Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 169

Chapter 168 slaughtered
Chapter 168 Slaughtered

This erratic ghostly figure only made one action; he actually made several actions simultaneously, but it was impossible to classify them as separate actions due to the degree of their simultaneity: his left foot silently but with visibly thunderous speed went straight up one of the assassins crotch, while his left hand landed on the throat of the second assassin, and poked a big hole in it. No one saw the speed with which his right hand reversed the neck of the third assassin, and left him staring at his own buttock.luckily; then, both his elbows landed straight into the back of the fourth assassin, who was facing the other side at that moment, unaware of this mysterious figures presence behind him

Even though the assassins back was unable to resist the elbows, and crumbled inwards under the effect of the dual-elbow strike, his bodys flesh showed no signs of any injury!

As a result, the first assassin was sent out screaming into the air, bleeding from all seven apertures of his face whiles the next two assassins swirled around and landed on the ground. The fourth one however, was left wearing a strange look on his face he landed on the ground in a weird posture while his bodily blood started to fuse into the mud below..

Anyone could tell that all his bones inside his thoracic cavity had been shattered along with his spine

Another thunderbolt shone in the sky, and this mysterious figure instant disappeared and reappeared in the middle of another group of six assassins! In span no less than a blink of an eye, these six assassins were already dead as well!

The rest of the assassins were staring in awe and fearsix well trained and cold-blooded killers were vulnerable beyond words in front this thing! He actually killed the six of them without borrowing any support from his Xuan Qi!

Who in this world in capable of killing six of such expert assassins in one swoop??

Follow me! the mysterious man shouted through the mask which was concealing his face; it was evident that he was addressing the Jun Familys guards.

Please save the young master first Jun Hu requested even though he was panting with exhaustion. He hadnt yet finished his sentence before he found himself interrupted by this mysterious man: Jun Mo Xie has already escaped! If you guys hadnt stayed back here then he would have already gotten home by now!

Realizing that their young master would have somehow made the corner and might have made his way towards the safety of the Jun mansion, the eight guards finally breathed a sigh of relief, and rushed forward to join their savior.

The mysterious man didnt intend to boast, but had he not stopped to save these eight guards, then the young master Jun would already made it home! Obviously, this mysterious man was Jun Mo Xie himself.

After he had asked his guards to leave him, he had immediately removed his robe, and had masked his face with its fabric. Then he had escaped into the earth below with the help of the Yin Yang escape law. If it werent for the task of rescuing his eight body guards, then Jun Mo Xie would have straight away made his way towards the Jun residence, after all this location was quite close to the Familys residence. Although, Jun Mo Xies wasnt skilled enough to cover the entire distance in one single attempt, but he would managed it in multiple rounds with ease.

Everyone was staring at his figure in awe.. after all, who could have imagined that there would actually be someone in this world who could really traverse through the ground freely? This was simply unrealistic. To them, this phenomenon was beyond all forms of reasonable comprehension! Nothing like this had ever happened in the entire Xuan Xuan continent before. No one had ever reported such a sighting; in fact, no one had even imagined it.

However, the Hongjun Pagoda was an alien object for this world, and had long surpassed the limitation of Xuan Qi. In this world obsessed with, and limited to Xuan Qi, no was capable of imagining the existence of such an object, let alone understand the profound meaning of the Art of unlocking the heavens fortune!

Is his skill a gift of god, or the apparition of a monster he was able to kill off six highly trained killers in the blink of an eye.. how?! It takes the human mind a while to switch between confusion and shock, and then it requires more time to process everything in between. Although those well-trained assassin were capable of doing all this in just a few tenths of a second, this time was enough for hitman Jun to compete his task!

In fact, this time was enough for hitman Jun to eliminate them without even using his blade!

The leader of the assassins, Li Zhi Wu by now had figured out that his targets were escaping, and so he quickly started to move after them, putting all his strength to work. His body almost elevated from the ground below as the yellow colored light of his Xuan Qi abnormally dazzled through the falling raindrops, making it seem as if a bright sun had suddenly appeared in the middle of a night-like ambience!

The yellow colored lights of two khaki-colored robed men also flashed beside him as they charged right behind him at an almost equivalent pace. These three assassins had decided to take the lead in chasing after their mysterious attacker!

At the moment, Jun Mo Xie and his companions were being chased by almost a dozen killers, when suddenly a black-robed, black-masked man appeared right in front of them. He just stood there blocking their way ahead with a sword in his hand, and a deep look in his motionless eyes, almost as if he was an unbreakable wall, unwilling to let Jun Mo Xie and his guards past.

