Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 133

Chapter 132 killing a chicken to scare the monkeys
Chapter 132 Killing a chicken to scare the monkeys

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That was an outrageous presumption! Lady Yueer was just.. Cheng De Cao halted in the middle of his sentence as a chill ran down his spine.

Was just? What? Jun Mo Xie broke into an unbridled laughter. He twitched his lips and said: Since shes brothel woman, what kind of an entertainment could she provide if we cant even touch her body huh? Im being considerate towards her profession by showing interests in her, and she offends me in this manner?!

Youre destroying the reputation of your Family! Cheng De Caos eyes were reeking of contempt for the young master Jun: Jun Mo Xie, youre really forcing me to hate and despise you. Cheng De Cao was suddenly feeling very proud of his own self at this moment: People have often said that Im an insult to my familys name, but I havent done anything even remotely as shameful as Jun Mo Xie.

Cheng De Cao. Fuck you! What did you just say? You despise me? You and I are cut from the same cloth, and remember that I can eliminate your entire family if you insult me again! Jun Mo Xie furiously titled his neck and slanted his eyes: Cheng De Cao, go back to your mother and let her nurse you up a bit!

Cheng De Caos entire body started to tremble with rage, and his crimson eyes looked up at Jun Mo Xie again, while his hand landed on the hilt of his sword with a pop. Clang he unsheathed about three inches of his sword, and exposed its metals cold radiance!

Jun Mo Xie! the sullied second prince stood up: Youre drunk; perhaps you should go back home early today.

Ive barely had a few mouthfuls of wine, how could I be drunk? Jun Mo Xie snorted, as he titled his neck towards the second prince, unwilling to agree: And now this sissy has just unsheathed his sword in threat!

Im saying youre drunk; it means youre drunk! the second prince finally snapped, unable to tolerate it anymore.

Fang Bo Wen hastily rushed towards the prince, and gently pressed hand against the Princes shoulder.

Jun Mo Xie raised his eyes to meet the Second Princes gaze. The two men continued to gaze into each others eyes for a while, before Jun Mo Xie crooked his mouth and smiled again: Since the second prince says that Jun Mo Xie is drunk; then Im drunk he he he even if I havent had enough wine, Im still drunk, ha ha ha . This is funny, really funny!

He continued to laugh as he reached out to grab a cup of wine, and smashed into the floor beside Lady Yueer. The cup broke, and crisp sound made everyones face twitch in surprise.

Jun Mo Xie fiercely pointed a finger at Lady Yueer and said: You little slut, today we are in presence of the Second Prince, and since the Second Prince is speaking in your favor, Im letting you go for now. But Ill come back for you later someday! Jun Mo Xie subconsciously rubbed his crotch to indicate his nefarious desires!

Jun Mo Xie turned around and faced Cheng De Cao. He slowly extended his hand and reached out towards Cheng De Caos face. Clap clap, he patted Cheng De Caos face twice, producing a crisp sound, and said: So you want to kill me huh? Really? Cheng De Cao, drawing even half a sword is indicative of war; you will behave yourself in the future, understand?!

Then, he turned around as he continued to laugh, waved his hand, almost like he was trying to wave away the atmospheric dust, twisted his hips, and quickly left.

He had made a mess out of the Second Princes feast; he insulted the princes company to the point where the prince had to personally threaten retaliation. Firstly, he had managed to abuse Cheng De Cao, and had in general been very vulgar and disrespectful. By being rampantly arrogant and aggressive, Jun Mo Xie had lived up to the reputation of being the citys most notorious debauchee!

Jun Mo Xie reached downstairs and sat inside his Palanquin; surprisingly, there were two more men inside his palanquin, who were both dressed in black colored clothes. Jun Mo Xie sighed and said: After I leave, you will pay close attention to the movements inside the Ni Chang Pavilion. You will also keep an eye on the people the Second Prince meets after he leaves. While the other person will continue to watch the Ni Chang pavilion, and will keep track of the people who enter and exit the place; and do not slack one bit! both men nodded.

The palanquin started to sway as the young master Jun left for his residence. Although todays events hadnt gained any concrete results, it had still been a very fruitful trip. On one hand, Jun Mo Xie had lived up to his public reputation, but secondly and more importantly, he had publicly insulted and embarrassed the woman the Second Prince had been showing interest in. So this trip had definitely been worthwhile!

Jun Mo Xie certainly knew that even though Lady Yueer was working in a brothel, she wasnt exactly a prostitute; in fact, he could tell that she didnt think very highly of the profession, and was wondering if she was an expert in disguise?

Jun Mo Xie was convinced that Lady Yueer would retaliate in fact, Jun Mo Xie was hoping for it!

Now the situation was turning favorable for Jun Mo Xie. Since Jun Mo Xie had overheard Lady Yueer and Lord Lius conversation the other night, he already knew the identity of his enemies. But they werent aware that Jun Mo Xie was also targeting them! Therefore, Lady Yueer would certainly try to avenge this insult without being aware of Jun Mo Xies ulterior motives!

But it didnt just stop here; Jun Mo Xie had accomplished another, third feat, today. He had built a wall between the Second Prince and Lady Yueer by insulting her in front of him.

