Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 167

Chapter 166 assassins
Chapter 166 Assassins

One million taels instead of two for one share. Jun Mo Xie exposed a meaningful smile: Im only giving you this bargain because I like you.

Hes offering the Emperors brother a share which is worth one million taels per share, and is actually calling it a favor?

Jun Mo Xie lowered his line of sight to look at young Yang Mo and said: Little girl, youre a shareholder in my wine from now on. You and I are partners now!

Im a man! the boy screamed back so furiously that it almost felt as if he was gearing up to bite his tormentor.

Well discuss more on this topic later. Ladies and gentlemen, Song Shang will convey the details of the auction to you later, as and when they are decided, but for now, I need to head back home. Jun Mo Xie wisely chose to hurry back home.

The identity of an Emperors brother, and his plan to secure the future of his children was not just a very serious matter, but also a very sensitive one, which was appropriately conveyed by prince Yang Huai Nong in one sentence. It was evident from his choice of words that any deviation from his instructions would result in a torrent of his influence. Even a Sky Xuan expert like Song Shang recoiled from the threat; let alone Jun Mo Xie.

Of course, this wasnt enough to scare an expert of the Solitary Falcons standard.. obviously. The mans strength had already surpassed the influence of a prince. However, the princes words were enough to shake any man alive, apart from a man of the Solitary Falcons stature of course.

In fact, even Jun Mo Xie didnt really care much about the prince, and was only concerned with his true new partner; young Yang Mo. I might like you prince, but when the time comes, Ill only care about this kids life not your insignificant one!

Master, do you wish for your disciple to stay here? Even though Song Shang had asked this question in a normal tone, it was obvious from the gleam in his eyes that he wished to stay on.

This vast and boundless land has several paths, but they all lead to one single destination.. no matter which path you take, you must walk the path of wine-making. But wherever you go, remember to take these two jars of wine with you; as a reminder! Jun Mo Xie smiled: Song Shang, you. Since your identity has been exposed. Are you planning on leave this city?

Even though Jun Mo Xie had asked this question, he was well aware that Song Shang wasnt going to leave. How could he. when he could stay here and learn to make such wine? Making quality wine had been his life-long pursuit, so how could he leave when the secret of making such wine was within arms reach? Even if his body was dismembered into a thousand pieces, he still wouldnt leave!

Since he was done here, Jun Mo Xie turned around and greeted the Solitary Falcon once again and then turned around to leave the shop.

The Solitary Falcon interrupted his departure: Boy, how can you leave when were not done yet? You still havent settled my account yet you owe me!

Old man, you have no account with me, so it isnt good of you to ask me. I have no debts with you and you have no credit over me. Jun Mo Xie smiled as he looked back at him: People usually owe me, not the other way around; if you think I owe you then why dont you try and find me?

Even though the Solitary Falcons mouth opened to curse, his eyes still revealed the hint of a smile: Since youre playing tricks with this old man maybe I will!

Well then, if you can find me later, then well certainly settle our accounts. Jun Mo Xie glanced over at him one last time, and then sped away: If you find me later, then Ill definitely give you a reason to ha ha.

This kid was so calm even after learning my true identity. This is the first time Ive ever seen someone with such a low Xuan Qi maintain such composure. The princes eyes revealed a hint of appreciation as the three men gazed at Jun Mo Xies fleeting silhouette: He is certainly something beyond the usual!

I agree with you old man this is a first for me as well! the Solitary Falcon agreed in dismay: He somehow managed to figure each one of us out but still managed to retain his own mystery!

The Solitary Falcon had long realized that the youngster had figured his identity out as well, else there would have been no reason why each and every words coming out from his mouth would be so targeted and associable. However, the Solitary Falcon was feeling a bit bizarre instead of angry for some reason.

I knew he was flattering me all along, but then why was I still feeling so good about it?

Hang on! What are you doing? The prince stopped Song Shangs actions mid-way, and glared at him with the eyes of a fire-breathing dragon. Even though youre the kids apprentice now, it still doesnt mean that you can just pick up these two jars of wine and leave. Anyway, he intends on auctioning them didnt you hear him? So, how much for them? Dont think that you can climb onto a high tree and take these two jars for yourself..

Song Shang was in the process of stealthily taking away the two wine jars which Jun Mo Xie had left behind, and was intending on slipping out!

I was the competitor and now his new disciple. Youre just the referee! Why should you get these two wine jars? Song Shang glared argumentatively, unwilling to pass on the ownership of the wine jars without a fight.

The referees are allowed to drink the leftovers; would you disagree? The Solitary Falcon unceremoniously snatched the two jars from Song Shangs hands: The contest is over now, and youre the owner of this pub; its your duty to go and get us something suitable to drink with our wine!

