sandians and the Sky islanders, but the other side almost hurt Robin with an arrow. His eyes flashed with indifference as he went out in the open.
"Ill teach them some etiquette. You stay here and Dont move around."


Robins eyes flashed with doubts and she breathed. The arrow just came suddenly. If Ross wasnt there, she would probably be injured. Observation Haki is something that she should master as soon as possible.

In the rustle of bushes, Rosss figure emerged, holding an arrow in his hand as he heads towards the battlefield, he asked calmly:

"Who shot the arrow."
In the battle between the Sky Islanders and Shandians, Rosss appearance is extremely conspicuous, because whether they are Sky islanders or Shandians, there are white wings behind them, but Ross has nothing behind him and his image is quite different from that of everybody on the scene.

Looking at Ross, someone frowned and thought of something.

"Bluesea people?"

Without wings and feathers, this dress is also strange. It is not uncommon for blue sea people to appear over the island. Many people quickly identified Ross.

Holding the bow and arrow was the Vice Captain of the Sky Island White Beret army. After a little amazement, he quickly responded with a sharp look in his eyes.

"Did the blue sea people sneak into the Holy Land? It is strictly forbidden to enter the Holy Land Skypiea without permission, it is a felony of Grade Three!


The Sandians looked coldly from a distance.

A clergyman, second only to Gan Fall, looked at the situation from a distance and ordered the few soldiers next to him:

"Kill Him."


As he ordered, various arrows and a number of spears cut through the void and flew toward Rosss body and blocking his escape routes.

Faced with this spear with strong wind, Ross did not mean to escape at all. He flexed his finger and flicked it lightly. The spear began to Distortion from the tip of the spear.

The rest of the spears were all scratched against Rosss body and all were lost.

"It seems that I dont have to ask."

Ross calmly looked at the Vice Captain of the White Beret Army and walked toward him, ignoring the rest of the chaos in the battlefield.
Many Sky Islanders and Shandians, seeing Ross destroying the spears with a weird force were surprised, As they watched Ross coming towards them, a few people nearby hesitated and rushed up with their own weapons.


However, before they could reach him, the ground under the feet suddenly rolled up like a mire and instantly surged up, wrapping them all in one, revealing only their heads.

Rosss footsteps didnt stop at all. He walked forward step by step. The speed and the distance has taken with each step was almost identical. He looked calmly through the field and saw the shocked Sky Islanders and Shandians nearby.
"Generations pass and generations come again, but the earth lasts forever."

"Like the fish in the water, they cant live without water. No matter if they are Sky islanders or people from the blue sea, they cant live without the earth and soil"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As Rosss footsteps progressed, the earth of 100 meters seems to be turned into seawater and it surged crazily, embedding the Shandians and the Sky Islander in it.


The faces of Gan Fall and several priests changed dramatically and even Wiper and others looked at this scene with a somewhat shocked and incredible look.

As Ross came step by step, the whole earth seemed to obey him and it had paved a path for him and everyone was bound and wrapped up by the surging earth and rocks.

"Holy LandSkypiea? All the land in this world is created by the gods. I gave it to you four hundred years ago, but you have forgotten prayer and piety."

Ross went on, raising his hand to the lightly floating emptiness of the priests and Gan Fall, who struggled in the surging soil.


The whole earth suddenly collapsed and rolled up like a wave and wrapped everyone in it. Distortion circled and turned into a mountain of about 100 meters wide. Everyone was wrapped in rocks and mud and it was difficult to get out of it even though they struggled.

At this moment, everyones eyes to Ross changed, showing horror and fear and some of the Sky island people were shocked, their body trembled and they kneeled down.


"No, impossible! There is no god in this world! In the four hundred years of war, God never appeared Burning guns!"

Wiper gritted his teeth and roared as he fired at Ross with the cannon on his shoulder. The blue-and-white flame burst out from it and shot towards Ross.

Ross had no intention of avoiding it and took no visible actions as the ground suddenly surged with countless stones and mud, swallowing the cannon in an instant.

"Humanitys greed led to war, which lasted for four hundred years. God was never your guardian, just as mortals would not care about the war between ants, why would a God care for a fight between you."

"It all started with a snap of the finger four hundred years ago."

Ross stood there calmly, raised his left hand and gently snapped a finger.


In an instant, the earth screamed and swelled and countless gravel mud wrapped around Wiper flew into the air, turning into a huge meteorite, flying toward the sky.

With the passage of time, fine cracks gradually appeared on the rising meteorite and eventually, in front of countless people, it suddenly collapsed. The figure of the Wiper which was wrapped in countless rubble fell down, Wiper had lost his consciousness for a long time.

"This is a punishment for your stupidity."

Rosss gaze swept across the audience and he immediately turned around, no longer looking at the rear and entered the depths of the jungle and disappeared.

Great Age of Pirates, 12th of April.

The god of the earth descends on Holy Land Skypiea and punished the greed of the mortals. The leader of the angels Gan Fall and the Shandia chiefs suddenly wake up, repenting and praying for their faults and sign the peace treaty together.

The war, which lasted for four hundred years, came to an end.