One Piece Talent System Chapter 96

Chapter 96 7 Months

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After Robin explored the ruins of the ancient city of Shandora in detail, Laffitte also found the map of the Sky island and returned to the ship.

The Sky islands are concentrated in the sky above the Grand Line. Although the number is not as high as that of the dense islands on the Grand Line, there are quite a few. On the maps Laffitte has just found, there are seven or eight islands.
"Birka Island is here."

After carefully scrutinizing a few maps, Ross took out one of them and clicked on an island that was drawn at the edge. He said: "The navigation of the Sky island is no different from the normal sea."

"Understood, Captain."

Laffitte responded with his cane in his hand and did not ask Ross what purpose he was going to Birka. Rosss image in his eyes has been mysterious since he stepped on the island.

What is Rosss purpose in going to Birka, it may involve the secret of his own Captain. Ross will say what he wants to say and he wont tell what he wants to hide so there is no point in asking.

With the map, Ross and others marched toward Birka.

In the meantime, both the Marine and the government on the Grand Line were going crazy looking for the trail of the Ghost Hand Pirates, but the Ghost Hand Pirates disappeared after leaving Alcaria and could not be found.

Some people suspect that Ross and others have encountered a storm and were destroyed at sea, but this idea was too exaggerated. With the strength of the Ghost Hand Pirates, how can a storm destroy them?

Marines frantic search with the government did not last long. Over time, it began to slow down gradually. There were still more things to deal with on the sea. It was impossible to put a lot of intelligence resources on the search for Ghost Hand Pirates for a long time.

"There is no intelligence at all They completely disappeared after leaving Alcaria? In this case, the mission cant be completed."

A black curly-haired man with a pigeon on his shoulder stood on a World Government intelligence vessel loitering in the sea near Alcaria, he lowered the Den Den Mushi and frowned at the sea.

A month later, Ghost Shadow Ship arrived at Birka.

In just one day, Ross defeated Birkas local tribe Leader and all the fighters and occupied Birka and told Robin and Laffitte to secretly search for a Devil Fruit that might be hidden in a corner of the island.

Two months later, Rumble-Rumble Fruit did not appear and Enel was found by Ross, but he had not eaten Rumble-Rumble Fruit and Ross was completely uninterested in him.

Three months later, Rumble-Rumble Fruit still couldnt be found.

With the passage of time, the news of the Ghost Hand Pirates on Grand Line was completely silent and many people who occasionally thought of the Ghost Hand Pirates were shaking their heads in secret.

"Ghost Hand Pirates They havent appeared for a long time, they were probably destroyed by the Government and the Marine." A Pirate Hunter sat in the tavern and shook his head.

"Who knows? they shouldnt have. The reward order hasnt been revoked yet.

Ross is a huge spray in the surging sea, but the spray does not continue to blossom but is gradually covered by the rolling waves.

Red Hair Shanks lost an arm!

The strongest swordsman in the Sipka Kingdom has challenged Hawkeye!

Conflict appeared between the Beast Pirates and the BIGMOM Pirates!
The emergence of such big news is driving the times forward and the Ghost Hand Pirates are gradually forgotten with the passage of time.

Seven months later, the Sky island Birka.

Here the white clouds float and all the buildings are made of clouds. Looking like the heavenly kingdom, Battles voice comes from a huge open garden in the middle of the island.

Whiz! Whiz!
Rosss figure flickered back and forth, patted or pressed or pushed and his palm kept falling towards Robin. Robin had her eyes closed and she was constantly catching Rosss movements, or bending her head sideways and pushing Ross away with the palm of her hand.

Ross speeded up a bit. Robins forehead was covered with sweat, but she could still keep away and occasionally get a little scratched.

"Observation Haki, you have almost mastered it."

Ross finally turned away from her. She stopped moving, took back her hand and nodded lightly at him.

In the past seven months, in addition to studying the history of Birka and the Sky island, Robin has been practicing Observation Haki, the Sky islands Observation Haki or Mantras practice routes is more clear and easy to learn than Rosss method.
Robins mind is extremely sharp and she has a heart that can remain calm in most cases. She quickly learned about Observation Hakis practicing.

Robin opened her eyes and said: "With Captains constant tests, its natural to learn faster."

She deliberately bit the "test" of the word.

Rosss face remained unchanged and he said with a frank face: "Then you have to thank me."

"Thank you very much for your guidance Captain."

Robins mouth raised with a dangerous smile as she stared at Ross.

"Seven months"

Ross looked up at the sky and murmured in a low voice. He had stayed in the Sky island for seven months. For him, it was a little longer than expected. He had planned to stay for three to five months before leaving, but Rumble-Rumble Fruit wasnt found and the time was constantly prolonged.

Its because he took various things for Granted. Even if he had guessed the location of the Rumble-Rumble Fruit in his memory, it is not so easy to get it.

Over the past seven months, he has been practicing all the time. He has mastered the ability of Gravity Distribution and has improved his physical fitness a lot.


This practicing speed is obviously far less effective than galloping on the Grand Line, killing all the pirates and defeating Marines.

"Its time to leave."

Ross breathed softly, without ant fights for seven months and only practicing repeatedly has become somewhat intolerable for him. He is bored now. Fortunately, Robin was here and he could test her for Observation Haki and the scenery on the Sky island was also good.

Blackbeard has been attached to Whitebeard Pirates for more than a decade to acquire the Yami Yami fruit, but Ross will not do so because Rumble-Rumble Fruit is not so valuable to him.

If Rumble-Rumble Fruit appears years later and falls into the hands of a Sky islander and is eaten directly, it will be a waste of time.

For him who has the Distortion Fruit and the Talent System, Rumble-Rumble Fruit is not a must-have, not to mention the ability of Gravity Distortion, he can come back to the island at any time, without having to bind himself here.

And last but not least, he didnt want to make the name of the Ghost Hand Pirates disappear in the ears of those high-level Marines for too long.

At Rosss side.
When Robin heard that Ross was ready to leave after seven months, she couldnt help but blink.

Living in the Sky island is much gentler than the sea. They dont have to think about the pursuit of Marine. She doesnt have to think about collecting intelligence. But staying here is impossible if she wants to collect the Poneglyph stone and know the truth of the Void Century.

It is indeed time to leave.