Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 140

Chapter 139 despised
Chapter 139 Despised

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The first ray of the morning sun was just beginning to light up the sky, but Jun Mo Xies body was already covered in sweat from all the physical training that hed been doing for the past few hours. He casually wiped off the sweat, put on his clothes and started walking towards the warehouse.

Previously, his uncle had brought in some of the children which they had rescued from the Huang Hua Hall. Even though Jun Wu Yi had ordered them to be sent them away to the manor, Jun Mo Xie still wasnt reconciled to bearing the cost of their unproductivity. He wished to see if any of these kids could pay the family back in some manner or the other.

Sowing where you cant reap isnt a wise thing to do! Just because we saved them doesnt mean that we must bear their burden forever; and just because were supporting them now doesnt mean that were obligated to rear them forever. Even if a meat pie falls out of the sky, one have the flexibility to use their hands for protecting themselves, otherwise the food will only hit you hard on the head and crush you to death.

So, Jun Mo Xie went to take a look, but he didnt have any high expectation from them, and was only hoping that hed find at least one or two whod be worth training.

After all, these boys and girls were already inspected for their value at the time of entering the Huang Hua Hall!

After an hour of inspecting those children, Jun Mo Xie came out of the warehouse with a disappointed look on his face. The Huang Hall had completely rejected these children, and not without reason; these boys and girls were completely unfit for martial training.

Therefore, left with other option, Jun Mo Xie decided to give up. If a batch of people with no talent is forced to train, then it would only be a waste of effort and resources, and would eventually force them to an early death.

A large crowd of people had flocked in front of the Jun residences door. Even though Jun Wu Yi was a crippled man, he was still considered gentry in the Tian Xiang City. When such a powerful and wealthy figure sends out a message for acquiring Xuan Beasts, how could every merchant in the city not swarm to his door?

So, when the Jun residences gatekeeper opened the front door, he was surprised to see a huge crowd gathered in front.

This used to be a very common sight until seven years ago. At the time when Jun Wu Yi had first suffered his disability, Jun Zhan Tian had spared no effort to find the best doctors in the country to cure his only surviving sons disability. Upon realizing that his sons disability was incurable, the old man resorted to buying all kinds of treasures, rare objects and books to keep his son amused. The already disheartened Jun Wu Yi was unable to bear his fathers kindness, and would only pick up one or two items reluctantly. After several years of this, the father and son duo cleared the matter out and these activities were inevitably put to rest.

But this time, the message was sent out on Jun Wu Yis initiative, and that too for acquiring a Xuan Beast; so naturally, every merchant in the Tian Xiang City herded to his doorstep!

Jun Wu Yi sat in his wheelchair again, and slowly made his way towards the front of the line which was snaking out of the door. He had already understood Jun Mo Xies intentions; if Jun Mo Xie had wanted to acquire a Xuan Beast, then he would have simply done it himself, and would have never bothered his uncle with it. Since he didnt wish to undertake this matter on his own, it can only mean one thing: Mo Xie doesnt want other people to find out that hes searching for Xuan Beasts, or at least doesnt want people to know that these beasts are being bought for him.

My nephew often acts in weird ways, but I have to admit that Mo Xie always puts a lot of thought into his actions, and is always very rational. Even though Jun Wu Yi didnt know why his nephew wanted these beasts, he at least understood the reason behind Jun Mo Xies request for the task to be done by someone else, which is why Jun Wu Yi personally picked the beasts out from the lot.

He deliberately picked out the best beasts from level one to level five, and in fact, went one step further and picked a pair instead of just one, and sent the rest of them back. As far as level six or higher were concerned, he couldnt even find one merchant who was offering them. The entire Tian Xiang City didnt even have a single level six Xuan beast on sale! Even a damaged level Six Xuan Beast was unavailable!

Upon Jun Wu Yis command, these beasts were loaded into cages and were carried into his yard. Jun Mo Xie saw the commotion and came over; he made the servants wash those ten beasts.

The grade one beasts were rabbits, the level two beasts were winged raccoons, level three beasts were wolves; level fours pick were bulls, and the level five Xuan Beasts were iron-skinned snakes.

Jun Mo Xie waved his hands and asked the servants to leave. Then, he walked over to the first cage comprised of the two rabbits and stopped for a moment. The two rabbits didnt even open their eyes to look at him, and completely ignored his presence. He rubbed his nose, and stationed himself in front of the cage with the winged raccoons, but still didnt get any response.

Cage three. But still no reaction!

