Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 151

Chapter 150 i drink for the loneliness not the wine
Chapter 150 I drink for the loneliness, not the wine

Old Songs entire body started to tremble as a faint blue light flashed from his body; he eventually calmed himself down and said in a hoarse voice: This old man admires your vision, but I just wish to blend into the city and make an honest living for myself in my late years since no one bothers a bartender for being a Sky Xuan expert..

The black clothed man replied lightly: If you wish to brew wine in peace, then thats good and I will not bother you.

Old Song turned around to leave, but then whispered softly as he left: Thank you for your kindness.

Jun Mo Xie smiled and said: Old Song, please give me two jugs of wine. Today this young master will make an exception and drink your wine again. Old Song acknowledged his order and went inside the shop. His heart was inwardly surprised at the ease with which this youngster was behaving around this mysterious expert, since he could sense that this mysterious expert was capable of killing them both in a hundred different ways; this guy is behaving very recklessly.

You will not share my wine? this time it was the man in black who raised his eyebrows and asked a question.

I do not take favors from others if drink your wine then Ill owe you a favor. In this world riddles with debts, the debt of gratitude is the most difficult to repay. Jun Mo Xie smiled casually: Besides, drinking wine after spending money is more comforting.

Thats reasonable. The man in black replied, and then continued to drink his wine quietly. Then, he wiped his mouth and said: This wine is really good. Kumis always tastes better with beef.

[Kumis is fermented from a mares milk; its a traditional East Asian wine.]

At this time, Jun Mo Xies order was also delivered to their table. Jun Mo Xie immediately opened the cork and started to drink. His drinking speed wasnt lesser than the black-clothed mans.

Although both men were sitting on the same table, they were both concentrating on drinking their wines alone.

The man in black was drinking at a fairly slow pace now, but his speed was very consistent, and unhurried. Even his eating speed was very slow, and very casual.

Although he was drinking wine in the company of another man, it seemed as if he had built his own world, and had excluded all elements of the outside world from his conscious altogether.

After drinking seven or eight cups of wine, the man in black suddenly discovered something unexpected. This discovery suddenly elated the impression of the youngster in front by several levels in his eyes.

He was drinking out of loneliness, but the actions of the youngster in front of his eyes seemed even more desolate that his own. Since he was drinking in a solitary manner, he was his own entertainment; but the boy in front didnt even seem to be drinking wine it appeared as if the youngster was drinking cups of loneliness!

At his mental level, he was drinking wine to distract himself from his solitude, but the boy in front seemed to be enjoying the loneliness! Hes able to endure this solitary feeling with such an open-mind that hes actually enjoying it. what kind of a superior mind does he have?

His mental level it seems that hes even superior to me?!

Who is this mysterious teenager?

Even though the two men were drinking in a solitary manner on the same table, their charms were mutually exclusive. Even though Jun Mo Xie was able to integrate into this mans world, but the man was finding it extremely hard to enter into Jun Mo Xies!

A long while later, the man in black was further surprised to realize that he had paying a lot of attention to the boy in front, but the youngster didnt seem to be taking any note of his presence!

It seems that Im not even present here in his eyes.

The mysterious mans Xuan Qi cultivation level had already transcended to the peak, so he could naturally sense that this young mans Xuan Qi was near-pathetic; given his age, his cultivation level can only be described as ordinary maybe even trash! I could just kill him by just blowing air!

But then why is such a boy able to maintain this kind of a mind-frame?

Cultivation is easy for children from large families as long as they are sincere and interested in training since they can find good guidance easily. Detoured youngsters are rare, but it shouldnt be this surprising!

However, this kind of mental level is hard to find. Even a senior military officer is unable to maintain this mindset.. what kind of penance is he concealing in his heart?!

Moreover, hes very young at the moment, but somehow he feels a lot older!

Kid, youre something special! The man in black slowly stated.

Do you still think that Im not qualified to sit here? Jun Mo Xie asked without looking up as he continued to focus on his drink.

In terms of your age, your Xuan Qi is low since your meridians have suffered heavy damages, which is resulting in your abnormal cultivation level. So in terms of Xuan Qi, youre ordinary, but being able to drink alone in front of me while being able to maintain such a mind-frame isnt an ordinary feat; even the most experienced men are unable to do such a thing.