Old Song didnt have the courage to say anything when confronted with the power and influence of a man like the Solitary Falcon. He bitterly turned around and went inside his shop to fetch the snacks. The Solitary Falcon and the prince hurriedly grabbed their glasses and poured themselves a drink. The prince couldnt help but feel the influence of brute strength, and the insidious effect that it could instill in the hearts of weaker men!

In a corner far away from the pub, a woman stood dressed in black robes with a black veil concealing her face. As a gust of wind fluttered past her robes, it managed to lift her veil just enough to reveal her two bright and shiny eyes, which seemed to be burning in the flames of anger.

Jun Mo Xie. You shamed and humiliated me! Today, you will pay for it with your life! Jun Zhan Tian wont be able to help you today, and neither would the Eighth Grand Master you just befriended. Tonight, youll die for sure!

Miss, it is about to rain; you should find cover below. A black masked man quietly came from behind her and whispered in her ear.

No! I want to witness the ossification of Jun Mo Xies bones to ash with my own eyes; only then will this anger inside my heart truly subside! The black-robed woman remained motionlessly glued to her spot as she replied in a voice as cold and sharp as ice-shards: Jun Mo Xie needs to return to his home before dark in order to attend a family dinner tonight. Weve gone to great lengths in order to procure this information; therefore we must seize this opportunity well!

Yes miss!

Even though it was only the early hours of dusk at the moment, but a thick layer of dark clouds had already started to converge in sky, making the sky look a lot darker and gloomier at this time than usual. As the shrill autumn winds howled through the streets of the Tian Xiang city, the clouds continued to narrow down the last remaining strand of silver-lining in the sky above.

The citys streets had already been emptied since the pedestrians had already sensed the ominous signal of the dark clouds and the mournful winds.

Jun Wu Yi had been forced to remain restricted to his wheelchair due to the presence of his guests

Why does it feel as if something is amiss? Jun Mo Xie was sitting in his palanquin, feeling extremely uneasy on the way back to his residence. I just won a contest, and I even acquired such a top-level Sky Xuan apprentice. Then why am I not feeling any excitement? This is a strange phenomenon.. Something is wrong!

When was the last time I was this unsettled?

Something is definitely wrong..

This thought silenced Jun Mo Xies mind as a burst of horror took control of his subconscious!

Whether in this life or the previous, Jun Mo Xie had only felt this sensation when he was lurking on the fringes of a major danger!

Moreover, this feeling of discomfort had saved his life many-a-times in the past!

Is there any approaching danger. Is my existence under an immediate threat?

Jun Mo Xies entire body suddenly went cold as he subconsciously sunk into his seat!

Whoosh! Whoosh!..

Numerous piercing sounds sounded all around without any warning as a myriad of weapons made their way through the empty street and towards the palanquin.

Bow-arrows, sleeve arrows, throwing knives numerous concealed weapons flew through the sky in a mad frenzy!

These weapons rained on his palanquin even more densely than the impending natural shower!

Bang.a huge flying chain smashed off the roof of his palanquin

The eight men accompanying Jun Mo Xie could be regarded as some of the best guards of the Jun family, and were able to react quickly enough to obstruct most of the weapons approaching their masters palanquin. Two men were caught off-guard and sustained injuries, but even they managed to retaliate by stopping some of the weapons.

Protect the young master! the eight men immediately surrounded the palanquin shoulder-to-shoulder as soon as the command sounded. Even though two men had arrows poking out of their lower bodies, they stationed themselves in front of their masters ride without making any sounds of agony.

The sudden and usually dense wave of hidden weapons attack was followed by absolute silence. The wind however, continued to howl through the streets of the city

Jun Mo Xies heart sunk: Assassins! And they are well-trained, organized. Plus they are being led by someone very experienced!

The leader of the guards quickly issued his orders: The enemy is attacking from the shadows, therefore we must split up in to two groups. If need be, then you two will guard the young master from the front, while the two of you will guard him from the rear. If you need any help, then the four of us will immediately return to assist you. The young masters safety is the first priority!

Everyone accepted the command with awe-inspiring bravery.

No, dont! We must stay together! Jun Mo Xies voice sounded from within the palanquin: The other side has more manpower, and they have a significantly higher amount of firepower as well. They have at least a dozen bow and arrows, sleeve arrows, as well as throwing knives hammers, darts.they attacked from a long distance, but even then their attacks were simultaneous they are very well organized. Its useless to split up when dealing with such an enemy that will only accelerate the pace of our defeat and ensure our deaths! We only have one hope; do you see that corner ten feet away from here?

Jun Mo Xie quickly analyzed the situation through the screens of his palanquin and commanded. Given his ability, making the corner wasnt an issue, but it was an entirely different matter as far as his guards were concerned.