Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 119

Chapter 118 his deep rooted hatred
Chapter 118 His Deep-rooted Hatred

Before leaving, Han Yan Yao had told Jun Wu Yi that if Jun Wu Yi was able to break into the Supreme Divine Xuan then the two of them might have a chance of being together. At that time, Jun Wu Yi wasnt even thinking about making the leap to Supreme Divine Xuan since he was only half-way through the Gold Xuan! The distance between Gold Xuan and Supreme Divine Xuan was no lesser than the distance between the Earth and the Heavens.

In the two years that followed, the Jun Family suffered several defeats in the Tian Xiang monarchys expeditions and Jun Wu Yis both elder Brothers, Jun Wu Hui, and Jun Wu Meng passed away, along with countless faithful soldiers of the Jun Family. Under these circumstances, Jun Wu Yi was asked to take the charge, and unwilling to accept his defeat under such harsh circumstances, he ended up getting crippled.

Mu Xue Tong was one of the several people who were close to Han Yan Yao around that time, and the only one inside the Blizzard Silver City who liked Jun Wu Yi, apart from Han Yan Yao of course. In fact, the two men were like Brothers.

After his lower body was disabled, Jun Wu Yi went into a depression since he knew that he no longer had a chance of being with Han Yan Yao. Time flew by, and ten years passed in a flash. Jun Wu Yi would look at the mid night moon and pray to meet his lover one day, but had never thought that hed actually hear from her again!

At this moment, several thoughts were surging through Jun Wu Yis mind, causing a tsunami of emotions in his heart.

Jun Mo Xie listened very quietly, without making any sound. He knew that Jun Wu Yi wasnt just saying these words for the sake of it, but actually meant them from the bottom of his heart. He had locked these emotions in a forgotten corner of his heart for the last ten years, and now that he was unexpectedly received a word from his lover, he simply couldnt control his excitement and his desire any more. Right now, all he needed was a casual listener so he could vent out his emotions. He probably didnt care who the listener was, or even if he understood the emotions he just needed someone to listen!

Jun Mo Xie listened to these words like a stone wall, but knew that it would still be helpful to Jun Wu Yi.

Jun Wu Yi had been holding these depressing emotions for too long now.

The cold night was covered with fog and smoke, and Jun Wu Yis whispered his tale in low and grave voice. He would stumble, stutter, but continued to narrate his story slowly..

The Jun Family was slipping from its place of glory, and then my second Brother died in a mysterious manner. I suspected that the Blizzard Silver City could have been behind it since they were known to work in the shadows, and so I immediately launched an investigation into the matter. But my military accomplishments were meagre, whereas the Blizzard Silver City was too secretive, and I never got anywhere with my investigation. Eventually I was asked to go to war with the Yu Tang Empire and managed to gain the upper hand, and it seemed as if I would win if I pushed them just a little bit more! But just at the crucial moment, some very advanced Xuan experts mysteriously appeared in the Yu Tang Empires ranks, and led their cavalries to confront us in battle, and my whole army was sent into a state of chaos!

I had a lot of advanced Xuan experts by my side, including a Sky Xuan expert named Chen Er MaziI remember him shouting: Hurry, Run, Third General, Run! and then I remember an azure blue light flashing across the battlefield, and his bright red blood started to flow. Several men surrounded me to protect me, and formed a protective section.. and they all died in front of me one by one. Just before they died, they would look at me, and their eyes would scream at me to save myself. I ran over and hugged a dying man, his whole body was completely broken, I could hear his bones as they shattered, and he kept vomiting blood. He growled at me Hurry, run..

It was like I was in a nightmare! Their blood was splashing across my face, wet, red, very sticky; warmthe blood of my Brothers.

Jun Wu Yi lowered his head in pain as he frowned. When he was narrating Chen Er Mazis last words, his voice had suddenly and unwittingly switched to high pitch, but had reverted back to a whisper soon after. He was already wiping his face with his hand, almost as if he was trying to wipe the memory of his comrades blood splashing across his face..

But I had already lost my mind, these people were my Brothers, I had grown up in their company, we had shared numerous drinks together, we had sung songs together, we had hunted together, we had travelled together, we had fought the enemy together. Celebrated together, and now they were all dying in front of me!

Dead! Dead in front of my own eyes! My Brother! My Brothers! They were all gone! Jun Wu Yi was unintentionally screaming at this point, in fact he was almost roaring. He closed his eyelids tightly, and two huge tears slowly oozed from his eyes

This was my fault! This was all because of me!!!

I was desperate, I wanted to kill them all! All of them! Even though Jun Wu Yi was shouting, his voice wasnt backing him, and one could tell that he was feeling very weak inside: I was too weak and too slow. Those people caught me, and stuffed some drugs inside my body, which dispelled a mysterious gas inside my Dan Tian, and closed off my lower bodys meridians! I couldnt even scream, but I kept watching their veiled faces and the way they blinked their eyes, I think one of them was a woman, but as long as even one of them appears in front of me, Ill immediately be able to recognize the person!

