One Punch Star Annihilation Book 4 Chapter 1025

Vol 4 Chapter 1025: Confluence Intrepid

At the distance of V838 Monoceros, it was still a ten-day voyage.

The Proton Observer sent a message back that the remaining six warships of the Monoceros fleet had given up chasing the Intrepid and all returned to the Palese Space Base at v838 Monoceros.

Obviously, the advance of the human space fleet has made the remaining Monoceros fleet feel tremendous pressure.

Therefore, they chose to abandon the pursuit of the Intrepid, and returned to the space base of V838 Monoceros to prepare for defense.

Afterwards, Counterattack and Dreadnought made communication and determined the convergent star system.

After the fleet converged, a six-ship fleet was formed and went straight to V838 Monoceros.

This is the first time humans have approached v838 Monoceros.

This star system is destined to be extraordinary.

As early as 20,000 years ago, an interstellar battle took place at v838 Monoceros, destroying a star and turning the original binary star system into a single star system.

The scene where this interstellar battle destroys the stars has long been seen by humans.

It was the star burst from v838 Monoceros observed in 2004.

It's just that humans have only observed star bursts, but can't observe the details of the interstellar battle. After all, they are 20,000 light-years apart.

At a distance of 20,000 light years, stars can only see a small spot, so it is naturally impossible to observe the spacecraft.

just now.

The human space fleet is about to set foot in this star system.

There are still the last three days to reach the Hyperspace Channel of Monoceros v838.

The fleet began to slow down, preparing to enter the wormhole.

When Lang Xiaonian returned to the counterattack, a group of students from the military scientific research class went up and hugged him tightly.

"Xiao Nian, you succeeded!"

"Yes, we survived..." Lang Xiaonian hugged everyone with tears in his eyes and his glasses were wet.

More than half a year has passed since the Intrepid acted alone.

Wandering in the universe for half a year, this is a desperate journey.

No one knows whether he can survive, and what's more terrifying is that he can't return to his homeland after death.

It is a kind of despair where fallen leaves leave the branches and turn into rootless duckweed.

In this six months.

The space soldiers on the Intrepid have cried, laughed, despaired, screamed, and some were even suppressed to commit suicide.

However, the Space Army soldiers who boarded the Intrepid at the beginning all voluntarily died, and their will is the strongest part of the army.

They stubbornly supported it.

"Captain, I'm back." Lang Xiaonian let go of his classmates? Stand in front of Fang Yuan? Take off his glasses, excited and bitter.

"Okay? What are the requirements? Try to say it."

Fang Yuan is now the captain of the Dragon Team, and is the strongest combat power in human civilization? Sometimes he will hold a little bit and establish a majestic image? This is also the advice given by Admiral Rod.

"I want to eat noodles? Eat instant noodles." Lang Xiaonian said such a sentence, making everyone stunned.

"Recumbent! You said earlier that the last bucket was eaten for me two and a half months ago." Niu Dazhi reached out to slap him.

Moreover, Niu Dazhi suddenly wakes up? Want to eat instant noodles again? What you have to wait is not two months, but half a year, because it will take four months to return to Earth. If it can successfully destroy the V838 Monoceros Space Base .

"It's boring, want to eat junk food? Can't you think of something good?" Eve said silently.

Lang Xiaonian wiped his glasses with his sleeves, and smiled shyly: "That...we have eaten potatoes for half a year? I really vomited."

The space fleet will bring food for the expedition? But in fact, it will not bring too much.

In fact, the space fleet has a standard? It is to survive in the universe for a long time.

This long-term? The unit is usually a hundred years.

Therefore, the spacecraft has its own ecosystem.

Simply put, crops can be grown on the spacecraft.

Generally divided into two types, one is hydroponics and the other is soil culture.

Fertilizer itself is not a problem, there is fertilizer where there are people.

As long as the sunlight problem is solved, planting is actually not difficult.

Even in places far away from stars, artificial sunlight can be used to complete crop planting.

On the spaceship, the easiest and easiest to plant is potatoes.

Therefore, Lang Xiaonian said he had eaten potatoes for half a year.


On May 22, 69, the era of crisis, the expeditionary fleet is about to pass through the wormhole and arrive at v838 Monoceros.

At this time, the northern hemisphere of the earth has just entered summer.

However, the expeditionary fleet in the Monoceros star cluster cannot feel it at all.

On the evening of May 22, the expeditionary fleet is about to arrive in the hyperspace wormhole.

As long as you pass through this wormhole, you will reach V838 Monocerotis, but you can't rush past.

Just like when the Monoceros fleet passed through the Tianyuan IV-Solar System Wormhole, it was attacked by the defensive matrix of the asteroid belt.

Although the Monoceros fleet did not suffer losses at the time, it was because the Monoceros fleet possessed a powerful energy shield.

Human weapons cannot break the energy shield, so the Monoceros fleet is safe and sound.

This does not mean that the space fleet of human civilization can pass through it recklessly.

Fang Yuan convened a meeting of all senior generals in the combat meeting room of the Counterattack to discuss the strategy of crossing the wormhole.

Just in the middle of the meeting, I suddenly received news from the earth.

The moment Zhao Anya saw the news, the whole person jumped up, her voice hurriedly reported:

"Something happened. I just received information from the Carbon-based Alliance. A main fleet of the Palestine civilization left the Andromeda Galaxy to support v838 Monoceros."

Everyone present showed a solemn expression the moment they heard the news.

"How strong is the fleet?" Fang Yuan asked in a deep voice.

"According to the intelligence given by the Carbon-based Alliance, the main fleet of the Palestine civilization has 12 warships, but the technological level of the warships is much stronger than that of the Monoceros fleet. As for how powerful they are, I cant tell at all. These technical data exceed I understand." Zhao Anya replied.

"Release the information." Fang Yuan motioned to her to cast the information on the screen.

Looking at the information given by the Carbon-based Alliance, Fang Yuan also showed a solemn expression.

Although the Monoceros fleet is the fleet of the Palestine civilization, the fact that the Monoceros fleet is arranged in a distant galaxy and stationed in a remote star system has shown that the Monoceros fleet is not the main fleet of the Palestine civilization.

In other words, the battleships of the Monoceros fleet are not the most advanced battleships in the Palestine civilization.

Perhaps it is an antique left over thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years.

Now, the main fleet of Palestine civilization is coming.

This will be the fleet owned by the true super galaxy civilization, and its terrifying degree is not comparable to that of the Monoceros fleet.

Once this Palestine main fleet comes, then human civilization has no chance of winning.