A green-colored light flashed from his body as he geared up for the approaching escapees!

A Jade Xuan expert! This person must be the leader of those two groups.

This person had no intention of using his Xuan Qi to kill his escaping targets, and only intended on doing just the right amount of hard work. His only aim was to resist Jun Mo Xies party long enough for his comrades to catch up and encircle the escapees.

Obviously, once the nine escaping men were surrounded by the remaining killers, the escaping men wouldnt be able to last long enough to see the Jun Familys on route support!

Just a matter of moments would be enough to decide the fate of their lives!

However, Jun Mo Xies guards were charging forward like sharp daggers, knowing that they were being led by a mysterious but all-conquering spear at the front!

A green light flashed as this man stepped backwards to assess the situation better, making the water in the puddles underneath his feet splash in all directions. This jade Xuan expert was already beginning to have second thoughts!

This mysterious figure must be one the best from the Jun Family!

Then, he raised his sword and burst forward again. This Jade Xuan killer had been practicing his sword-play for decades and now seemed confident of matching his opposition!

In fact, it could even be said that the man was so confident of his ability, that he would even be willing to match his sword against a Spirit Xuan for a few seconds!

Who is this mysterious masked expert? I havent been able to see his Xuan Qi light yet, but I know that hes no rookie! Could this expert be a Spirit Xuan?

If I died defending my line of defense against a Spirit Xuan, then it would indeed be a matter of honor!

Even though the heart of this Jade Xuan expert had gone numb, the fire of this thought had propelled his body to move forward and confront this mysterious expert.

Nah, this is absolutely impossible. This is ridiculous.if he was genuinely a Spirit Xuan expert, then he could have killed us all in the blink of an eye. So why would be chose to kill us one by one? Besides, Spirit Xuan experts cant be found everywhere. They are Spirit Xuan masters not cabbage!

As his mind process this information and added more fuel to his actions, he accelerated the pace of his advance, and charged forward even faster; almost at the speed of lightening!

The eyes of this killer were gleaming so brightly in the colors of excitement, that it seemed as if he had completely forgotten the fear of death in the background of this legendary situation!

As their bodys approached closers, Jun Mo Xies body didnt slow down even to the last step, but his entire upper body twisted in a strange manner at the last moment, almost to the point where it seemed to be defying the laws of nature!

His waist had twisted in a manner which would allow him to face his attacker from the side while his face had already moved past his attackers body!

This is simply bizarre!

Is there anything that this guy cant do?


Even though the Jade Xuan assassin was taken aback by Jun Mo Xies maneuver, his blade still managed to pierce past Jun Mo Xies chest-clothing and tore out his shirt. In fact, the blade was so close to his body that its face practically came in contact with Jun Mo Xies chest but its sharp edges were only able to slash the raindrops which fell from the sky above!

Although Jun Mo Xies movement had been exceptionally fast, but the speed and expertise of his attackers strike was beyond the human bodys limit of making a complete escape, owing to which the blade ended up rubbing Jun Mo Xies chest! But this minor sacrifice of his clothing was completely worth it!

Because Jun Mo Xies bullet like body had crashed straight into this Jade Xuan experts, while Jun Mo Xies hands had managed to reach their desired destination!

The Jade Xuan experts feet were lifted off the ground under the effect of the huge momentum and massive inertia of Jun Mo Xies advance, forcing his body to advance forward! Well.. Jun Mo Xie was moving forward, but he was moving backwards! Involuntarily, of course! His mind was still in an excited state, but his body had started moving against the direction of his minds command

Just when the Jade Xuan experts eyes started to change their reflection from the excitement of his brutal advance to the extremity of his shock.

Jun Mo Xies right elbow heavily bombarded the cavity of his chest!

Boom! Snap.. however, this sound was muffled by the sound of thunder!

Even his nerve cells were too slow to react the pain from this first strike hadnt even reached his brain cells yet when

Three of Jun Mo Xies right palms fingers found their way to his throat and split it open! Another faint snapping sound was issued as his fragile throats bone was pulled out of his body

His head was forcefully raised upwards under the effect of the second attack..

But only to find Jun Mo Xies left hands two fingers waiting there. His left hand had moved almost at the same time as his right one, and now his two fingers were plugged into his obstructions eye sockets!

A black-white and red liquid projected outwards as Jun Mo Xie pulled his fingers out!

But that wasnt the end of it yet; Jun Mo Xies left knee was also projecting upwards to meet this Jade Xuans crotch in the hope of a high-impact collision!