Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 1

Chapter 541: The Four Essential Traits
Chapter 541: The Four Essential Traits!
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Those three flowers made of dense fog went back into Mei Xue Yan's body with a 'whoosh' sound after a while. Then, Mei Xue Yan gently opened her eyes. Her eyes shot a strange light as she looked at Jun Mo Xie. Her heart was undulating, and her expressions were very complicated. She seemed to be sending off several mixed indications...

However, only one thing was certain!

Mei Xue Yan could clearly feel that her Primal strength had reached its maximum limits after this momentary effort; it had undergone massive improvements! She had received fifty years-worth of pure Primal power; even a little more.

Mei Xue Yan had been besieged by the ten top-notch experts in the past. And, she had sustained serious injuries during that incident. She had somehow managed to escape, and had then returned to the Tian Fa Forest. But, it could be said that the condition of her injuries was very critical. Her body had been damaged from the inside-out due to that sword injury. Moreover, that sword strike had been a result of some sort of a devious and demonic martial technique. This evil energy had then intertwined with her body. And, she hadn't been able to drive this defect out from her body. Mei Xue Yan had been striving to cure this injury for decades. In fact, she had even reverted to her Xuan Beast form in order to do so. However, she still hadn't been able to recover completely.

It must be said that Mei Xue Yan's heart used to be kind and gentle back then. Therefore, she hadn't done her best against those attackers at first. And, that's because she had always thought that these men made-up the main force which would be used in the Battle for Seizing the Heavens. They were directly related to the safety of the entire mainland. Therefore, it wouldn't be suitable to kill them. And, she had suffered very dearly for this reason. In fact, it could be reckoned that even the incense sticks in front of Mei Xue Yan's memorial tablets would've burnt out a long time ago in case she hadn't possessed such dreadful strength

The seriousness of that injury had only been one step short of the ultimate disaster if one were to think from Mei Xue Yan's perspective. Could an ambush from ten top-notch experts be considered a trivial matter? She had struggled at the gates of hell after that battle!

It was on the eve of that battle at Tian Fa when Mei Xue Yan had finally felt that she was at the verge of making her recovery. But, she had been disturbed during this most critical stage of her recovery. After all, losing the Sacred Fruit had incited her at a time when she was so close to a successful recovery. Consequently, her Primal energy had comprehensively flown in reverse, and her body was instantly reverted to its originally injured state.

Then, Jun Mo Xie had sneaked into her territory at a time when she was incapable of doing anything. He had acted mischievously with her since he had thought that she was just an ordinary small animal. However, this had left Mei Xue Yan so ashamed that she had wanted to die. But, she was still helpless.

However, Jun Mo Xie had unknowingly used his heavenly aura to heal her. And, this had also played a great therapeutic effect on her injury. This hadn't allowed her to make a complete recovery. But, most of her old sufferings had disappeared nonetheless. Even the effect of her Primal Qi's devil's bite had been reduced to a negligible level. Mei Xue Yan had concentrated her efforts after Jun Mo Xie had left. And, she had managed to regain eighty-percent of her initial strength as a result. Then, she had suppressed her old injuries, and had gone to battle against four of the eight Great Masters! Then, she had managed to win the battle in one fell swoop!

However, Mei Xue Yan had known that her injuries were far from full recovery. Moreover, the Battle for Seizing the Heavens was eminent. But, she was uncertain of her own condition at such a crucial time This was the reason why she had come to the mainland she had been hoping to find an opportunity to make a complete recovery.

Accompanying Jun Mo Xie had obviously been premeditated on her part. And, that's because Jun Mo Xie's heavenly aura was the best method to treat her injuries!

Jun Mo Xie had certainly insulted her. But, she needed Jun Mo Xie's heavenly aura in order to heal herself; it was a complicated and inexplicably strange relationship. It had been exhausting for Mei Xue Yan to toss-and-turn between these two emotions along that long journey. But, Jun Mo Xie had been having a very pleasant journey at the time. And, this had left Mei Xue Yan to feel even more unsatisfied. Therefore, she had repeatedly messed with him. However, this guy had constantly managed to deal with everything she threw at him

He wouldn't break down even if couldn't deal with things. [The thickness of this guy's skin is unparalleled. He never gets angry. Who in the hell is he?]

