One Piece Talent System Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Chips

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After staring at Laffitte for a few seconds, Law said coldly, "What if I dont go?"
Laffitte casually spread his hand and raised his mouth slightly. "If you dont go, it will make me very embarrassed, because this is the mission Captain gave me."

For Rosss fancy doctor candidate, he is a young man. Laffitte has some doubts in his mind, but if he is a Paramecia Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit user, then there is no problem.

Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit.

Even if he doesnt understand the power of this fruit, just by hearing the name of this fruit, he knows the fruit is related to medical practice.

Seeing that Law was unmoved and still maintained a state of great vigilance. Laffitte smiled and leaned forward slightly. He said, "Dont be so vigilant. Looking at you, you should be able to judge the strength gap between you and me?"

"And You just dealt with a group of people and you seem to have consumed a lot of your stamina.

Laffitte described it in a slightly weird tone. When that sentence fell, Laws expression became a little gloomy.

When he was there, he used the ability of Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit but he did not find Laffitte hiding in the dark. Even Laffitte came here all the way, he did not find him.

"What do you want?"

After a few seconds of silence, Law spoke in silence. Even if he knew that he was mostly not Laffittes opponent, he could not go directly with people of unknown origin.

Laffitte looked at Law and laughed and carelessly answered with a word.


Upon hearing Laffittes answer, Laws face became gloomy again and the hand holding the sword became tighter and he was ready to fight.

But Laffitte stood there and gave him a feeling of very strong oppression. The way that he had just appeared behind him was silent. It still makes his heart cold and the sword in his hand is screaming for a fight but he did not dare to rush forward.

"Dont show such great hostility. We are not in the same company with those people just now. We dont care about the 100 million bounty on your head."

Laffitte saw that Law didnt intend to follow him. He could not help but shake his head and smiled lightly: "Strictly speaking, we just want to make a deal with you."

"What deal."

Seeing that the other party finally showed a little sincerity in conversation, rather than pure teasing, Law finally relaxed a little and asked quietly.

Laffitte repeats Rosss words to him in no uncertain terms: "We can kill Doflamingo for you and the price you have to pay is to be part of us."


Laws pupils contracted violently and his breathing became unstable.

There is too much information revealed in this sentence. He never said that he would kill Doflamingo. How does the other person know that he wants to kill Doflamingo?

And knowing that, that is to say, the other party knows all about his past, how do they know and what is their connection with Doflamingo?

There are countless questions in his heart.

One minute two minutes

As time went by, there was silence in the dark lane.

No one knows how long it took but Law finally spoke. He didnt ask any questions that came up in his mind, but he only asked a single question:

"Are you serious about killing Doflamingo?"
Who is Doflamingo, he is the captain of the Donquixote Family, he is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and before becoming a Shichibukai, he had a bounty of 340 million Berries!

Since Corazons death, he has been gnawing his teeth and hiding the idea of revenge on Doflamingo deep in the heart. He knows that his strength is too weak. Doflamingo and Donquixote Family are like a mountain, crushing everyone beneath them.

It will take him at least Ten Years to kill Doflamingo.

After hearing Laws words, Laffitte, who had been standing there calmly, finally smiled again. He knew that the mission had been completed.

Instead of answering, he shook his wrist and from somewhere he suddenly pulled out a yellowish sheet of paper, which he lightly fluttered towards Law.
It was a bounty poster and more specifically, Rosss bounty poster.

No need to say anything, a bounty of 200 million Berries can prove that they indeed have the required power to deal with the Donquixote Family.

"It turned out to be him."

Laws eyes also glimmered at the moment he saw the Bounty Poster. Although he was in the North Blue Underground world, he also has some information on the Grand Line.

Seven Warlords of the Sea only has seven people and Doflamingo is one of them.

More than half a year ago, One of the Seven Warlords of the Sea was killed on the Grand Line. He still remembers clearly that the man who killed Crocodile was the one on the bounty poster.

Ghost hand Ross.

In order to destroy Doflamingo, he does not care about his life. He is willing to die if he can take Doflamingo to hell with him.

The only problem is that his life far less valuable compared to Doflamingo, so this deal seems to be a bit unreal. He doesnt feel that his existence deserves to be comparable with the Donquixote Family.

If it wasnt for Laffittes power that brought him great pressure. He would have already started to leave the room quickly, because who knows if the other party has cooperation with the Donquixote Family and intends to sell him to Doflamingo in a certain transaction.

"The value of the chips(bargaining material) is comparable, so its a transaction."

Laws gaze moved away from the bounty poster and fell back to Laffitte and he murmured. "I dont have the equivalent chips that I can trade with you."

"Thats right."

Laffitte nodded: "Even if you are a Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit user, you cant be compared to a Seven Warlords of the Sea, but thats Captains decision. He seems to think youre worth more than that Shichibukai."

"And, this is a deal you cant refuse, unless you are willing to destroy your own chips, hehe."

At the moment when his voice fell, Laffitte standing there suddenly seemed to melt into the darkness and disappeared. He silently appeared on Laws right side and the red stick in his hand was lightly put on Laws shoulder.
Law slowly loosened his grip on the handle of the sword.

Not that he did not intend to resist, but that when he responded, Laffitte had already appeared less than a foot to his right and there was no room for resistance, so resistance was meaningless.


Thats when Law realized that he did have the same chips, the same chips that he had in his hands and could use for trading, derived from Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit.
That is to say, when his fruit ability is developed to the extreme, it can give eternal life to others