Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 122

Chapter 121 faced with this i can only kill
Chapter 121 Faced with this, I can only kill

Im just a killer! Whenever someone needs me to commit a murder, I must be available!

I have the hands of a killer!

Just as Jun Wu Yi was about to rush forward, just then he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder, the hand of his young nephew Jun Mo Xie.

Uncle, I was really surprised; youre a military general, a war veteran, why would you go howling about these kinds of things to such men? Jun Mo Xie smiled slightly.

Well? Jun Wu Yi was somewhat puzzled.

Youre trying to preach justice to deaf ears? hows that useful? If they cared about life and justice, they wouldnt have committed murder so blatantly. You heard their reply; do you still believe that they care about justice? No. In their eyes, justice is just a dispensable tool which they can discard at their discretion. As for your lecture about humanity, ha ha, if these men had even the slightest trace of humanity left in their body, then they wouldnt have murdered these children in such a cruel and brutal manner. Animals can be cruel because they are stupid, but these men are human beings do you think they are as stupid as animals? Jun Mo Xies tone was flat and dull sounding.

Okay? Well, then what do you suggest we do here? Jun Wu Yi asked categorically.

Well, Id like to be decisive. Wouldnt that be a better choice? he spoke these works in Jun Wu Yis ears as his body leaned past his uncles. His eyes were still fixed at Jun Wu Yi, while his faces complexion was still as calm and warmly respectful but his right hand moved into action. He plugged his hand straight into the mouth of one of the men, inserted in down his throat. Then, Jun Mo Xie tightened his grip, crack, he crushed the mans larynx!

This man was the one who had talked back to Jun Wu Yi when the latter had preached about justice. He had strode onto the street, and towards Jun Wu Yi to teach him a lesson, but hadnt imagined that hed end up turning into Jun Mo Xies demonstration dummy.

For such people, you can either simply ignore them, or.. Jun Mo Xie pulled his hand out of the mans throat and then gracefully wiped his hand off the blood on the mans clothes. Then, he gently pushed the man back, and the mans corpse landed on the ground with a thud. Jun Mo Xie continued in a slow paced tone: ..Or if necessary, then you can kill them ruthlessly!

The mans body lay on the ground, but his eyes were still open from the shock, and were now facing the hatred filled eyes of the girls dead body. Perhaps that man had never anticipated that this girl would end up hiring a hitman as her last act in this world.

Just one damaged copper coin that was the cost of his life!

No, hes not even worth one damaged copper coin. A lot more lives would be taken before this copper coins debt was repaid!

Even though the girl must have wished her culprits dead in her last breath, she probably never thought that they would all actually die. If she had known that her last penny would hire the king of all assassins, then she would be smiling watching from the heavens right now.

By providence, Justice would be served to her soul!

Jun Mo Xie had picked up her last penny. Which is all the wealth she had possessed in this lifetime, it was still a major payment for a contract to this hitman, who had made his decision: the evil behind this Huang Hua Hall would die! They will all be obliterated ruthlessly!

Jun Wu Yi was still looking at his nephew, surprised at the manner in which he had just killed a man. Even though his eyes were unable to blink, he couldnt keep his mouth shut: Mo Xie, its one thing to preach such ideas, but is it necessary to kill such people? Is disposing off such evil the right path to obtaining justice?!

Uncle, youre an honest and upright man, but I have to say this: youre too pedantic! sounds of footsteps were approaching Jun Mo Xie, but he didnt bother to look back: You wish to try and reason with them? Do you wish to influence them? Even if you revealed your identity and obligated the officials to punish them, what good would that bring? I can assure you that these men would get themselves released soon enough, and they will still continue to cause more scenes like this one! Ha ha, funny huh?!

The other men, who had been standing at the door, saw the manner in which their companion had died, and had rushed forward roaring.

Uncle, in reality, we must remember one thing: we are men of martial laws! Even though Jun Mo Xies was smiling, but his face was still somewhat emotionless, and his eyes seemed as deep as the oceans. He still seemed indifferent to the men who were approaching him from behind: right now, since these men can act so boldly and brazenly, then it would seem that the Tian Xiang countrys laws are no longer capable of restraining them. Huh, when the law becomes the protective umbrella and the high class starts to exploit the laws for their own purposes and when no man can punish them using the righteous method, thats the time when men like us are needed!

Remember, at such a time, our military hearts must not be bounded by the shackles of the civil law, and we must turn ourselves into the sword that slaughters the wrong, combat violence with violence, and continue till we obliterate the land of these human scums! It is justice in a way. And do not worry about the ways of the heavens. The laws of men are nonsense to the gods in any case!

So now, faced with this, I can only kill! Jun Mo Xies face revealed a slight smile, still facing Jun Wu Yi. The men who were approaching from the back were almost upon him, but Jun Mo Xies face was still as calm as ever.

But then, he suddenly turned around in an instant, and burst past the four men in at a lightning fast speed, snap, snap, sounds followed, and he was already through them. Jun Mo Xies tall figure waltzed towards the Huang Hua Halls door, almost as if he was visiting a friends house.

Behind him, the bodies of the other four men looked completely intact. But then suddenly, one mans throat exposed a big and bloody hole, and then the chest of another man started to bleed, his heart had obviously been struck by a knife. The third persons crotch started to sprout blood like a fountain soon after, while the fourth mans head had been relocated to a different angle. All of them were still standing, but were no longer alive!