I knew that these people were from the Blizzard Silver City! These people had come straight from hell; they were so cold that I felt like I was being attacked by the devil! I will always remember the sounds of their pleased laughter as they tortured me, he he he. Jun Wu Yis eyes had become red.

.. and since then, no matter how much I tried, I could never stand up; my heart was full of hatred, but I couldnt say it.Blizzard Silver City was too strong, and if father found out, then he would certainly tried to take revenge.. but even a hundred Jun Families arent strong enough to match the Blizzard Silver City! I wanted to discard my life as well, but if another heir of the Jun Family died, then the whole family would have been obliterated.

My elder Bothers died because of me, but Im still alive and healthy. My soldiers died for me, and in front of me, but I was allowed to live his humiliating life Jun Wu Yis face revealed a sad smile, as more tears streamed down his cheeks: Soon enough, two of my nephews died for my cause, but I managed to survive..Mo Xie! Dont you think that your third uncle is useless? Really useless? A complete fucking waste?!

Jun Wu Yis face had a smile of misery on it, whereas his chest was rhythmically rising and falling; the sea of hatred inside his heart had, at last, found a way to pour out its resentment.

Jun Mo Xie had been listening very quietly, with a calm and cool look on his face. He was quite mused by Jun Wu Yis story, and slowly opened his mouth: In that case, dying would have been too easy for you, but to live such a life would have sure been very difficult. Death would have been a very cowardly choice, but having survived such a blow is the sign of a true warrior!

Death would have been the end of your suffering, but to live and bear so much without actually losing your mind, Uncle, youre truly extraordinary!

Jun Wu Yi smiled sadly: Who says I want to die? I cannot die, I mustnt die Mo Xie. Your grandfather had three sons, but now two of them are dead, and if I also died?!!! Your grandfather will collapse, and the Jun Family.finished..

Jun Mo Xie remained silent.

These affairs had been simmering inside Jun Wu Yis heart for too long now, and today he had met an old enemy and an old friend from the past, post which he had received a token from his sweetheart, which had completely destabilized his mind. All this, coupled with the fact that his body had just been restored, Jun Wu Yi had gotten too excited, and emotional, and had was unknowingly saying these things since he had lost control over his mind.

Over the years, when I closed my eyes, my brothers would ask me: Why havent you taken revenge for us? The blood of my brothers would be staining my face as they would ask Third general, why havent you avenged us? Take our revenge! Avenge our deaths! Jun Wu Yi clenched his fists so hard that blood started to drip from his palm.

Even in my dreams, I can feel the blood of brothers, hot, fresh, and it just wouldnt stop flowing. Jun Wu Yi leaned forward, and covered his face with his hands, and his whole body started to tremble again.

Jun Mo Xie took a deep breath, and looked up at the night sky. Suddenly, a wave of energy surged through his body, and that long-dormant desire to kill started bursting out of his body again!

He smiled coldly: Blizzard Silver City? Xiao Family! You think youre good ah? You think that you have the strength to do whatever you please? Ha ha, maybe for the time being, but now youre my targets. I intend on climbing up the power ladder of this world, and I dont mind using you as a stepping stone!

Since I am Jun Mo Xie now, then I will bear the glory and the shame of the Jun Family as well! Blizzard Silver Citys Xiao Family? Hum hum, just a few years time, and this evil monarch will turn your Xiao Family to a mouses leftovers!

Jun Zhan Tian was standing a fair distance away, staring his only remaining son, and only remaining grandson, and his heart was brimming with mixed emotions.

The pain that my youngest has had to bear these years, how silly was I to not know it? Why havent I taken revenge against the Blizzard Silver City? Did you really think that I wouldnt have found out, did you think that you could have actually fooled me forever?

How did I not know about this feud for so many years? But the Jun Family has acquired tens of thousands of followers from all generations! If the Jun Family decided it, then we could even impulsively dethrone a small king, and if the whole Jun Family came after you, then wed uproot you, but it will be a very bloody incident.

He stood his ground silently for a while, but then old man Jun quietly disappeared into night winds.

The uncle and nephew duo remained out in the open, listening to the sobbing of the wind, the weeping and complaining..

The autumn was upon the Tian Xiang country.

And the autumn was growing!

On the surface of it, the Tian Xiang country was having a very quiet autumn, but it concealed the surge of several birds in its secrecy. At least hundreds of bird has started to flap their wings, and were flying into the fly, drawing a beautiful trajectory.

Many advanced level Xuans had suddenly ended their closed-door practice after several years, and had come out of their place of hiding to shuttle the street of the Tian Xiang Empires capital, listening to every gossip and paying attention to every unusual action. Like dutiful detectives, they had started to closely investigate the dark side of the capital.

Moreover, word would spread throughout the entire continent in a few days, and many people would end up being caught in the excitement after receiving the message, and would make their way to the Tian Xiang Empire soon.