Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 110

Chapter 109 trouble has arrived
Translated by Moe

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Chapter 109 Trouble Has Arrived

Dugu Zongheng suddenly felt like he was suffocating as the surrounding air completely stopped flowing. In front of him, Jun Zhan Tian was currently giving off an enormous pressure!

He never imagined that Jun Zhan Tian would make such face over for his waste of a grandson. Hmmph! He opened his eyes wide as an aura erupted from his body to counter the overbearing pressure exuded by Jun Zhan Tian, not moving back even half an inch. Are you going to treat that trash like some treasure? Damn it! If I, your father, want to teach him a lesson, then consider it your grandsons good fortune! Ptui!

Jun Zhan Tian looked at him with a stern expression. Dugu Zongheng, what did my grandson do to offend you? You actually had to personally get involved? You must give me an explanation for this!

Dugu Zongheng snorted. I wouldnt care if he had only offended me. Ive always been a magnanimous old man; Id just consider it as childish nonsense. At most Id just smack his butt once and let him go! But the one thing your grandson really should not have done was to tease my baby Xiao Yi! And that little shit was brazen enough to do it! Im telling you, Jun Zhan Tian, that your grandson is lucky that nothing has happened yet. But if something were to happen, Im afraid that you wont even be able to find your grandsons corpse when Im done with him!

If there is even one hair missing on Mo Xie, Dugu Zongheng, I can guarantee that your Dugu Family will regret it forever! Jun Zhan Tian glared at him with a dark expression for a long time before he spoke up.

If anything happens to my familys Xiao Yi, Jun Zhan Tian, I can promise that your Jun Family will be worse off than my Dugu Family! Dugu Zongheng said coldly. He did not intend to back down and stared back at Jun Zhan Tian.

The two military big shots were standing toe to toe outside the Imperial Palace; two pairs of perfectly round eyes glared at each other as if a fight will break out at any moment. The two families personal guards were all sweating profusely as they milled about in desperation and at a complete loss as to what to do.

Not even the Emperor himself will be able to stop them if these two begin to fight!

Right at this moment

I was just asking myself who was causing such a ruckus, and it turned out to be you two geezers fooling around. The sound of Tang Wanlis candid laughter rose up. Dont you two feel ashamed? Both of your ages add up to 156 years old. Look at you two. As people with one foot in the grave, are you not afraid that you will be laughed at by the younger generation?! Tang Wanli carried himself haughtily. You two really lack elegance compared to me.

The two old men standing opposite one another simultaneously spit in contempt; the clouds all over the sky instantly dissipated.

Jun Zhan Tian snorted coldly. He looked at Tang Wanli and Dugu Zongheng with an expressionless face, and, without saying a word, turned around and left.

Its already too late for you to go back. Dugu Zongheng snorted twice*. My seven grandsons have already arrived at your residence by now. Old man, you had better buy some ointments on your way home to treat your grandsons injuries. Dugu Zongheng was laughing heartily but was actually regretting quite a bit in his heart.

[*TL Note: Did he really just one-up Jun Zhan Tians snort?]

Who would have thought that Jun Zhan Tian cared so much about his thoroughly disappointing wastrel of a grandson? If his seven grandchildren had senselessly beaten up the brat, what is to be done?

Those seven youngsters had always treated Dugu Xiao Yi like a precious treasure. They had all been in an uproar once they heard about what happened to their sister and had swarmed around pushing and shouting to get out of the house. After that, he had received news of Li Shangs accident and had to make haste to the imperial palace. Although he had only left instructions to capture Jun Mo Xie before he left, it is very likely that the latter would suffer grievously at the hands of his grandsons.

Jun Zhan Tian abruptly stopped and leaped up not to mount his horse, but directly circulated his Xuan Qi and disappeared in a flash of blue light. From mid-air, a bellow echoed out. Dugu Zongheng, Im not finished with you yet. Its already too late for regrets!

Grandpa Jun was absolutely livid and had unexpectedly burst out in a storm of obscene language.

Old Dugu, why are you pissing Old Jun off? To go as far as to be at daggers drawn? Tang Wanli was just watching curiously from the sideline without any idea what was going on.

Dugu Zongheng had a belly full of anger. Upon having heard what was said, his eyes flashed as he cursed. Fuck off motherfucker! Its none of your fucking business?

Swish. He swiftly mounted his horse and left.

His words had caused Tang Wanli to look as though he would choke from anger. It had taken a long time before his boiling anger was able to calm down a little, his fingers still shaking uncontrollably. If it werent for me, you two would already have come to blows. I had intervened out of the goodness of my heart, but unexpectedlyunexpectedly blew up on me! Just remembering how one had ignored him and the other had not appreciated his kindness, Tang Wanlis white beard trembled and felt like he had been slapped in the face. Ill eat a hat if I try to be nice again!

He suddenly went all out and angrily roared. I am a dumbass son of a bitch! The sound of his voice shook like thunder and echoed into the distance.

The old men from the major families who still had not left yet all stumbled at the same time. This sounded like the voice of that old geezer Tang Wanli. What the hell is he doing now? Has he gone mad to unexpectedly declare to the world that he is a dumbass son of a bitch? Dont tell me that he got his head kicked in by his horse?!