As Jun Mo Xie entered the Huang Hua Hall, the four bodies fell to the ground. Although these ordinary men werent able to spot Jun Mo Xies actions, Jun Wu Yi had seen his attacks very clearly. Jun Mo Xie had murdered each of these men with just one move! No! He had murdered them all in just one, single, movement!

But this one movement was so quick that none of the men were able to react to it, let alone dodge it!

They were dead by command, not by fluke!

A terrifying piece of skill!

Could I have dodged that? Jun Wu Yi thought for second maybe if I was at full alert, and in the best of my health but it wouldnt be easy. Mo Xies hands were too fast, he could easily kill off several Silver Xuan experts in a matter of few seconds, or maybe even stronger experts.

Jun Wu Yi suddenly woke up and realized that his nephew had gone berserk. Jun Mo Xie had entered the building and may run into danger inside it. If the Huang Hua hall was able to act so boldly, then there could be some very powerful men inside the building. Jun Wu Yi quickly followed after his nephew, and practically flew into the building, only to be faced with a shocking surprise!

In a span of a few second, while Jun Wu Yi was making his way to the door from the street, Mo Xie had managed to kill several more men. About five or six bodies lay on the floor in a disorderly manner, and each persons post mortem analysis was identical: either a hole in the throat, or a fractured larynx bone!

Jun Wu Yi rushed in, and finally saw Jun Mo Xies silhouette enter a room in a calm and fast, but still, elegantly brutal manner. Upon entering a room and detecting a hostile presence, whether man or woman, Jun Mo Xie wouldnt let anyone live in front of him. The only man alive in the room, apart from Jun Mo Xie, would be the one man behind him, Jun Wu Yi. No one else would be alive after Jun Mo Xie exited a room!

The Huang Hau Hall was surely being backed by someone very powerful, and since this was a transit point for young boys and girls, this place was surely being guarded by some very powerful experts. Even though the few guards in the lobby seemed to have been quite powerful, but they were now lying dead on their faces. In fact, there were quite a few pimps in the rooms, who obviously didnt know martial arts, but Jun Mo Xie hadnt even left them alive! Jun Wu Yi was simply unable to grasp the enormity of his nephews ferocity and ruthlessness.

Jun Wu Yi, a Sky Xuan expert, was backing Jun Mo Xie, but the nephew hadnt given his uncle any chances to attack anyone! Jun Wu Yi was supposed to be the bodyguard, but it seemed that he was so incompetent at present, that his role had been lowered to that of a sidekick or a mere spectator.

Jun Mo Xies face was as calm as ever, as he moved into another room. There were a few people inside this room, he broke the larynx of the first, kicked another, brought his knife up the crotch of the third, and left them all to cry as they slumped to the floor and bled to their deaths.

The way forward was the way of blood and death!

Boom! Three shining silver silhouettes entered through the inner courtyard, and stationed themselves across the doorway: Who are you people? How dare you cause trouble here? Do you know what this place is? the speaker seemed about forty years old.

Trouble?! Im not causing any trouble, ah, I was just commissioned to kill these people! I dont want to cause any trouble! Jun Mo Xie was still smiling. The feet of the men at the door were already shaking in fear, but they started to rearrange themselves in a tactical formation nonetheless.

They knew they were dealing with someone who was beyond them since there were about forty or fifty death bodies on the floor!

How dare you accept a commission for this place? the middle aged man was obviously a sheep in a wolfs skin: Do you know who runs this place?!!

Jun Mo Xie was too lazy to care about this man, so he turned around and said: Uncle, Im a little tired, so Ill leave these three men to you since you could also use the exercise. But dont take long after all, this is the capital city, and the imperial soldiers will be here very soon.

Soldiers?? Jun Wu Yi smirked coldly, and suddenly a blue light flashed as his body flew out in an elegant but cruel manner.

Ah, A Sky Xuan The three men werent even able to express their shock, and their dead bodies were already flying out in different directions. A Sky Xuan against three Silver Xuans.. Simply unfair! They never stood a chance!

Jun Wu Yi didnt wish to go on a killing spree but Jun Mo Xies actions had already stretched this matter beyond the point of making a return, and he didnt have another option at this moment. Time was running out, so Jun Wu Yi took the lead and started moping out the leftovers. Now he was the one who was killing the occupants of the building indiscriminatingly!

But still, Jun Wu Yi was very unhappy with his nephews actions.

While Jun Wu Yi was raiding around the place, Jun Mo Xie quickly rushed into one of the locked rooms and then a Bang Bang Bang sound followed. Jun Mo Xie had thrown a few boxes into the courtyard. Then, he quickly and smoothly pulled a knife, and snap, pop, opened the boxes, and revealed the shining silver and the glistening gold inside these boxes.

Jun Wu Yi was astonished to see so much wealth. Just then, Jun Mo Xie opened another locked room and shouted: Come out! Take some money and quickly get out of here. Go east! suddenly, about a dozen boys and girls ran out of the room.

When Jun Mo Xie opened the last locked room, the smell of an unspeakable horror filled his uncles nostrils. Once Jun Wu Yi saw the scene, his initial hesitation and disdain for Jun Mo Xies actions had disappeared!

This room contained a few earthen jars, and each of these earthen jars had one hole. One meek and malnourished head was popping out from each of these jars. Snap Snap Jun Wu Yi couldnt hold back the temptation and broke all the jars in the room!