Its true that Mei Xue Yan urgently needed Jun Mo Xie's heavenly aura to heal her injuries. But, she was the Lord of the Tian Fa Forest. So, how could she bend her knee and ask him for this favor? She considered this issue for a long time, but couldn't make-up her mind. So, she sent the Snake King to recon-around the Tian Xiang City after they had arrived here

However, Jun Mo Xie used his extremely rogue ways when they met again. He spanked her. He even kissed her This obviously left Mei Xue Yan feeling like a big mess!

Killing him would've been easy, but she couldn't do that. She could beat him up, but she mustn't beat him heavily. And, reprimanding was useless against such a shameless guy. Therefore, Mei Xue Yan was hesitant to make her choice. However, that's when she heard Jun Mo Xie invite her to live with the Jun Family. And, she carelessly agreed to the idea in that moment of muddle-headedness Consequently, she had been living there till this date

They remained in regular contact for a while. And, she didn't even realize how the shadow of this rascal entered her heart one step at a time Her heart had always been like a serene lake. However, it somehow broke chaos as a result

Her injury still hadn't recovered during her stay here. However, the amazing pill Jun Mo Xie had given her had astonishingly increased her speed by three times. Then, this Heavenly Vitality Pill had added fifty years-worth of pure Primal strength to her cultivation. Moreover, her injuries had gradually healed under the efficacy of these two divine pills!

Consequently, she had restored herself to the peak of her strength from the days gone by. Moreover, she had also been given a chance of moving forward. This couldn't make-up for the lack of progress during the years gone by. However, the difference still wasn't huge.

In fact, it was needless to talk about making an over-all recovery and the shortfall over the years. After all, the Tian Fa Forest would get enormous strength as long as this youngster continued to provide her with his heavenly accomplishments. In fact, it could be reckoned that the days of Tian Fa's glory wouldn't be very far away in that case. However, it would be too embarrassing to ask for this favor. So, how could she do it even if Jun Mo Xie was willing to agree?

This eccentric youngster was someone who had incited feelings of love and hate in her heart. How couldn't this be a mystical feeling?

Snake King, Bear King, and Tiger King were still immersed in absorbing the efficacy of the pill. After all, there was a considerable difference between their strength and Mei Xue Yan's. Their strength had suddenly increased by fifty years of cultivation. They certainly possessed great strength, but they still needed a lot of time to digest and absorb these pills!

Jun Mo Xie eventually realized that the Beautiful Mei was looking at him. In fact, it seemed that she was watching him very attentively. And, he couldn't help but feel good about himself. So, he pretended not noticing it. And, he allowed her to watch him. [After all, I'm very charming. What beauty wouldn't prostrate in front of me!]

However, Mei Xue Yan continued look at him like this for a long time. And, Young Master Jun was eventually unable to bear it. Therefore, he forced a smile and said, "Why on earth are you looking at me like that? Do you think I'm fascinating to look at? Do you feel that I'm very handsome? Do you feel that I am very stylish, very positive, handsome, and confident? Do you think I'm different? I'm an extraordinary hero who can face the rough winds. But, other people feel a little embarrassed if you look at me in this way!"

Mei Xue Yan's muddled train of thoughts finally came to a halt. She then smiled sweetly, and said, "May be it's not too late to get along with you. After all, I don't even bother myself with anything that you say. However, it's your shamelessness that it makes me feel strange. Don't you feel any embarrassment?"

Jun Mo Xie touched his nose and laughed twice. He then said, "A thick-skin makes for a great advantage. Haven't you noticed it? A saint had rightly said once 'A sensitive person can't find the desirable amount of food to eat, while a shameless person finds enough'. Whether it is eating or drinking or looking for wife shameless people are always ahead! Sensitive people can only pick-up what others leave. And, it's boring to pick up other people's leftovers. Anyway, I'm not very good at that"

"Is it? So, you think that being shameless is the biggest advantage?" Mei Xue Yan said in a somewhat ridiculing tone.

