Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 147

Chapter 146 the envoys from two countries
Chapter 146 The Envoys from two countries

Im a bit confused, what did I do? Jun Mo Xie scratched his hair: Then how should I address you?

Well, you know! Dugu Xiao Yi stomped her feet: Ive never seen such an idiot!

I know? Jun Mo Xie frowned as he pondered, but then noticed a sudden and slight movement as Dugu Xiao Yi parted her fingers, which were covering her eyes, in order to secretly watch Jun Mo Xie.

Jun Mo Xie finally started to understand: Ah, now it seems that our relationship is changing. I was trying to teach her, so now our relationship is changing to that of a master and student.. Little girl is now my disciple; hurry and get up, your master is waiting to teach you an exquisite knife law.

Youre no teacher of mine! Dugu Xiao Yi didnt jump up the way he was expecting her to; instead, she extended her foot and stomped on his. Moreover, she didnt stop here, and went on to stomp on his feet a few more times: What makes you think that youre qualified enough to be my teacher?!

Jun Mo Xie was caught completely off guard since he had never expected his student to act so outrageously. He winced and said: ..respect your teacher!

Teacher my ass! Respect my ass! You think that you can use this knife law lie to exploit me? Im telling you. I dont want to learn your stupid knife law; youre just a scoundrel! Nothing more! Dugu Xiao Yi seemed so infuriated that it appeared as if shed pounce on him with her claws and tear him to pieces! Im angry! Youre a bad guy! And a blockhead! Youre such a stupid, unromantic idiot!

This is ridiculous! How am I a scoundrel? And how am I bad guy?! Jun Mo Xie was completely flabbergasted, and couldnt help thinking; this is a big injustice.. the previous Mo Xie was a bad guy; but Ive been nothing short of a savior for the Jun Family why should I have to bear this..

I really dont know what this girl is up to.. I just helped her little pet evolve, and then I gave her such a good knife, and now Im even trying to teach her a great knife technique, but shes still saying these things to me. This is unfair! I already told her that the kiss was an accident! And its not like this was the first time shes kissed a guy, and even if it was her first time, then it was my first as well so its really me whos at a loss here.

Wait a minute?! Is she thinking that Im interested in her because I kissed her? Jun Mo Xies entire body shivered as he realized that the body of a female starts to mature at the age of sixteen as opposed to their male counterparts..

I hope not. I havent had enough of my bachelor days yet..

Never mind then, quickly teach me the knife law! I hope that you know one, and werent just bragging! She stomped on his foot again grumpily, and then bit her lips; even though she wanted to leave, she didnt. She had managed to arrange a meeting with him after facing a lot of difficulty, and even then her seven brothers had accompanied her..

I have no idea when well be able to meet again. But this idiot..Dugu Xiao Yi almost felt like weeping: this idiot. He, he kissed me.. even my parents have never kissed me on my lips, and. And on top of that, since hes such a renowned debauchee, Im sure that hes kissed plenty of women before; this was certainly not his first time..

Even though Dugu Xiao Yi was behaving like a normal teenage girl at the moment, a normal human would still never be able to understand her thoughts!

Youre forcing me to teach you after disrespecting me like that? Do you think I owe you something, or what? Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes as he shouted at her.

She stared at him with her big round eyes, which had suddenly become red, and then tears started dripping down from the corner of her eyes: Youre bullying me her heart was harboring unbounded grievances: First this bastard kisses me after I gave him my jade pendant, and now hes shouting at me! I have to go; did no one teach this idiot about courting a young woman?

Well- Jun Mo Xie sighed loudly, but felt very weak within: God! Why is this girl so hard to keep up with? The Hitman was very experienced in handling all kinds of worldly affairs; in fact, his experience was very, very, very extensive. But courting the heart of a young maiden was almost like Greek to him!

Little White was standing perplexed between the two of them, and was constantly looking from one person to the other. Even the little cub could tell that the two of them were having a fight, but couldnt understand why or how he could sort it out.

I want to go Uncle Jun. Im going to tell my grandfather and Uncle Jun that you are bullying me again. I hate you! I hate you! Dugu Xiao Yi burst out crying again, and turned around to leave.

Jun Mo Xie hastily pulled her back: Hey, dont go. I made a mistake, okay?

This was definitely the first time that the Hitman had ever made a confession in both his lives!

Let go of me! Men and women arent supposed to touch each other! No one taught you that? Dugu Xiao Yi puffed her cheeks and tilted her head.

Jun Mo Xie remained silent; but the last time you went about spreading a rumor, your seven brothers landed straight on my doorstep. If you go around crying again, then who knows. Maybe your grandfather will personally lead his army to my bedroom! Ah, God, what sins did I commit for having to endure such a bitter life?

Fine, Ill teach you. Jun Mo Xie seemed to be begging for mercy. Under his own roof!

