One Piece Talent System Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Returning

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"So, are we leaving?"

Laffitte still looks as he did seven months ago and nothing changed. After being recalled by Ross, he pinched the edge of his hat and asked with a smile.
For him, the seven months of the Sky island can be said to be very boring and the Devil Fruit that Ross asked him to search was not found by him.


The main purpose of the Sky island was to avoid the extremely dangerous situation that the Government and Marine will create, so although Laffitte was bored he understood the truth.

"Seven months without navigation, Your level of navigation should not have declined, right?"

Ross smiled at Laffitte.

Laffittes strength has also improved slightly over the past seven months. Even though he is still not an opponent of Headquarters Vice-Admiral, He can handle a Branch Vice-Admiral for a while.

As for Robin, shes a little stronger now than she would have been in the original series when she set foot on New World. Even if shes not as good as Laffitte, shes still capable of fighting a Branch Rear Admiral.

"Oh Captain will see it soon."

Laffitte opened his arms slightly with his cane, revealing a smile.

"Give an order to the Birka tribe to continue to search for the Devil Fruit and as soon as they find it, they have to hand it to the chieftain for safekeeping." Ross gave a command.

The people of Birka Island has been given a wave of deep hypnosis and brainwashing by him and Laffitte, especially the chieftain and many priests, who have been deeply hypnotized and brainwashed by Laffitte.

Even if Rumble-Rumble Fruit appears, as long as it falls into the hands of these priests and chiefs, they will immediately hide it and wait for his return.

"All right."

Laffitte made an aristocratic etiquette and turned to go outside.

Ross thought about it again and after confirming that there was nothing missing, he walked with Robin toward the edge of the island and soon came to the dock and boarded the Ghost Shadow Ship.

There were a few sailors on the board. Ross picked three Sky islanders in Birka, one man and two women. The man was strong, second only to the chiefs and priests of Birka. One of the two women was a skilled chef. The other is a seventeen-year-old priests servant candidates. Like a spirit, Ross feels that serving the priest is too wasteful and changed her destiny.

Although Robin is very capable, its good to have someone share her burdens.

Today, Rosss authority is unshakable on board, followed by Laffitte and Robin, both of whom belong to the ships main crew, while the rest are in the same position.

Very soon.

Laffitte returned the Ghost Shadow Ship after issuing Rosss command.

"Next stop, North Blue."

After Laffitte returned, Ross calmly stated: "It is time to have a ship doctor on board."

For a long time, Ross had been considering the candidate for the ship doctor, wandering between the future poisonous DOC Q of Black Beard Pirates and Surgeon of Death Trafalgar Law.

Since Law was too young, Ross has been searching for the intelligence on Doc Q, but he never found anything on him. He finally decided to change his choice and went to North Blue to find Trafalgar Law.

Law is seven years older than Luffy. This year he should be around fifteen years old. Its the age when hes going to be out of his childhood and cant stand alone. Its the best time for Ross to recruit him.

"The location is fixed. It seems that Captain has already chosen someone."

Laffitte showed a strange smile on his face.

If there is a ship doctor on board, there is no need to worry about meeting a strong enemy, being severely injured and unable to cure the eventual death and the minor injuries and minor illnesses during the voyage on weekdays are also guaranteed.
More importantly, Rosss vision is very high and the person who can be chosen by Ross may also be a reassuring presence in terms of strength.

"Lets go."

After Ross nodded, Ghost Shadow Ship trembled and the sea cloud below swayed silently to the sides and there was a huge crack that was hundreds of meters long across the cloud sea.

The Ghost Shadow Ship suddenly fell into the crack and eventually disappeared.

A few days later.

On a ship sailing on the sea and flying the flag of the World Government, a man in a top hat and a parrot standing on his shoulder was connecting Den Den Mushi to the other side.

He is the World Government subordinates, known as the strongest CP9s member in 800 years, Rob Lucci.

More than half a year ago, the mission of the World Government concerning the secret assassination and execution of Ghost Hand Ross and the secret arrest of Devil Child Nico Robin was given to him.

"Seven months they finally appeared, but how can they appear in North Blue"

Lucci listened to the intelligence reported by Den Den Mushi on the other side and frowned.

"Did the Goddamm Ghost Hand Pirates finally appeared?!"

Standing next to him, Spandam listened to the conversation between Lucci and Den Den Mushi at the other end, with a hint of irritation in his eyes.

The government-supplied mission could not be completed directly because the Ghost Hand Pirates disappears, but if they failed to succeed, it will be hung on their heads no matter what the circumstances were.
As the current chief of CP9, he has been delayed by a mission for more than half a year and can not get half the credit. He is very angry with the Ghost Hand Pirates. In the past, with the efficiency of Lucci and others, a lot of credits was earned, which is why his father specifically mobilized his authority and assigned him to CP9 to serve as Chief.

As long as he stays in the CP9 for eight or ten years, it would be a natural thing to rise to the top of the government and then he would be able to overlook the whole ocean from the top.


Lucci hates Spandam more than the pirates he defeated. He believes in the dark justice and sees weakness as sin and Spandams Battle power is as powerful as a soldier with brass in his hand.

But as chief, he was trained to obey orders when he was young, and he could only press down his hatred of Spandam.

He hung up the Den Den Mushi, turned to Spandam and said, "Ghost Hand Pirates are in North Blue. I think we should go to North Blue now. What do you think?"

Spandam hesitated for a moment and finally gritted his teeth and nodded.
Although he didnt want to run that far, The World Governments mission which demands speedy completion has been delayed for half a year. Now the Ghost Hand Pirates has appeared. If the government knows hes doing nothing on this side, its possible that condemnation orders will come down.

"Get the Marine Fleet of the North Blue ready for support No, let the branch base on the Grand Line send Battleship directly to North Blue.

Ghost Hand Ross killed the elites of the Marine branch and destroyed one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea Crocodile. Spandam is very clear about his strength and although he trusts the strength of Lucci and others but for those who are afraid of death, the more secure it is the better.

Lucci shook his head and was very unhappy with Spandam, but Spandam was the chief of CP9, making the decision that CP9 must abide by unless he betrayed the World Government.
Unable to vent his frustration on Spandam, Luccis mood quickly shifted to the target, which was the culprit of their wandering around the sea for more than half a year

"There are still four months to go. Its the Mission deadline of one year. Dont disappear again for no reason Ghost Hand Pirates."