Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 129

Chapter 128 talking big
Chapter 128 Talking Big

(TLs Note: I was researching some of the previous chapters, and figured that one of the terms that Ive been using as Xuan Dan[referring to the priceless treasure which was stolen from the Tang Family..] has been referred to as Xuan Core in the previous chapters. I didnt see anything wrong with that translation either, so Ill be changing the reference of this item in my previous chapter to Xuan Core for the sake of consistency.)

Jun Mo Xie frowned thoughtfully when he recalled the incident at the Huang Hua hall the other day, and the massacre that he had staged.

In his previous life, Jun Mo Xie was unstoppable because of his superior skill set. But in this world, Jun Mo Xies current skills sets and strength werent enough to be the best.

The Xuan Qi cultivation system of this world, ranging from the first nine levels to Silver Xuan and all the way to Supreme Divine Xuan were all very clearly labelled out, and very distinctly organized. However, the art of unlocking the Heavens was a very unique and mysterious ability, and seemed somewhat weird when compared to the general Xuan Qi cultivations standards; in fact, it felt wrong.

According to what Jun Mo Xie could make out, if this mysterious ability was as good as he was assessing it to be, then there was no need to go through all the pains and hardships that a martial artist takes to become a Xuan expert, and still ends up being a meagre Silver or Gold Xuan. After all said and done, even a Silver Xuan expert, in fact even a Silver Xuan Peak expert was nothing in front of Jun Mo Xie since he could kill the man with a snap of his fingers!

If the first layer of the Hongjun Pagoda was able to give him so much power, then at this rate of progress, assessing Jun Mo Xies strength after unlocking the second layer would be astronomical? How strong would he become then?

With these thoughts in mind, Jun Mo Xie was beginning to realize that he needed to find out more about this world. After all said and done, this world was completely different from the one he originally hailed from.

Grandpa Jun wasnt home, so Jun Mo Xie called out two guards on his own authority and ordered them to accompany him outside. After all, he was going out for a meeting with the second prince, and if the other party had any malicious intentions, then it was important for Jun Mo Xie to appear well defended since walking in alone would be inviting danger.

Guan Qing Han was a little late to arrive at Grandpa Juns chambers and saw that Jun Mo Xie was already on his way out at. She immediately turned around and rushed to find Jun Wu Yi; still angry at Jun Mo Xie.

Jun Wu Yi was about to give out his first order as the master of the house; he would be sending out his most reliable soldier after the girls and boys who had escaped from the Huang Hua Hall. But instead of giving his first command as the master of the house, and relishing the power of his position, Jun Wu Yi was sitting in his wheelchair and was pondering over his nephews words. Previously, on the way back from the Huang Hua Hall, Jun Mo Xie had demonstrated superb hiding and anti-tracking skills, which gave an indication that he had achieved this expertise after a serious amount of training and experience. After returning to the Jun residence, Jun Wu Yi had been trying to recall Jun Mo Xies words, actions, movements, and each time hed replay the memories in his head, hed realize that he had missed something the last time around!

Later, Jun Mo Xie had said: My practice is in my instinct. I do not deliberate to practice, but I still practice all the time. This one phrase had been lingering inside Jun Wu Yis head ever since, and he hadnt been able to get it out of his head.

This phrase was quite reasonable; in fact, it was a very simple fact! If practice was ingrained into a persons instinct, then why would the person need to do it on purpose? But could this ever be done, and what kind of result was possible? But then again, Jun Wu Yi had personally seen Jun Mo Xie in action, and was aware that Jun Mo Xies expertise and skill set was far superior to any man he had ever known!

Even though Jun Mo Xie was still just a youngster, his achievements in the realm of martial arts were already worthy of being turned into an immortal folklore!

Jun Wu Yis face was carrying a grave expression: Since Mo Xie can do it, then why cant I? Am I that useless? Simultaneously, Jun Wu Yi also knew that he if he wanted Han Yan Yaos family to acknowledge their mutual affection, then hed need to adapt Jun Mo Xies style of training; in fact, this was his best hope!

Jun Wu Yis mind was completely muddled with such thoughts, but he hadnt realized that this one idea would take him on the path of greatness!

Although, this moment was just the beginning..

Jun Mo Xie was able to do this type of practice since he had been trained in this fashion in his previous incarnation, and the art of unlocking the heavens was a little different from Xuan Qi. Qi and blood flowed through his meridians together; as a fusion. On top of that, the Hongjun Pagoda continuously emitted Qi to help him support his practice, which was quite difficult to achieve for ordinary practitioners.

But Jun Wu Yi was unaware of this truth and believed that it wasnt impossible to achieve it since Jun Mo Xie was already doing it! In this world, although energy and Qi were similar in functionality, their inherent nature was quite different. Circulating Xuan Qi was a difficult and dangerous task, and the effects of negligence could be very violent, and even lethal. So much so, that if Xuan Qi was allowed to run harmoniously with natural functions of the body, then there was even a chance that the body might end up getting possessed, and the practitioner may end up suffering a very tragic end. This was the reason that practitioners were so prudent and cautious while conducting their practice, and made sure that they werent being disturbed by outside elements during their practice.

However, Jun Wu Yi was already considering going against this norm, which could be considered as a major change in ideology!

