Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 175

Chapter 174 xue hun forcefully approaches her
Chapter 174 Xue Hun forcefully approaches her!

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However, there were a few problems; the two families were associated by engagement Guan Qing Hans sentiments also needed to be taken into account. Also, the overall bond and alliance of the two families needed to be considered. Was Guan Qing Yues punishment more important than the fate of the two families?

The overall situation would naturally take priority!

Guan Qing Han was naturally overjoyed since the situation had not only been resolved, but had also reached the best possible conclusion under the circumstances. Therefore, she bowed her head in front of her father and Jun Wu Yi for interceding on her brothers part in negligence to reflect that she was embarrassed by her brothers actions. However, she was very surprised by the Jun Mo Xies actions; she had been expecting that her brother-in-law would have instigated her brother, and was even more surprised upon hearing that Jun Mo Xie had decided to generously ignore the situation even though Guan Qing Yue had threatened to kill him!

She had never imagined that her brother-in-law would be capable of being so pleasant and mature in the face of such a situation; Jun Mo Xies reputation had suddenly improved in her eyes!

Thank you for your generosity Third young master. Guan Dong Liu sounded very sincere and grateful. Being the head of his family, he knew that this time would be best suited to eliminate any anger which might still be lingering in their hearts!

Then, he turned around and thundered: You two little beasts will return to your rooms right now! And pray that I dont return to see your faces soon, because when I do come to your room, I will rip your skin away!

Jun Wu Yis eyes reflected his desire for words, but he kept his mouth shut. The two Guan youngsters bowed their head, and left. Jun Mo Xie clearly saw Guan Qing Bos face as he left the hall; and he also noticed the faint trace of a smiling expression on it..

Guan Qing Han hesitated for a few moments, but then called two servants and asked them to serve dinner to her brothers in their rooms. Regardless of their faults, they were still her brothers.

Brother Guan! Jun Wu Yi raised his gaze and fixed his cold pair of eyes on Guan Dong Liu, but his eyes werent completely able to conceal the faint pain he felt within his heart: I wouldnt like to comment on the incident which just took place between the young generation of our families this time, but if anything like this ever happens again, then please dont blame me if I dont take the friendship between our families into account before taking action!

Brother Jun, please be assured that such a disgraceful incident will never occur again; and if it ever does, then I will personally chop off the offenders head!

Guan Dong Lius face was clearly expressing the seriousness of his heart since he knew that the Jun Family had already been more than accommodating today. However, he was still ashamed to know that his own second son had done something as disgraceful as forging a relationship with a prostitute, and was well aware that it could easily turn into a major scandal in front of the world.

I trust you brother, and I presume that you trust me as well. Jun Wu Yis fingers were thoughtfully stroking the blanket on his legs, as he slowly continued: I think that we must put the earlier incident to rest here itself, but when I comes to Qing Han, I hope the my brother will be honest, and will inform me of the truth behind withdrawing this engagement!

Guan Dong Liu was about to speak up, but found himself interrupted by Jun Wu Yi.

Jun Wu Yi shook his head slightly as he calmly stated: You and I are both aware that the two families were extremely overjoyed at the prospect of this marriage, and firmly believed it as match destined by the heavens. However, Mo Yous untimely death changed everything drastically, and the Jun Family agreed to break off the engagement since it was in Qing Hans best interests, beacuse we too wished to see her happy and prosperous. However, since Qing Han insisted on keeping the engagement, the Jun Family agreed to accommodate her temporarily in order to console her grief. But this arrangement was only temporary since this engagement was to be withdrawn sooner or later; both the families were clear on this particular matter. We were all just waiting until the fortunate timing of finding a suitable match for Qing Han!

Therefore, your arrival in the City to take her back seems a bit strange to us. Jun Wu Yi squeezed his lips while rigid lines creased across his face: What happened? If you still recognize my family as friends, then please tell us. If you dont wish to state the reason, then Ill allow you to take your daughter back! But Ill break off all ties between our families; forever!

It was obvious from Jun Wu Yis words that he was in no mood to show any leniency in this matter!

Guan Dong Liu stared at Jun Wu Yi dumbstruck for a long while, and then sighed while his backbone slumped as he started with his explanation in a low tone: Brother Jun, this matter in reality.. I cant tell you the truth.. but I just want you to know that Im very grateful for your generosity and support..

Jun Wu Yi stands beside you; so then what are you afraid of? Jun Wu Yis face was as still as a wall: Is there a force in this world which is be capable of taking away our daughter. against the wishes of the Guan and Jun Family, even when we stand united?!

This is the girls own doing. Guan Dong Liu sighed as he helplessly glimpsed at Guan Qing Han.

Ah? Daddy, how could this be my own doing? Guan Qing Hans face flushed with anger as she stared at her father furiously: how can you even say such a thing? How can you say such a thing to your own daughter? Youre trying to imply that Ive been willfully attracting interests from the opposite gender?! Humph! Dont pin the blame of my two brothers actions on me!

Qing Han, do you remember when you set out to visit Mo Yous cenotaph to pay your respects. about half a year ago? Guan Dong Liu sighed again: There, you must have met a green cloaked youngster, right?

Is this about him? She suddenly remembered the green-robed youngster who had tagged along with her on that entire journey back and forth. First the youngster had behaved very strangely, and had later disappeared. However, she could still clearly remember the last words that youngster had uttered before leaving: I dont care who you are, not do I care about your identity or status, but one day you will be my woman! Ha ha..