"It's not everything, but it's not too far! You must have this necessary factor to achieve the final victory whether you want to enhance your strength or you want to get rich or lead a battle between two countries or become the King! You must know a winner needs to have four essential traits to succeed; you can't do without even one of them!" Jun Mo Xie bragged with the courage of his conviction.

"Four essential traits? Don't just toss scholarly quotes on me; explain things clearly!" Mei Xue Yan's curiously had somehow gotten hooked to his words. [There's nothing to do right now. So, I might as well let him brag while we pass time.]

"The first-major trait being two-faced; kind on the outside, but sinister on the inside!" Jun Mo Xie said in a serious tone, "The chances of your success are very vague if you're not two-faced! This one point is particularly important. This is the trait which gives rise to the countless schemes and plots one requires to formulate. And, success can't be achieved without having this trait as a foundation!"

"What is the second thing?" Mei Xue Yan carefully considered about the issue. And, she felt that it wasn't unreasonable to say that.

"The second trait is 'daring'! You have to dare to do whatever you can dare to think. People's objective can be considered as 'half successful' in the vast majority of cases as long as they can dare to think. After all, you dared even though the others didn't. Therefore, you have more chances of being successful than those others who didn't dare," Jun Mo Xie's manner of speaking was very similar to that of a scholar from a Confucian School. He even shook his head as if he was teaching with tireless zeal.

"What is the third point?" Mei Xue thought about it, and laughed. [Daring? You don't even need to mention this. After all, how many things can a coward achieve? You can be bullied even if you sell vegetables]

"The third point is extremely important. One must have a fierce heart! Everything depends on a person's heart. One must be prepared to kill mercilessly if someone else tries to hurt their interests. You must be prepared to destroy everything that stands in your way. I would rather suppress the entire world, but I wouldn't let the people's orders suppress me! This is the only way a Monarch works. And, this has remained constant since eternity!" Jun Mo Xie snorted. He couldn't help but think of Li You Ran as he said this.

Li You Ran had faded out of sight ever since Jun Family had suddenly emerged as a super-power. There had been no movement on his side even though he was the leader of the Li Family's young generation. However, Jun Mo Xie had never loosened his vigilance. Li You Ran was no longer a threat for Jun Mo Xie at his current level. In fact, the entire Li Family was nothing in front of them at this time. However, that youngster had a very conspiring mind. Moreover, he was full of vigorous ambitions. Therefore, it was still necessary to be prepared against him. After all, he could take advantage of a situation if he wasn't taken care of!

"I would rather suppress the entire world, but I wouldn't let the people's orders suppress me? Well, those are the words of a tyrant But, it's true as well. What about the fourth point?" Mei Xue Yan gradually became serious. She had seemingly understood what Jun Mo Xie had been indicating at. [It seems that he isn't just bragging.]

"Do you still want me to state the fourth trait? It is obviously shamelessness!" Jun Mo Xie burst into a loud laughter.

"He He, how many among these four traits do you think you possess?" Mei Xue Yan tilted her head and asked. She had an extremely serious expression on her face.

"The second trait is daring, and the fourth one is shamelessness. I had reached great heights of perfection in these two! In fact, I believe that not many people in this era can beat me when it comes to these two points. You could even count the one who can beat me in this regard on your fingers!" Jun Mo Xie obviously feigned a solemn expression as he continued, "The first factor is being double-faced, and the third one is a fierce heart I've half-grasped these aspects. However, my feelings have always been my greatest weakness. Relatives, loved-ones, and friends are still hard to part with!"

Jun Mo Xie sighed and said, "This is the so-called 'a doctor can't self-medicate'. It's very difficult to change even though I know where my problem lies. Moreover, my heart is fickle in the face emotions. In fact, I might not be able to possess these four traits in this lifetime! The transformations still haven't finished. So, this soldier still needs to strive"