In fact, just by daring to take on this task, he had already won half the battle!

Sounds of quick and crashing footsteps fell onto Jun Wu Yis ears, and he could tell by the sound of the footsteps, that the owner of the feet was in an enraged state.

Qing Han? What are you so angry, what happened?! Jun Wu Yi tried to guess the identity of the person.

Uncle, Jun Mo Xie. that little brat is getting out of hand now. Today, he boldly told me that he is going out to visit the Spirit Fog Lakes Ni Cheng Pavilion! Guan Qing Han roared angrily. This anger was obviously directed at Jun Mo Xie, since Guan Qing Han sincerely respected both the elders of the family; namely Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi, even if the latter was a physically disabled cripple.

What about it? Jun Wu Yi wasnt even a least bit surprised.

Ah? What about it?! This isnt a small matter ah, he had just started walking on the right path, and now hes going back to his old ways, and? Guan Qing Han was still raging with fury.

Oh, thats something that I know about; I allowed him to go. Jun Wu Yi was finally waking up from his personal thoughts, and hence replied in a soft voice.

Even you knew about this? But you still allowed him to go there? You. Guan Qing Hans eyes widened in shock, and suddenly she was eyeing Jun Wu Yi in rather confused manner, unable to understand his reply.

Qing Han, you are mistaken. The second prince invited him for a talk, and as chance has it, the prince requested that the meeting be held in the Spirit Fog Lakes Ni Cheng pavilion. Jun Wu Yi smiled warmly: Qing Han. Mo Xie has actually become very sensible now.

Sensible.. Guan Qing Han was somewhat dumbstruck. After all the years of watching Jun Mo Xie undertaking all kinds of nefarious tasks, which were an indignation to all civilized laws under the heavens, it was hard for her to interpret that Jun Wu Yi could call that debauchee very sensible!

I suppose I was mistaken, but I understand now. still muddled, Guan Qing Han whispered, sighed and turned away: It turns out that I have a lot to catch up to.

Yes, there have been a lot of changes, and youll naturally need to bring yourself up to speed. Jun Wu Yi stated lightly as she was leaving, and he once again immersed himself in his new form of practice.

Guan Qing Hans footsteps paused for a moment, but then she continued to walk.

Jun Wu Yi sighed and whispered: Uncle Pang, please come in.

Lao Pang quickly came in and stationed himself in front of Jun Wu Yi.

Uncle Pang, I have a task that requires your assistance. Jun Wu Yi rubbed his face with both his hands, and it seemed like he was having a hard time in making the final decision.

What is it? Please give me your command third master. Lao Pangs face was solemn. This was going to Jun Wu Yis first command as the head of the family, and no matter what, Lao Pang would want to execute it to perfection.

There was news from the ministry offices that a large group of disabled children have escaped from the . Huang Hua Hall. Pitiful! Jun Wu Yi had finally made up his mind: You please investigate how many of them are alive, and use the familys resources to help them set themselves up for a better future they are still just kids.

Yes, Ill get to it. Lao Pang finished and turned around to leave.

If you can do this secretively, then do not expose your identity. If you face any obstruction, then please reveal that it was done upon my orders. Jun Wu Yi looked up, and his eyes reveal a hint of sharpness.

~ Ni Cheng Pavilion~

The huge third floor of the building was almost empty, and only a very few people were leisurely sitting there, dressed in graceful attires. Accomplished scholars, middle-aged business men, some youngsters.. even if their clothes werent expensive, their actions were enough to reveal that they all belonged to high-class social backgrounds.

Er Ye, Jun Mo Xie is nothing but a debauchee and a spendthrift. Er ye, there was no need for you to personally come and greet that boy face-to-face; but now that Er Ye is present to grace him, that kid will start talking big.

The speaker was approximately twenty years old by the looks of it, and looked rather pale. His body was extremely thin, and his hands were leisurely swaying a hand fan. Even though his identity was unknown, it was obvious from his body language that this person belonged to an influential family.

Brother Er Ye, there is no need to meet Jun Mo Xie face to face; as younger brother just stated, Jun Mo Xie is nothing more than a debauchee and a spendthrift, and completely incompetent otherwise. As for the other aspects, he is completely useless and is of no value to us. But yes, he does have a powerful family behind him, so we should rather focus on the elders, like Jun Zhan Tian maybe. The speaker was in his fifties or sixties by the looks of it, and spoke his words in a slow pace.

Even Jun Zhan Tian is no good; what is he really? the younger brother chuckled in disagreement: Although Jun Zhan Tian occupies a high position, but in terms of Xuan Qi levels, he just a Sky Xuan expert, at best; thats it. If you wished to send him to the heavens, then I could request my father, and he could swat him aside like a fly!

This remark made the second prince sit upright in his chair, and his eyebrows suddenly wrinkled.

His frowned and replied in an angry tone: Just a Sky Xuan, thats it?!! Even if you tear apart this country, how many Sky Xuan experts will you find? Although you are lucky to be borne into a large family, which has a lot of advanced Xuan experts, but after all said and done, the Jiang Hu Familys strength is nothing compared to the military might of the Jun Family. Perhaps if you had considered that, then you would have known that Jun Zhan Tian could swat your father aside like a fly if he wished it!