The arrogant laughter of that youngster started ringing in Guan Qing Hans ears, almost as if he was still laughing in her face, and her facial expression suddenly transformed to that of extreme disgust: That man was a scoundrel!

Whether that person was a scoundrel or not, he carries the name of Li. Guan Dong Liu forced a bitter smile: He is the supreme master Li Jue Tians only son Li Teng Yun! Hes also the sole heir to the Tian Nan Xue Hun manor!

This sentence exploded with the intensity of a bomb. The hall went silent in a second; proverbially speaking, even the sound of a dropping needle could have been heard very clearly at this point!

Li Jue Tian was one of the greatest experts alive, and was widely recognized as the second strongest individual in the entire world; even the Solitary Falcon was no match for him. Many people even believed that if it werent for Yun Bei Chens level nine Xuan beast companion, even the great Yun Bei Chen wouldnt be able to surpass Li Jue Tian on his own singular merit!

Li Teng Yun made his enquiries about Qing Hans identity, and immediately sent a note to the Guan Family, stating that if we didnt send her to him. then he will destroy the Guan Family .and the Jun Family! Guan Dong Lius bleak manner of speech was clearly reflecting his humility and his state of utter helplessness.

The Tian Nan Xue Hun manor was almost as powerful as the Silver Blizzard City!

[Ive changed the name of the Blizzard Silver City to Silver Blizzard City it sounds cooler in my opinion.
Ps: it was rather unclear at first (they had left it a mystery; intentionally I believe), but its a family or a group of families.]

These two mysterious forces were considered almost at par with each other in the present time. Silver Blizzard City and the Tian Nan Xue Hun manor!

This style of action had always been the trademark of Li Jue Tian and the Xue Hun manor! They would never regard the opinions of those weaker than them, and would take whatever they needed. by force if needed!

Guan Qing Hans face went deadly pale with horror in an instant!

That scoundrel turned out to be Li Teng Yun! The sole heir and master of the Xue Hun manor! Perhaps hes not, but hes definitely being backed by Li Jue Tian and the Xue Hun manor! Forget about the Guan and the Jun family, even the entire Tian Xiang Empire cannot afford to provoke such a powerful force..

So thats..

Ha ha, how old is Li Jue Tian at the moment? If I have it right, then he must be around a hundred years old now, right? Even then, hes still actually functional enough to produce a twenty year old son? Jun Mo Xies face revealed a ridiculous smile: Therefore, he must have been at least around eighty when he fathered this son of his? I really admire that old chap, ah, I really, really admire him! Ive decided, Li Jue Tian is my idol!..

Jun Mo Xie hadnt even arrived in this world half-a-year ago..

Mo Xie, you find this issue funny? Jun Wu Yi raised his eyebrows, somewhat disappointed with his nephew. This matter related to the survival of two major families, and Jun Mo Xie was laughing like an ignorant fool!

Funny, very funny! Jun Mo Xie turned around to look at Guan Dong Liu and sneered: I find Li Jue Tian and Xue Hun manors marriage proposal ridiculous, but I find you even more so than them! Forget about considering Qing Hans reputation and integrity, you are actually considering your own daughter as a commodity for trade? Or, an entity for exchange?

Trifling with the mere innocence and a lifetimes happiness of a mere woman in exchange for the survival and a prosperous future of the thousands of your familys followers. Very cost effective, right? Jun Mo Xie laughed in mockery.

I dont want to do this either! Qing Han is my own daughter, and I only have one daughter! Even I dont wish to do this! Guan Dong Liu stared angrily at Jun Mo Xie: But this matter regards the life of more than just a thousand followers! Do you think I could justify sacrificing the life of thousands and thousands of people.. just to keep my daughter safe for a little while? You dont know the power and might of the Xue Hun manor!

If you really sentence her for a lifetime of fornication and insults, then would you actually be able to survive with even slightest peace of mind?! Would you actually be able to thrive with this shame? Would you really be able to raise your head knowing that the cost of your prosperity is being paid by your own daughter each and every day of her life for as long as she may live?

Jun Mo Xie finally couldnt hold it back anymore; he just felt that this entire situation was absolutely ridiculous: Has it even crossed your mind that the cost of your familys survival isnt hers to pay? What right do you have to trade her life and happiness for your safety and prosperity? I genuinely dont know if you even have one strand of shame left in your soul anymore!

People have been dying ever since the beginning of time; thats all they do; they die! They are born, and then they all eventually die! They come and then they go; so whats this big fuss about? But wouldnt a survival of shame murder the peace of your heart? Do you really think that all the burning incense sticks on your grave would be able to deliver any peace of mind to you in the heaven?

Jun Mo Xie spat out a mouthful of saliva: And what kind of offspring would be burning these incense sticks in your memory? Only a bunch of men and woman who were brought up in the shamelessness of such a heinous crime; people with no conscious! Would you actually resort to taking such an irresponsible decision just so you could physically live-on in this world? What kind of a shitty idea is this?!

Mo Xie! Jun Wu Yi shouted out: Dont be so presumptuous! Although he had shouted out to stop Jun Mo Xies cursing, he made no efforts to hide the appreciation his eyes exhibited in an equally loud but silent manner! Although his nephew had taken things a little too far, but the reason for his objection had won over a lot of appreciation from Jun Wu Yi!

What is a man? This is!

A mans shameless behavior in peaceful times isnt enough to define a man, but when it comes to a matter of principle. A real man is one who is willing to break before he bends!

A mans survival and glory must never rely on the sale and trade of the weak; especially women! This is a matter of principle! This isnt just a matter of principle, but also honor! Its better to die with honor, than to live with regret!

This is what a real man does!