Well! Dugu Xiao Yi grunted heavily: First be a little sensitive Jun Mo Xie suddenly realized that his big hand was still holding onto her arm, and couldnt help turn red with embarrassment. Meanwhile, Dugu Xiao Yis voice had turned extremely soft and shy: You, you need to release my arm..

Jun Mo Xie released his hold on her arm, and started scratching his head; I really dont know what this girl is trying to do? In just a matter of a few breaths, her moods have actually transformed back and forth at least five or six times how can this be normal? It was obviously beyond the comprehension of Jun Mo Xies intelligence that a person could be capable of shifting their mind frame so much. And so quickly

No wonder people often say that women are the worlds most difficult animals to comprehend! This remark is certainly true ah!

Okay, pocket knives have a total of nine strokes. Jun Mo Xie picked up the pocket knife again, and affixed it to his armpit: The first one: Pocket Knife soft winnowing.. Jun Mo Xie was in a hurry to teach her the law at this point so he could quickly send this girl away. Anyway, the law he was teaching was just a pocket knife law, and not a very profound martial law by any means. Keeping this girl here it is just too much of a task.

The Second stroke: The Third stroke: Pocket Knife dream..

Pocket Knife cloud, Pocket Knife Wind dance, Pocket Knife falling thunder, Pocket Knife flash, Pocket Knife Dream ruins, Pocket Knife universe

Dugu Xiao Yi seemed to be very gifted and was extremely intelligent as well. On top of that, her memory was so sharp that she actually managed to memorize the entire skill set in just half an hour, even though Jun Mo Xie had taught her some very complex postures. However, just when it seemed that they were done, she suddenly started intentionally messing up the most basic of postures, which she was able to perform perfectly just a few moments ago. Naturally Jun Mo Xie had to approach closer to her body in order to correct her postures; so some amount of physical contact was almost inevitable.

Jun Mo Xies body was very tenacious in a physical sense, but he was still dripping sweat while teaching her; meanwhile, Dugu Xiao Yi seemed to be training with high spirits, so much so that her cheeks were flushed..

From Jun Mo Xies point of view, the task was extremely arduous; but from Dugu Xiao Yis point of view, the scene was a beautiful romantic sight between two lovers.. however, since Jun Mo Xies emotional quotient was close to zero, the hitman was obviously left complaining to the heavens: She is so stupid! Why do I have to teach her the same thing over and over again..

Just then, an unexpected noise of cannons sounded outside the Jun residence. The almost deafening sound was followed by the sounds of soldiers unmounting their horses and approaching the gates of the Jun residence.

Whats happening? they both hesitated, and involuntarily stopped their training. Jun Mo Xie wiped off the sweat from his face. Even though he was inwardly relieved, he felt a bit strange: I was finding this exercise a bit tough, but then how was this girl able to carry on? Is this little girl hiding her strength? How did I not notice it?

He had already realized that Dugu Xiao Yi was quite intelligent at the time when she had been able to memorize the second stroke in just one attempt, but hadnt figured out that she was intentionally playing the moves wrong at the moment. The whole process hadnt been tiring in the least for her.. how could it have been, the little girl was obviously too busy feeling shy and happy about learning this skill from the man of her dreams

It seemed that a difference in state of mind was indeed enough to induce a difference in physical endurance!

The Yu Tang Empires State Teacher, Fei Meng Chen is arriving in the Tian Xiang City with his troops. Hes already outside the city gates at the moment. Jun Wu Yi was pushed out to the front of the gate by the Dugu Brothers. Also, he is being accompanied by the famous general of the Yu Tang Empire, Zhao Jian Hun; his Majesty has already sent the great prince to greet them into the city.

The moment Jun Wu Yi spoke the name Zhao Jian Hun, a strange light shone in his eyes.

In addition, the Shen Ci Empires top Xuan Qi expert is also arriving with his troops, and will coincidently be arriving today as well. His Majesty will also be sending the other two princes to greet them. His Majesty is making preparations to send out the three princes to meet the envoys from the two countries. Jun Wu Yi smiled faintly.

His Majestys arrangements can already be described as pretty good ah. Jun Mo Xie praised loudly. He was well aware that these two envoys were certainly arriving in the Tian Xiang City with ulterior motives, but sending the three princes to receive them in full force was obviously very good thinking on the Emperors part.

His Majesty is just experimenting again. Jun Wu Yi smiled again. It wont be surprising if the Emperor ends up choosing his successor by the time the Capital sees the end of this event.

Jun Mo Xie was somewhat puzzled, and so he asked: Why do you say that?

Diplomacy is a very delicate activity, and one needs to apply just the right amount of pressure at the points. In the eagerness to gain power, all the three princes will try to gain the support of the neighboring Empires, and their attitudes will dictate the future of governance of this country. The attitudes of the three princes will have a very far reaching effect in the future, so this is going to be a very decisive test for the three of them.