Their curiosity was growing and all of them thought that it would be a pity not to look. An opportunity like this only knocks but once!

The old men talked it over and all decided to head to the Tang Family full of expectations, each one faster than the last as if competing with one another; the lethargy from earlier in the imperial court had already disappeared without a trace. Even able-bodied young men would not be able to compete with their current ferocity.

If this scene was beheld by the Emperor, he might just be so angry that he would vomit blood!

Jun Family.

Still not aware of the impending disaster, Jun Mo Xie directed a few strong women to carry several large jugs of water. After casually inspecting the transparent, pale yellow foreshot that was collected from the filtration apparatus he designed, he slowly filled up each and every water jug. Jun Mo Xie was bursting with joy as he breathed in the rich wine fragrance wafting in the air. He was still able to pick up the distinct smell of the wine lees.

Jun Mo Xie was never fond of drinking strong alcoholic drinks. The sole purpose of distilling this batch of wine was to exchange it for a very, very large sum of money. With his current understanding of what this world considered as wine, he was confident that he would be able to sell each jug for ten thousand taels of silver! Of course, it wasnt just for money. It was also to let these country bumpkins experience what wine really tasted like!

Chinese wine!

The wine that I dont approve of is trash and only wine that I approve of can be considered good wine!

And the price will be ten thousand taels of silver for each jug!

I wont lower the price even if my whole family is beheaded! Damn it! You really had the decency to say you have lived without having tasted my wine? Why dont you just wipe your neck clean and end your miserable life?!

In fact, Jun Mo Xies actual goal was to sell off this batch and not sell anymore! Then, he would only vinify ten or twenty bottles each month, just enough for his family to drink. As for other peoplehumphhumpheven if the Emperor wants to drink, Young Master Jun will only stick out his neck. If I said theres none for sale, then theres none for sale! What can you do?

Ill first make you all addicted, and then Ill cut off the supply! I, your father, will not sell any more wine! Then, when all of you are left with no choice but to return to drinking that garbage, it would be hard not to choke on tears!

Jun Mo Xie was looking forward to this moment; the facial expression of these wealthy nobles will be priceless! Just thinking about it already warmed his heart

Your father will wait for your wonderful gift!

Jun Mo Xie hummed a little tune; the expression on his face could no longer be that of an Evil Monarch, but rather that of an Evil God. He had to admit that the person who had originally thought of this insidious idea really was evil to the utmost degree.

A booming explosion rocked the main gate and echoed into the distance. Interrupting Jun Mo Xies devious thoughts and surprising him. Could someone actually be so foolhardy as to cause a disturbance at the Jun Residence in broad daylight?

Isnt this too ridiculous?!

Before he can gather his thoughts, the main gate exploded open. Shortly, he heard the sound of heavy footsteps storming toward his direction aggressively. Peng! The gate to his courtyard splintered into pieces as a loud voice roared. Jun Mo Xie, get your ass over here right now!

Doesnt this scene look as if the criminal underworld had come to get him? For a brief moment, Jun Mo Xie thought that he had transmigrated back.

Thud! Thud! Jun Mo Xie stretched his head to take a peek and saw seven herculean figures that looked more like bears than men; each one had a sinister countenance, swinging their arms as they stormed in like a gale of wind.

Saving a life is more praiseworthy than building the Seven-tiered Pagodais the Seven-tiered Pagoda as thick as these seven individuals? The legends did say that Buddha was also a pagoda*

[*look up Seven-Tiered Buddhist Pagoda of Harbin.]

Jun Mo Xie immediately gave out orders. You, go find Third Uncle and tell him that he must not come over. Just leave everything to me and Ill take care of it. You, go find sister-in-law, and tell her that she dont need to come over!

Jun Mo Xies only worry was that Jun Wuyi would be unable to resist coming over. It really is rotten luck. Although Jun Wuyis present strength has advanced to the Sky Xuan realm, the Xuan Qi in his body is still too unstable and was not completely under his control. If he does not take his time to stabilize the Xuan Qi and rashly misuse it, it will definitely rupture all of his meridians, and his situation will become a truly hopeless.

As for Guan Qinghan, shes still too young and her experience is shallow. She wouldnt be of any help if she came over. Jun Mo Xie saw with a glance that Guan Qinghan could only handle one of these seven individuals at most and would lose against their numbers in the end.

Grandpa went to the imperial palace, and there werent any servants at home who would be able to challenge these seven devils in human form. Besides, every major family had a mutual understanding that the elders would not intervene in the matters between the younger generations, so they have free rein to torment anyone

It seemed like he could only rely on himself to single-handedly go into battle.

Jun Mo Xie naturally recognized them. Dugu Familys heroes and legends bravely rushing forward were prominent personages in Tianxiang City; their reputations far exceed that of Jun Mo Xie. Although they arent at the level of being friends, they are at least acquaintances.

Jun Mo Xie was currently hesitating, but not because he was worried about getting abused by these seven black bears. Rather, he had a headache. How would the Dugu Family react if I accidentally killed these seven people? This question was driving him insane! Would the Jun Family be able to withstand the repercussion?