Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 136

Chapter 135 surprise
Chapter 135 Surprise

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The hitmans nature somewhat resembled that of a donkey; if you stroke it gently, then youd feel the softness of its hair, but if youre blindly harsh, then Jun Mo Xie would react even more harshly! This, perhaps was the greatest weakness of his character.

Although Ye Gu Han was the one who was making the accusations at Jun Mo Xie, he completely ignored the man, making his face blue with anger, and helplessly glimpsed at Dugu Xiao Yi: Miss Dugu, do you also believe that I abducted Little White? I havent done any such thing; I never abducted him he jumped into my palanquin on his own. Even the last time I met him, Little White showed a fondness towards me. And why would I ever try to steal him? For making a pot stew out of him? But hes so small. He wont even give out much meat either

Little White was comfortably lying in his arms, while his throat ceaselessly emitted a comfortable purrr sound; a voice which an animal only emits when its at its happiest. He opened his eyes, and satisfactorily looked at Jun Mo Xies body with warm and comfortable look in his eyes, and then closed them again. Little did the intoxicated cub know that the man he was so taken by, was just talking about using his body for pot stew..

What did you just say? Dugu Xiao Yi opened her eyes wide; she clenched her tiny hands into a fist as she angrily looked at Jun Mo Xie, and it seemed as if she wished to spank him.

Well, Miss, you never stop teasing me. Your father and seven brothers showed up at the Jun residence the other day, and leveled the buildings to the ground. Some of the rooms dont even have a roof over their heads anymore.

Jun Mo Xie arched his hand as he described the state of the infrastructure, while leaning against his palanquin, making his body look weirdly boneless. The mournful look on his face suggested that he felt wronged by the ravaging that the members of the Dugu family had caused to his home.

Dugu Xiao Yi didnt like the look on his face, and started thinking about her seven brothers.

Oh . Ah, I know the facts, and I dont blame you, sorry ah. Im sorry, once I get back home, Ill ask my father to help you build back your house, and Ill make sure that your family is compensated for the losses incurred.

Dugu Xiao Yi was feeling a special kind of embarrassment at the moment; after all, she was carrying the impression that Jun Mo Xie had been harassed by her family on her account. The poor girl was under the impression that her family had caused a lot of trouble for Jun Mo Xie, and was already beginning to imagine the destruction that her father and her seven brutal brothers must have caused to the Jun residence. As far as she was concerned, even if Jun Mo Xie was exaggerating things a bit, their actions still must have been very difficult on Jun Mo Xie.

But she didnt know that Jun Mo Xie had grounded her seven brothers, who still hadnt been able to get up from their beds. And even though her father fared slightly better, Jun Mo Xie had blatantly blackmailed the man into expending huge sums of money.

Never mind; these matters are not to concern you since your father was probably misinformed. Jun Mo Xie generously waved his hand, Im from the younger generation, so I must practice tolerance and forbearance, even if Im wronged by my elders. Anyway, our families have been friends for a long time, and have many deep sentiments attached to each other, so there is really no need to points swords and spears at each other over such trivial matters.

Dugu Xiao Yi nodded in approval as her beautiful eyes lit up with a look of satisfaction: The fact that youre not taking into account.. my emotions; sometimes things just happen, theres no need to beat.. She stammered as she uttered these few words slowly, and was unable to finish her sentence since her face had turned completely red; right down to her neck.

The poor young maiden had completely misunderstood his meaning, and had instinctively believed that Jun Mo Xie had been forced to bear the abuse of his father and brothers. Since she was blaming herself for it, the young maidens heart suddenly turned as sweet as honey, and her thoughts started to stray once more.

Jun Mo Xie stated once again in a gentlemanly manner: True, thats the way it must be. Dugu Xiao Yi became even shyer, and started unconsciously drawing rings in the ground with her toe, while her neck and head had turned red with a blush. Her eyes were secretly watching Jun Mo Xies face, filling her heart was a sense of infinite satisfaction.

Ye Gu Han was a hard-skinned man and was unable to watch these people court each other with the affection of young lovers!

Jun Mo Xie, how can you be so shameless?! Ye Gu Han pointed his finger at Jun Mo Xie, and it seemed as if he wished to kill the youngster, The seven sons of the Dugu Family suffered such a great calamity at your hands, and yet you say such things?

Ah? How could that be? Dugu Xiao Yi cried out in shock, unable to believe that Jun Mo Xie could harm her brothers.

Thats not the truth. Jun Mo Xie flatly denied the truth in order to avoid trouble: Ye Gu Han, youre a dignified Sky Xuan expert, please do not give heed to such fabricated rumors. How could I suddenly hurt seven people? Could I have ever beaten them up? Dont you know about my abilities? And you still think that I could cope up with the seven of them.. please dont try to bend the facts!

The situation was reaching a critical juncture, and he simply couldnt true admit his actions. If he admitted to hurting her brothers, then she was likely to flip out at him.