The Second Prince hadnt reacted firmly, and hadnt been able impose his dominance properly, which would have left Lady Yueer very disappointed If a man cant even protect the woman he is trying to pursue, then would he still be able to call himself a man? Especially in this case, when the man was powerful enough to protect her. But since he didnt take the initiative, their relationship would inevitably suffer.

If Jun Mo Xie had been in the Princes shoes, then he would have certainly charged screaming: This is my woman! Keep your hands off her! But the second prince hadnt, at least not boldly. In fact, even Jun Mo Xie was looking down upon the prince. Is my wealth and position of that much importance?

In fact even Jun Mo Xie hadnt expected to get away with his actions so easily, especially since he knew that the Second Prince had shown interest in Lady Yueer!

As for his action, Jun Mo Xie felt no guilt about the manner in which he had treated Lady Yueer: She might be a woman, but shes still an enemy, and theres nothing that I wouldnt do to intercept an enemy. Since she planned and plotted against the Jun Family and me, why should I show any restrain against her? The young master Juns conscience was clear in that regard!

Lady Yueers entire body trembled with rage as her tear stained eyes looked at Jun Mo Xies swaying palanquin. She turned around and raised her gaze to look wildly at the prince in complain, but instead of voicing her complain, she turned around and left.

The second prince stood dazed in his spot, but his face was expressing the disgust his heart felt!

Who would have thought that the Second Princes attempt to entertain Jun Mo Xie would yield such a result? Who could have guessed that the young master Jun would act so arrogantly, and would even ignore the Second Princes objections!

Jun Mo Xie had paid no heed to the princes objections and had even left without apologizing for his actions, which was tantamount to slapping the Princes dignity in the face!

The Second Prince had never been so embarrassed in his entire life! It could be said that he hated Jun Mo Xie right down to his core! He stood there motionless for a long time, away from the other men in his company; the Prince was barely able to stop himself from breaking into tears!

The Prince stood dazed for a long, long time. He eventually raised his gaze, sighed and said: Lets go.

Cheng De Cao decided to fawn and make his gains: Your Highness? This Jun Mo Xie was so rude to your Highness today; allow me to teach him a lesson; I could even have his life..

Are you really that stupid? The Prince looked at the man in front of his eyes, and said: He might have been arrogant, and may even have insulted me today, but I cannot retaliate. and that is a fact! Do you think that Jun Mo Xie would have had the courage to contradict me if he didnt know this? And you want me to break my relationship with him? Teach him a lesson? Assassinate him? Is your head really full of so much rubbish? First, you do not have the power to do anything to Jun Mo Xie, and secondly, if anything untoward happened to Jun Mo Xie right now, then well be the first ones coming under suspicion! Jun Zhan Tians anger has caused blood baths in the city before as well; will you only be happy after he runs a bloody riot inside my palace? Well? Dont you think Ive had enough for one day?

The flatterer had been kicked in the face. Cheng De Caos face twitched in anger a few times, but he remained silent. Although he continued to curse inside his heart: What kind of a prince are you? First you allow the grandson of your military general to humiliate you, and then you take it out on me?

Thats for certain when it comes to Jun Zhan Tian. Fang Bo Wen stroked his beard, and slowly stated: Jun Mo Xies actions were clearly intentional; meaning, that he had already come prepared to cause a scene today.

Well? What makes you say that? the Second Prince thoughtfully asked.

The Jun Family has always refused to participate in the politics of the Empire, and has only concentrated their attention on military matters. All three of His Majestys sons were trying to involve the Jun Family in the Empires politics, so its only natural that they would want to remove themselves from being involved. Jun Zhan Tians army has already proven that they can cause a blood bath in ministerial mansions before; the Jun Family has already shown their power before, and whichever son of the Majesty manages to get a grasp on this force, will have enough power to overrule the other two! In other words, the prince who gains their support will rule the Empire. Now we have seen their attitude. and the other two will also come to know about this soon.

So now, Im afraid that High Royal Highness, and his brothers, will have no other option but to leave the Jun Family and Jun Zhan Tian out of the political agendas since the man doesnt wish to get involved. Even if the Jun Family is willing to expose their true strength, they still wouldnt be willing to join into the muddy waters of political conspiracies. In this case, the best way to retain their support is to leave them out of the politics; and thats the only way.

The Second Prince was gradually beginning to understand: So I should break my political relations with them?

NO! His Royal Highness must break his political connections with his brothers! Only after demonstrating your solidarity against the politics of this Empire, will you ever be able to securely gain the support of the Jun Family; otherwise Jun Zhan Tian will never support you.

In other words, it didnt matter which Princes invitation Jun Mo Xie accepted today, he was going to act in the same way, and would have choreographed a falling out. His Highness, the Second Prince was just unlucky since Jun Mo Xie decided to pick you for making his statement..

Killing a chicken to scare the monkeys? the Second Prince was finally beginning to understand, but couldnt help gnash his teeth in rage: Jun Mo Xie, that son of a bitch, he actually made me, the Second Prince, his chicken?