The man in black exposed a rare smiled. Moreover, it seems that youre even more desolate than I am; but its very interesting to know that someone could get so lonely at such a young age!

Were in the same boat. Jun Mo Xie looked up at him coldly: You were special enough for me to borrow your desolation, which enabled to me enjoy my drink; but now Im unable to. If you had continued to drink alone, then I would have continued to enjoy mine, but now that taste has changed, and has become rancid.

Jun Mo Xie stood up and produced a silver coin: Interesting people can also get boring in time. You really shouldnt have spoken first there are many curious people in this world, and now youve just added yourself to that list. Jun Mo Xie walked away without looking back again. But before he left, he said a few more words: Since youve acknowledged my qualification, I must stand up now.

The man in black suddenly remembered Jun Mo Xies earlier words: as for the subject on qualifications, if I feel that our standards arent matching, and if I sense that you arent capable of drinking with me, then I will naturally stand up!

The black-clothed mans face immediately changed. Did this kid just imply that Im not qualified to drink with him?

I am the Solitary Falcon; and ever since Ive risen to fame, no one has ever dared to act like this in front of me. And now this boy just implied that I wasnt even qualified to drink with him, and then mocked me right before he left..

This is a strange felling.

Then the Solitary Falcon recalled what Jun Mo Xie had just said, and started smiling again: We were indeed curious about each other, but then I opened by mouth first. Answering my question could have led to the collapse of his mind frame. If my words disrupted his drinking and upset him, then his actions were plausible.

Boy! Even if you dont know who I am, I will still remember you!

The Solitary Falcon had always been proud and aloof, and had always aimed for the skies; the Falcon of the Savanna had never considered any man to be his equal; he had always despised others, and had always gone about his ways without bothering about the opinions of others. But he never expected that hed also be looked down upon one day!

There was a big difference in the ages of the two men, and moreover, their Xuan Qi levels were simply beyond comparison, but even then this young man had insulted him.

And after looking down upon him, Jun Mo Xie hadnt even explained his reasons! This had left the man feeling very dejected, and had angered the Solitary Falcons heart.

After three days, I will return to make trouble for you! Well see how qualified I am then! The Solitary Falcon laughed inwardly as he continued to eat and drink.

Soon enough Ill have the last laugh!

Jun Mo Xie was walking with a sense of pride in his heart.

The hitman Jun didnt know who that man in black was; neither had Jun Mo Xie been able to understand his true intentions!

In fact, ever since the Jun Mo Xie had laid eyes on the Solitary Falcon, he had figured that the man was something unusual. At the time when the man had successfully identified Old Songs Xuan Qi level, Jun Mo Xies suspicion had been confirmed. Jun Mo Xies Art of unlocking the Heavens fortune was beyond Old Songs comprehension, but the man in black had realized something unusual about Jun Mo Xie. Jun Mo Xie was conversely also able to sense that the man was at least the base of Spirit Xuan realm.

Moreover, Jun Mo Xie could sense a familiar felling of desolation which this mans body was exuding; and then when the two men made eye contact, Jun Mo Xie could feel the composure and pride of his mind.

Obviously Jun Mo Xie had understood that this man had arrived in the Tian Xiang City to seek the Xuan Core, but he had also sensed that this man had another purpose; a purpose which may not revolve around the Xuan Core!

Even though Jun Mo Xie was unable to understand his true intentions, he could sense that the Xuan Core probably didnt have much value to this man.

But nonetheless, it still felt as if the man would try to use all means to procure the Xuan Core!

So in the end, this man was eventually to be driven in Jun Mo Xies direction in search of the Xuan Core!

Jun Mo Xie had been looking to catch the mans attention without actually attracting interest from him, which is why Jun Mo Xie had choreographed his character very carefully in front of that man. He had intentionally ignored the man, while enjoying his company in order to make the man curious, which would tempt the man into breaking the silence and eventually he would make the man feel despised.

The eccentric are always odd; so one should always do the opposite of whats expected. Not so proud now, huh? Now Im more proud than you are! You dont enjoy your solitude? Then you cannot be more desolate then me! Im the only one in this world who comes from another!

For now, Jun Mo Xies plan had been successful, and the Solitary Falcon still hadnt realized that the entire scene had been choreographed by Jun Mo Xie.

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie started planning on his course of action for the contest with Old Song in three days time..