Dugu Xiao Yi looked at Ye Gu Han with a puzzled look on her face.

Miss Dugu, you must go home and see for yourself. Ye Gu Han was unmoved, and continued to look at Jun Mo Xie coldly: Miss Dugu, the color of the night deepens, and we must be on our way; I have to return to the princesss side for her protection.

Dugu Xiao Yi couldnt make up her mind; she hesitantly looked at Jun Mo Xie again, and analyzed that the atmosphere wasnt very favorable at the moment. Even though she was bit reluctant to leave, she knew that Ye Gu Hans words made sense, and she would only understand the truth after reaching her residence. On top of that, she was well-aware that Ye Gu Han was a man of his words, and wouldnt lie to her in such a manner. Although, given his skill, she simply couldnt fathom how Jun Mo Xie could hurt the seven of her brothers!

Little White, come to me, I will take you home. Dugu Xiao Yi clapped her hands as she approached closer to Jun Mo Xie. She tasted a faint smell of his bodys aroma in the air, and couldnt help blush even more.

Jun Mo Xie hastily returned Little White to her arms; the little panther cub didnt resist, but looked at Jun Mo Xie helplessly with a pitiful look in his eyes.

A question suddenly emerged inside Jun Mo Xies mind: Why is Little White showing so much attachment towards me? This simply doesnt make any sense!

Nothing ever happens in this world without a reason, so there must be something about me that other people dont have, and something that I havent thought of yet.

Is it because.. the Hongjun Pagoda and the art of unlocking the heavens fortune?

Being the only possible explanation, this idea swept across Jun Mo Xies conscience like a tsunami!

Jun Mo Xie, could we meet tomorrow? Dugu Xiao Yi lowered her head in search for a reason, and found one lying in her arms: Little White really likes you, oh, you can see it too he really, really likes you. I, I , I do not wish to make him unhappy. Even though Dugu Xiao Yi had found an excuse to meet him again, she didnt know how to use it properly, and was wondering if it was a good measure to use Little White as an excuse to arrange a meeting with him..

Sure! Jun Mo Xie responded in acceptance: I can help you in looking after Little White tomorrow; Ill see you tomorrow for some playtime Little White.

Dugu Xiao Yis heart rejoiced as she stated: Its a deal!

Its a deal! Jun Mo Xie maliciously looked at the little cub as he exposed a pleasant smile. Come back tomorrow so I can carry out some experiments on you!

The little cub which was now in Dugu Xiao Yis arms suddenly felt a burst of chill on his body, and his soft and delicate white furs stood upright. Alerted, he looked around in search of an enemy, but couldnt spot any. If he was capable of speaking, he would have surely voiced his skepticism: Why is this happening? Why did I suddenly feel these creeps? Why does it feel as if someone stripped me? Why are my fur upright for no reason?

Dugu Xiao Yi retreated three steps and left.

Jun Mo Xie had already accomplished his objective, and so he quickly returned to the Jun residence.

Third uncle! Third uncle! Just as Jun Mo Xie returned, he sensed a different smell in the atmosphere, and quickly ran into the courtyard: Whats going on?

Jun Wu Yi slowly came out.

In the absence of outsiders, he wouldnt be sitting in his wheelchair since he had been in it for over a decade, and was already quite bored of it!

Jun Wu Yi replied with a solemn look in his eyes: I brought those kids back.

Kids? Which one. What children? Jun Mo Xie stuttered.

Out of the children whom we previously set free, Ive ordered forty five of them to be set up in the ware house for a bit, as a temporary accommodation. As for the ones with deformities, all thirty nine of them have been presently accommodated here. Im trying to use my Xuan Qi to see if I can unblock their tendons in order to see if theres any hope for them to have a normal life.

Jun Mo Xie was completely surprised.

Jun Wu Yi looked at him profoundly: Mo Xie, you did something with a strong purpose, but it comes with some heavy responsibilities as well. It is important for us to cultivate the strength of our family, but it would be harsh, even cruel, of us to not act on this matter. You may blame me for this, but as long as Im the head of the Jun family, we have an obligation to be responsible for the basic necessities of these children, which includes curing their injuries and illnesses.

Moreover, although charity mustnt be done recklessly, the downtrodden mustnt be neglected out rightly! Jun Wu Yis eyes were filled with a sense of pain: Like these children, no matter what..

He expressed these words very resolutely and decisively, and it was obvious that there would be no challenging his decision. Since he had personally suffered from a disability for a long time, it was apparent that he was looking at these children with a strong sense of sympathy.

Even if they cant do anything by themselves, we will support them. It doesnt matter how much burden they impose on us!

Jun Mo Xie remained speechless for a long time before he finally replied: I understand. He inwardly thought to himself: Perhaps this is the difference between men of honor and ordinary men. However, does such kindness really make sense?