Jun Mo Xie was beginning to lose faith in his judgement and was beginning to wonder if he was wrong in a making this assessment. But doing this half way wasnt in the hitmans nature, and even though he didnt expect much, he walked over to the fourth cage. He suddenly heard a hiss sound which came from the cage beside the one he was standing in front of. The iron skinned snakes in the cage besides had snaked towards the edge of their cage and were shaking their tails while their eyes were staring at Jun Mo Xies body!

Soon, the two bulls in the cage in front of him also opened their eyes to look at Jun Mo Xie.

Jun Mo Xies heart sprung up with joy.

The confused bulls looked at him, then looked down, then looked up at him again, and then started looking around them, and then looked the Jun Mo Xie again. A ray of hope started to emerge in their eyes as they continued to stare at him, almost as if his body was exuding seeds of immortality, and it appeared that they were looking forward to something really good.

The more distant cage with the snakes in it, had already started to shake since the snakes were ceaselessly shaking their tails while banging their heads against their cage, and those two pairs of eyes were still firmly fixed at Jun Mo Xie. They seemed so anxious that if they hadnt been imprisoned in a cage, they wouldve already rushed towards the young master Jun.

Jun Wu Yi was watching from the sidelines, and although he noted this strange behavior, he couldnt explain the reason behind it; also he couldnt help but notice that his nephew was seemingly indifferent in the face of this anomaly.

Jun Mo Xie calmly took a couple of steps backwards as his face remained expressionless, defying the ecstasy of his heart.

Only a pig wouldnt understand the meaning of this!

Either The art of unlocking the heavens fortune or the Hongjun Pagoda, or both were mysteriously causing these Xuan Beasts to get attracted towards Jun Mo Xie! This sole discovery itself was worth a priceless treasure!

What was the most dangerous place in the entire Xuan Xuan continent? If this topic was ever raised, then no one would say the Blizzard Silver City, because even though the Blizzard Silver City was very powerful and arrogant, even they wouldnt take a mans life without any reason. However, there was one place on this continent which would; and every one was aware of this place, so even the most ordinary of men would only give one answer: the Tian Fa forest!

The paradise of Xuan Beasts and the infernal hell of humans! Even if a peak Spirit Xuan ventured into the Tian Fa forest, then they were quite likely to lose their life to the dangers of the forest!

But Jun Mo Xie didnt need to afraid of it anymore.

But what did this mean?

What items are considered most valuable in the Xuan Xuan continent?

High grade herbs, healing Dans, Xuan Qi fruits, Xuan Beasts Xuan Cores, or Xuan Beasts cubs?!

And where all these rarities produced in abundance? The answer will still remain the same The Tian Fa forest!

No one had dared to venture out into the depths of this forest for millions of years..

However, Jun Mo Xies body seemed to be attracting high-end Xuan beastss love and affection. This could be the best way to increase strength and become rich!

However, Jun Mo Xie still wasnt convinced if relying on Xuan Dan and herbs was a good way to increase power and upgrade The art of unlocking the heavens fortune.

Jun Mo Xies heart was beginning to feel a strange sense of agitation, and just then the Hongjun Pagoda started to spin. This rotation of the Hongjun Pagoda ignited a very special and wonderfully strange feeling in his heart.. like he was.. Despised.

Or laughed at; almost like someone was carrying a mountain of gold, but would be required to beg people for food only to be mocked at in the end.

This sentiment left Jun Mo Xie feeling very unhappy all of a sudden, It seems that I have an issue!

But Jun Mo Xie really didnt know what this problem was, but could sense that it was a big problem nonetheless. In fact, he felt like the beggar who was holding a gold bowl in his hands, but was still begging people for rice!

His heart perceived a feeling of emptiness, but he really didnt know how to overcome it..

This is such a great tragedy!

If one must compare Jun Mo Xie to a beggar with an expensive bowl in his hands, then a diamond bowl would be more suited in this situation. in fact no matter how valuable his bowl was, hed still have to beg for rice!

As the Hongjun Pagoda started to spin, almost all the Xuan Beasts cages came to life. In fact, the beasts who hadnt taken any notice of his presence earlier, namely the level one, two and three beasts, were also staring at Jun Mo Xie now, while constantly banging their bodies against their cages, almost as if they simply couldnt wait to rush out of their cages and land straight into Jun Mo Xies arms..

Jun Wu Yi was staring in disbelief from the sidelines; how is this happening? What is Mo Xie doing?

Hes just been walking back and forth since hes arrived here, and seemingly hasnt done anything, but then why are the Xuan Beasts acting out in this manner?

What is going on here?

At this point, a servant came in and reported: The Young Miss of the Dugu Family has arrived.